We compare the Roborock S5 MAX vs S6 to see what you should buy.

Roborock S5 MAX vs S6: Mopping Robot Vacuum Comparison Review

What is the difference between the Roborock S5 MAX vs S6? They are two of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market right now, but which one suits you?

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101 ideas and inspiration about What should I name my Robot vacuum

101 ideas: What should I name my robot vacuum?

Stuck trying to answer the question what should I name my robot vacuum? We share 101 suggestions and ideas to create the perfect name for your new family member

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Let's take a closer look and compare the Roborock S5 vs S6

Roborock S5 Vs S6: Which is Best Value?

The Roborock S5 vs S6. They are both amazing robot vacuums, but which offers the best value and which is most suited to your needs? Let’s find out as we compare

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Little Robot Shop's Roborock S6 Review robotic vacuum cleaner

Certainly One of the Best: Roborock S6 Review

One of the best robot vacuum cleaners with mopping on the market. Check out our Roborock S6 Review with the information you need to make an informed purchase.

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We answer the question How Much Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How Much Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

It’s a common question, how much is a robot vacuum cleaner? But as always, it’s not a simple answer. We look at the features you can expect to suit your budget.

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Whether you are looking to get your first robot vacuum or upgrade your current model, we share our best 10 with robot vacuum reviews and loads of buying advice

10 Best Robot Vacuum Reviews with Buyers Guide

Whether you are looking to get your first robot vacuum or upgrade your current model, we share our best 10 with robot vacuum reviews and loads of buying advice

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Should I Get A Robot Vacuum?

Only a few short years ago, the words “robot vacuum” would have sounded like something out of the Jetsons! But here we are, living in the age of actual robots…

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KUBI robotic tablet stand review and product information

KUBI Robotic Tablet Stand: An Affordable Telepresence Option

Telepresence robots have showcased their ability to help people gain a presence in places they cannot be in person. However, these kinds of devices can come in a lot of…

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A review of the Segway Ninebot Loomo

Segway Ninebot Loomo Review

In this article, we will learn all about the hoverboard/telepresence robot combo that is the Segway Ninebot Loomo. We will go over performance, features, the pros, and cons of this…

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what is better for your office telepresence vs video conferencing

Telepresence vs Video Conferencing: What is Best?

There are many similarities but also some differences when comparing telepresence vs video conferencing. Choose what is right for you as we compare the two.

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Beam Systems for Remote Communications & Plus Dock Review

Beam Systems Telepresence Robot Review

The Beam Systems telepresence robot is one of the best in class with outstanding performance, reliability and stability. Find out more as we take a closer look.

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Best telepresence robots and buying guide

8 of the Best Telepresence Robots and Buyers Guide

Top Picks Technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? I mean, the gap between stone tools (that some people in the office still seem to prefer) and mobile phones…

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Double Robotics Review - The Double 2 Telepresence Robot for iPad

Double Robotics Review – The Double 2 Telepresence Robot for iPad

FaceTime, or any simple video conferencing software, lacks a certain amount of physical interaction. It’s easy for a team to turn off when listening to a screen, likewise, when you…

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14 of the best Star Wars Robot Toys for kids of all ages

14 Awesome Star Wars Robot Toys for Adults and Kids

Updated with the new D-O droid from Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker Top Picks The Star Wars universe is getting bigger and bigger and is showing no…

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We rpund up the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2019 is Over :(

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is a day of massive online savings across many platforms on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It’s the online equivalent to Black Friday. It…

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Join us as we take a look and discover What is a telepresence robot

What is a telepresence robot?

Robots are becoming a great resource for offices and the home, especially for remote access. But what is a telepresence robot and how are they being used?

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Amazing robot and coding board games for the whole family to enjoy

8 Amazing Robot Inspired and Coding Board Games

Amazing robot and coding board games for the whole family to enjoy

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Choosing the best cat treat dispenser with camera

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser With Camera – Our 5 Picks

We would love to be with our furry friends 24/7, it’s not possible. Luckily a cat treat dispenser with camera will make you feel close even when miles apart.

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7 of the best gadgets and toys to keep dog busy while at work

7 Great Robotic Gadgets and Toys to Keep Dog Busy While at Work

The best robotic gadgets, cameras, treat dispensers and toys to keep dog busy while at work or just if you are out for the day as well as boredom relief tips.

