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Robots to help in the home are becoming more advanced every day with new ideas arriving almost weekly. In this post, I want to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the home help technology boom, robotic window cleaners.

Who really wants to spend their entire day cleaning the windows in their home? I know it’s a chore I certainly don’t enjoy. Luckily, we now have window cleaning robots to complete the task without needing to worry about anything.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at 10 of the top robot window cleaners currently available to help you in your home or office.

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How Do Robot Window Cleaners Work?

Most robotic window cleaners use motorized suction to attach to a window and then will glide from one side of the window to another, all the while systematically washing the entire window.

The best ones are simple and easy to operate, you simply need to add cleaning solution, attach to the window, kick back and relax. Once the automatic window cleaner has finished its job, it will alert you that the window is complete and you can move onto the next one before getting back to your relaxing.

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Quick Tips: What to look for in a automatic window cleaner robot

Battery life – as you’d expect, longer is better.

Clean quality – while the results will never be as good as if you did it yourself (much like all home help robots) not all robot cleaners are born equal and some certainly have better cleaning ability than others.

Safety rope – just in case it fails and falls off your window, most come with a cord to catch it, this is a highly recommended feature as you never know.

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Robotic Window Cleaner Buyer’s Guide​

Things to Consider in a Good Robot Window Cleaner

Robot Window Cleaner FAQs


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Window Cleaning Robot Reviews

Ecovacs WINBOT W950​

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Four-stage, a comprehensive washing system
  • Safety cord allows for the robot cleaner to each up to sixteen feet
  • Owners can feel confident due to the one-year warranty on each Winbot W950

Product Highlights

The Winbot range is one of the pioneers in the robotic window cleaning world, however as other companies have caught up, their products are becoming a little outdated.

The Ecovacs’ Winbot W950 is one of their best window cleaning gadgets and the good quality comes with a high price tag. A nice touch is the fact that this robotic window cleaner comes with an extra back up battery, which allows the device to stay on the window even after the main battery has lost power.

As an extra measure of security, Winbot included a safety cord, which acts as a fail-safe for battery malfunction. The Winbot robot window cleaner is programmed with a four-stage washing function. The comprehensive four-stage system assures that no spot of your window will be left untouched.

One of the only negatives that we could identify related to the Winbot is ‘Smart Drive’ pathway system. Smart Drive is an innovative, advanced concept for window cleaning robots, but it may need to be refined in future models. Customer reviews state that owners have occasionally observed the robot becoming stuck around a section of the window, which then needs to be turned around manually.

Despite minor flaws in this overall excellent product, Ecovacs is fully confident in their Winbot W950. They demonstrate their confidence in the Winbot by including a full one-year warranty for all owners.

The safety cord reaches up to sixteen feet, which makes cleaning almost any home window easier than ever. Wouldn’t you love not to have to worry about climbing up a ladder to clean those hard to reach windows ever again?


  • Safety cord and a backup battery to protect against the possibility of any dangerous situations
  • Much less noisy than many of the leading smart window cleaning devices


  • The Winbot W950 comes at a very high price, which may be prohibitive for many customers
  • Innovative ‘Smart Drive’ technology can be very efficient but occasionally causes the device to become stuck in one section of the window

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Hobot 198 Glass Cleaning Robot

One of the best robot window cleaners in our reviews

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Artificial Intelligence technology
  • Suitable on any type of glass
  • Powered by vacuum engine
  • Doesn’t need magnets to attach to windows
  • Features three separate programs for window washing
  • A smartphone app allows for easy and efficient control of the gadget

Product Highlights

The Hobot 198 is one of the more unique window cleaning robots. The gadget’s technology guides the unit up and down a window in a diagonal route. On top of the device are two holes, which allow for the attachment of a safety rope.

The design also includes multiple lights, a vent, on and off button, and a DC power adaptor. On the bottom side of the Hobot are two washing rings and three small lights.

Although small, when compared to some of the other models in this list, this little window cleaning robot contains a powerful motor, which guarantees that the Hobot has a firm hold on any window. The device includes an app that can be used on any smartphone and allows for complete control.

Additionally, the gadget includes advanced artificial intelligence, which will enable it to identify the size of windows and determine the most efficient cleaning pattern.

Finally, the Hobot 198 features an uninterrupted power system that guarantees that the gadget will stay attached in case of battery or power failure (but it is still a good idea to attach the safety cord).

If you want to know more about the Hobot 198, take a look at our review more in-depth review and comparison with the Hobot 188 window cleaning robot


  • Device provides an excellent cleaning performance, leaves windows spotless when finished
  • Capable of connecting to WiFi, device includes an app that can be connected to the owner’s smartphones allowing for convenient monitoring and control


  • Consumer reviews report that the window washing robot can take a long amount of time to clean a window
  • High price may make this model difficult to purchase for many potential owners

Hobot 268 with Remote Control​

One of the best robotic window cleaners in our reviews

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Quick, efficient power cleaning
  • New laser sensor that assists the device in cleaning every inch of surface that it is covering
  • Several safety features and durable construction allow for reliable washing of high or dangerous areas

Product Highlights

The Hobot 268 is a more advanced, continuation of the Hobot 198. This Hobot window cleaning robot has a much more specific design, including its improved artificial intelligence. Hobot also boldly claims that this model is the quickest window washing robot ever.

Although the design and appearance are similar to previous models, the technology is much different. This smart window cleaning machine contains two extra washing wheels, which increases the moving speed. Even with the increased speed, the Hobot 268 manages to clean as effectively as previous models.

This machine contains a strong vacuum motor, which will reliably hold the gadget to any surface. Hobot has also added a laser sensor to this machine, designed to ensure that the entire surface is spotless. Additionally, the Hobot’s laser will assist the robot window cleaner with remaining secured to any surface.

