Robosen Optimus Prime Review | Auto-Converting Transformers Robot

Robosen has always been top when it comes to humanoid robots. They have several successful robot toys with interactive capabilities such as the Robosen Optimus Prime. The Robosen Optimus Prime elite edition is a toy robot that has taken the market by storm with its unique features and advanced technology. This robot is not just … Read more

14 Best Coding Gifts for Adults | Fun | Educational | Toys | Projects

14 Best Coding Gifts for Adults Fun Educational Toys Projects

Choosing a perfect gift for a coding aficionado can be a bit overwhelming, given the many options available. But I’ve checked out this space and rounded off on the 14 best coding gifts for adults. I’ve included products for every budget and for both coders and programmers, so you can rest assured there’s something in … Read more

20 Of The Best Star Wars Robot Toys And Gifts | Adults and Kids

Best Star Wars Robot Toys

I am a huge Star Wars fan. I love the movies, books, TV shows and games. One of my favorite parts of this franchise is all the awesome robots that are featured in it! From C3PO to R2D2 these droids have been some of my favorites since childhood. With the surge in popularity the Star … Read more

8 of the Best Telepresence Robots and Buyers Guide

Best telepresence robots and buying guide

Top Picks Technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? I mean, the gap between stone tools (that some people in the office still seem to prefer) and mobile phones is dumbfounding, to say the least, but the influence of technological advancements has seen us witness levels of speed and convenience in communication and transportation … Read more