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9 of the best camera to watch pets at home while you are at work

Choosing the best camera to watch pets at home: Which of these 9 is for you?

It’s hard being away, but choosing the best camera to watch pets at home means that when you are, you can still keep in touch. Check out our top recommendations

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5 of the best automatic cat litter boxes on Amazon with buyers guide

If you are a cat owner, then you must know that one of the worst parts is scooping and cleaning your little fluff nuggets’ litterbox. The repetitive, gross work of…

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Robot toys for a baby are a great way to excite and engage your baby

Robot toys for Babies: 15 gifts parents will love to receive

Discover 15 of the best robot toys for babies designed to stimulate and excite our little tiny people. These suggestions make fantastic gifts for new parents.

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12 of the best robots for 10 year olds

12 Perfect Robot Toys for 10-Year-Olds and up

Looking for awesome gift ideas is challenging. And especially if you intend to please ten-year-olds. We all know how picky kids are, and that is why this article, featuring the…

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14 Perfect Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners: Robotics Made Easy

14 Perfect Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners: Robotics Made Easy

If you’re looking to take your first steps in robotics or have a child that is keen to learn, check out our 14 best programmable robot kits for beginners

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14 Perfect Coding Gifts for Adults: Beginners and Pros

Are you looking for a quirky gift idea? Is the recipient of this gift into coding or programming, whether a wannabe or a pro? If yes, you will love our…

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Botley the coding robot is widely regarded as one of the best robot toys for kids

23 of the Best Robot Toys for Kids: Perfect Educational Gifts

Are you a parent who wants to improve the all-round abilities of their children? Or maybe a teacher who wants to make your classes enjoyable for little kids. Well, our…

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What Jobs Will Robots Take Over in the Future?

What Jobs Will Robots Take Over in the Future? 5 Sectors Under Threat

What jobs will robots take over in the future? Have you ever wondered? Join us as we take a closer look at robots in the workplace. Will you be losing your job?

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What is the best robotic pool cleaner for the Money?

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for the Money is one of These 6

If you are looking for the best robotic pool cleaner for the money, check out our 6 recommendations, excellent pool cleaning robots that offer amazing value.

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COmplete review of the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820: Robotic pool cleaner reviews

Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820 Review: Love Painless Pool Cleaning

Robotic pool cleaners have been a game-changer in pool cleaning, and the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820 has become one of the best selling. If you are thinking about buying one,…

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10 tips for How to Entertain a Dog Home Alone

How to Entertain a Dog Home Alone: 10 Easy Tips

Owning a dog can be the best thing in the world. Check out our 10 tips on how to entertain a dog home alone to ensure your loved pet doesn’t get lonely.

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Take a look at some options to have robot security in your home with these home security robots for sale

Keep a Watchful Eye From Anywhere: 11 Home Security Robots For Sale

Ever had that feeling that you forgot to lock the door? Or laying there wondering if everything is OK in your house while you’re on vacation? Well worry no more,…

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12 of the best programmable robots for teenagers

Find the Perfect Programmable Robot for a Teenager: 12 of the Best ?

Find the best programmable robot for a teenager for any skill level of code. From beginner coders to epic robots that coding students will love developing with.

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How to choose the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools

What is the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools?

We ran into this question a lot while writing buyers guide: What is the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools? So let’s take a closer look and try to answer

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Dolphin sigma Review and comparion. One of the best robotic pool cleaners

The Dolphin Sigma Review: A Powerful Robotic Pool Cleaner

Our thorough Dolphin Sigma review complete with key stats and FAQs shows that if you are looking to buy an excellent pool cleaner, you have found it. Read More.

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The best savings on Amazon Prime Day on the Little Robot Shop

Huge Savings: The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Robots in 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is just around the corner and we’re showing off the best Prime Day deals on robots of all types, from toys to home and garden help robots

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The Blue Wave NE3290F Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue Wave NE3290F Review: Top value robotic pool cleaner

The Blue Wave NE3290F Aquafirst robotic pool cleaner is an excellent choice for those seeking great value. Great performance, with an attractive price tag

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Which Hobot window cleaning robot should you buy, the 188 or the 198

Best window cleaning robot for smaller windows: Hobot 188 vs Hobot 198

Finally, there is a product out there that makes window cleaning as simple as pressing a button and the Hobot range of window cleaning robots are certainly some of the…

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Dolphin E10 Review, is it the best above ground robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin e10 review: the best above ground pool robotic cleaner?

