Introducing Ascender | The Groundbreaking Robot Vacuum that Climbs Stairs

Every now and then, an invention shakes the very foundation of a sector, challenging norms and raising the bar. Enter the Ascender, a unique, transformative addition to the world of home cleaning robotics.

Built by the creative minds at Migo Robotics, this innovative robot vacuum that climbs stairs has the potential to redefine our home cleaning routines, addressing challenges that previous models have yet to conquer.

So, What’s Different about the Ascender?

Many of us are familiar with robot vacuums or “robovacs”. They have been easing our cleaning burdens for a couple of decades now, navigating our living spaces while we relax, sipping our morning coffees. But, as handy as they are, there’s always been one substantial hurdle in their path – stairs.

Until now, these vertical household features have remained off-limits to our autonomous cleaners, but Ascender is set to change all that.

The standout feature of Ascender is its groundbreaking stair-climbing capability. 

Ascender robot vacuum demonstrating its groundbreaking stair-climbing functionality.

Imagine a robot vacuum that climbs stairs as effortlessly as it glides across flat surfaces. 

It’s not just a scene from a sci-fi movie anymore. It’s a reality brought to life by Migo Robotics.

Stair-Climbing: An Unparalleled Game-Changer

Ascender’s ability to climb stairs comes from its uniquely designed folding legs. These specially designed features allow the robot vacuum to ‘step up’, bringing multi-story cleaning within its reach.

It’s an innovation that many would love to crack to truly complete the home cleaning routine.

Just picture this (or watch the video): When Ascender encounters a staircase, its articulated legs deploy, gripping the edge of the step and lifting the robot onto it. Once safely perched, the legs fold back, and Ascender continues its cleaning mission.

It’s as smooth as it sounds, a seamless blend of science and practicality.

But It’s More Than A Gimmick: LiDAR and Beyond

If the hype is to be believed, the Ascender isn’t a one-trick pony. Its exceptional stair-climbing feature is just the start. At its core, Ascender looks to be a powerful cleaning machine with performance stats that could square off against some of the big hitters in the market, such as the Roborock S8 or the Roomba J7+.

It is equipped with an advanced AI system, utilizing LiDAR scanners and vision sensors. This technology allows it to create precise maps of your home, plan intelligent cleaning routes, and avoid obstacles. This smart tech ensures Ascender won’t just clean your floors but every inch of your home.

On top of excellent navigation abilities, the Ascender is also a powerful cleaner, boasting 6,000 PA of suction power. That should be enough to tackle everything from stubborn pet hair to the finest dust particles, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

Ascender doubles up as a mop, its scrubbing brush spinning at an impressive 3,500 times per minute.

Another cool feature is Ascender’s companion app, allowing you to schedule cleanings, define restricted zones, and even instruct it to avoid carpets. Plus, it’s Alexa compatible, so you can delegate your cleaning chores with just your voice.

Migo Robotics' Ascender robot vacuum, featuring innovative design and advanced technology.

Team Behind Ascender

Without a doubt, Migo Robotics is a rising star in the world of home robotics. While Ascender is likely their first major product, the team’s experience and pedigree set a strong foundation for the company. This dedicated and skillful ensemble boasts of professionals from renowned organizations such as Google, Boston Dynamics, Dyson, and Ecovacs.

Their wide array of experience brings together a melting pot of expertise, amalgamating diverse skill sets from AI, robotics, consumer electronics, and product design. This pooled knowledge has been instrumental in creating a revolutionary product like the Ascender, a testament to the team’s exceptional talent and unerring commitment to innovation.

Pricing and Availability

So now the big question – how much will this set us back? The Ascender’s price tag reflects its top-tier features, coming in at an early bird price of $999 if you pre-order but an expected regular price of $1,399.

That price puts it in direct competition with the creme de la creme of robot vacuums. While it looks like it will stack up on the surface, it’s a big chunk of change o spend on a brand-new product up against excellent, tried and tested cleaning machines.

The cool thing is the release is pretty close. The Migo team plans to have the Ascender on sale in August 2023.

Final thoughts

The buzz around this is understandably humming loud, and I won’t lie. I’m excited to see what this can do. But should you pre-order one? Well, it depends. It is still a startup, so while the team has plenty of expertise, there is an element of risk. I prefer to wait a bit, see how it beds in and decide maybe early next year. But one thing is for sure, once one robot vacuum has this ability, the other big players will be scrambling to compete, so this could just be the first in what may be the most significant innovation in the robot vacuum market since the self-emptying bases came in.

Or, it could be a fart in a teacup and in 6 months, no one will even remember what this was. I really hope it succeeds, though.

What do you think? Will this be the game changer it has the potential to be?

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