In this Dolphin E10 review we’ll take a look at the above ground robotic pool cleaner and answer some FAQs to help you decide if it is the right robot for you

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A complete review of the Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Oasis Z5i review

The Dolphin Oasis Z5i is a premium robot bursting with features. Take a closer look if this is the right robotic pool cleaner for your home and answer faqs.

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Finding the best Hobot window cleaner

What is the best Hobot window cleaner for effortless window cleaning

Find the best Hobot window cleaner as we compare the Hobot 268 vs. the Hobot 288 and the Hobot 298 to help you decide which model you need for your home.

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Why this man needs a window cleaning robot

Why you need Window Cleaning Robot

Not a fan of spending hours cleaning windows? Well great news, you can now buy a window cleaning robot to help you with this most tedious of household chores.

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7 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers in 2019: Review and Buyers Guide

The future of robotic lawn care has arrived as the robot lawn mower has reached a level of advancement making them great lawn mowers as well as affordable

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A smiling robot dog toy

Want the Best Robot Dog Toy? We review our 15 favorites for 2019

If you are after a robot dog toy, you are in the right place. With so many to choose from, we have done the work for you and shortlisted some of the best

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husqvarna automower 430x

Why you need the Husqvarna Automower 430x: Review and FAQs

Possibly the best Robot Lawn mower there is. The Husqvarna Automower 430x balances amazing tech with a wonderful simplicity. Read on for more details.

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Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner reviews as part of the best robotic window cleaners comparison

Gladwell Gecko Review: Robotic Window Cleaner

The Gladwell Gecko window cleaning robot is one of the best budget robotic window cleaners currently available. We take a closer look at the great features.

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Best Budget Window Cleaning Robot 2019

With more manufactures making window cleaning robots they are becoming more affordable. We compare three of the best budget robot window cleaners in 2019.

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Your guide to the best robotic window cleaners you can buy with reviews and guide

Updated: The 12 Best Robotic Window Cleaners Reviewed & Buyers Guide

Our Top Picks Robotic window cleaners clean your windows with ease Robots to help in the home are becoming more advanced every day with new ideas arriving almost weekly. In…

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Five award winning robotic and coding toys for kids

Award-winning toys for 5-year-olds: 5 of the best coding toys 2019

Five of the best robotic and coding toys recognosied in the Toy of the Year awards for their fun and educational properties and STEM learning qualities.

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Robotic Pool Cleaner: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.

The Best Pool Cleaning Robot Reviews: Top 12 with Buyers Guide

Find the best robotic pool cleaner. We review and compare 12 models with buyers guide and FAQs to help you make the right choice to keep your pool gleaming.

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16 of the best educational coding toys for kids

Digital literacy is quickly becoming crucial to a child’s’ learning and even just a basic understanding of coding in today’s world can be a huge benefit. The good news is…

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How domestic robots can you help in the home

Automated home help is cheaper than ever The advancement of technology has made it easy for us humans to have a wealth of smart devices, especially when it comes to…

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Robot toys for kids

Robotic Toys: A Great Companion In Children’s Developmental Journey And Learning Process

Down the corridors of history, many systems and tools have been utilized to assist in child development. In both school-based curriculum and at homes many domestic robots and digital devices…

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STEM Education Or STEAM, What It Is And What’s The Difference?

What is STEM Education? Many of us have heard about STEM Education, but very few of us know what it holds for the students. In laymen terms, STEM or Science,…

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Robot toys for under 4

? 14 Of The Best Robot Toys For Toddlers That They’ll Adore

Robots for kids have improved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days where a robot toy was a wind-up tin machine, replaced by educational robot toys with sensory development…

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Robots you didn't know you wanted

12 Ways Domestic Robots Can Improve Your Life

With the current technological advancements, Robots to help in the home have become popular, and they can make a significant difference by making your life easier. Some of them are…

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Reasons you need a robot vacuum in your life

Are Robot Vacuums any Good and are They Worth the Money?

We all know it, vacuuming sucks, literally and don’t you just wish you could mellow out on a couch and forget about house chores. That might have sounded far-fetched in…

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