Customer reviews suggest that the smart window cleaning technology is highly efficient at navigating surfaces and learning how to wash them in the fastest manner.

Be sure to see our post where we compare three of the best Hobot window cleaners to see which one comes out on top.


  • Excellent artificial intelligence and safety features allow for the device to be securely held onto nearly any surface
  • Highly efficient at window cleaning, an excellent choice for homes or business with many windows to clean


  • Power capable gives the window robot a limited surface area and must be adjusted when moving the machine
  • The window cleaning robot can be quite noisy

Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 Robotic Window Cleaner​

Mamibot W120 robot window cleaner best budget option in our reviews

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Cleans in a circular pattern
  • Multiple safety features to protect against device falling while working on windows
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Noise level is approximately sixty-five B, which is not overly noisy

Product Highlights

The Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 is a less-expensive robotic window cleaner that can be just as effective as the more expensive models. The smartphone app, which is included with the device, brings several functions straight to your mobile device. These functions include: start, stop, select washing mode, and manually controlling the device with directional controls.

The W120 is capable of washing a large operating area. Additionally, it is capable of cleaning framed, unframed, and inclined windows. Therefore, the device can also function as a skylight washer.

This window washing robot has been proven effective even when used on filthy surfaces. Customer reviews of the W120 report that cleaned surfaces are blotch and streak-free. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive for this less-expensive automated window cleaning device.


  • Great value and a 5-year guarantee
  • App commands generate an immediate response from the device
  • Dynamic applications, capable of cleaning skylights
  • Double functions as a robotic mop


  • Cleaning or washing fluid is not including with purchase of the device

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Robot​

Alfawise S60 Robot Window Cleaner review

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • A remote app that allows for total control
  • Strong motor supports excellent speed and suction
  • Programmed with three artificial intelligence behavioral patterns

Product Highlights

Alfawise is considered to be among the top-of-the-line in terms of quick window cleaning. For customers who want guaranteed, pristine windows, the Alfawise S60 is where you should start. The device is enormous, including remote control, extra washing pads, an AC adaptor, replaceable pieces, and a safety component so that in case the device loses power, it’s not going to fall.

Additionally, if the S60’s does lose power, Alfawise added a feature that will keep the device stuck to the window for up to thirty minutes. This feature should give you plenty of time to safely remove the window robot before any dangerous situation occurs.

The Alfawise S60 is considered to be smaller than your average window-washing robot. However, the automatic window cleaner makes up for its lack of size with excellent speed, which is powered by an efficient motor design.

The robotic window cleaner commands excellent suction and works efficiently. As a result of this, one of the downsides of the S60 is its noise. Customer reviews report that the window robot can be heard from outdoors even when it is cleaning an indoor window.

Finally, arguably the most impressive feature of the S60 is its artificial intelligence. Owners can select one of three behavioral patterns. These behavioral patterns will allow the S60 to learn the dimensions of a building’s windows, avoid any obstacles, and mystify owners by what the window cleaning gadget is capable of doing.


  • Advanced artificial intelligence, which can learn the dimensions of your home and its windows
  • Capable of remaining attached to a window for thirty minutes after the battery runs out


  • High price compared to the size of windows that it can cover
  • Reports of loud noise compared to other window washing robots, likely due to the powerful motor

Alfawise WIN660 Window Cleaning Robot​

Alfawise 660 a good option for a robotic window cleaner

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Quick and efficient cleaning
  • Dynamic, ideal for different types of windows
  • Cleans windows in a zig-zag pattern
  • The device includes a back-up battery for large jobs
  • The mobile app included with purchase

Product Highlights

Manual window cleaning takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Additionally, it can often involve challenging to reach places, awkward positions, and possibly dangerous situations for the cleaner. The Alfawise WIN660 can complete difficult, awkward cleaning jobs effortlessly and leave the owner very satisfied in their investment.

The machine cleans quickly and efficiently, with the result producing clean windows. Customer reports suggest that the WIN660 is an excellent choice for individuals who need to keep windows spotless but don’t have the time to wash them manually.

The device can be useful in both a domestic or commercial setting. It is used in households, office buildings, shopping malls, storefronts, and hotels. Overall, the Alfawise WIN660 is a powerful, effective robotic window cleaner that should be able to fulfill all window washing needs.


  • Highly effective with large windows and cleaning jobs over extended periods
  • Back-up battery ensures that the device won’t fail during a single cleaning


  • Consumer reports suggest that the device will occasionally leave small stains and uncleaned spaces near the edges of the surface being cleaned

Ecovacs Winbot X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot​

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • No safety cable without sacrificing any functional safety
  • Simple, hassle-free set-up
  • Four-stage cleaning process
  • Automated safety feature

Product Highlights

The Ecovacs Winbot X was one of the first robotic window cleaners on the market. It functions brilliantly on large windows or areas of glass. Instead of a safety cord, the Winbot X comes with a suction pad that keeps the device stuck to the surface. However, this model of automatic window washer does come with a significantly high price tag.

The high price may have been worth the investment when this technology was new, but with the introduction of so many new models, there are more efficient options.

The Winbot X includes two main cleaning modes, auto-mode, and deep-cleaning mode. Auto-mode is the faster of the two, but the deep-cleaning method will result in a better final product. However, both ways are reported to take significantly longer than the modes on new models of window cleaning gadgets.

Customer reviews demonstrate that the safety features of the Winbot X work as advertised and left no fear of the device falling off the surface it was cleaning. Additionally, the device is reportedly very simple to set-up and use. It won’t take long after you remove the Winbot from the box to get the cleaning started.


  • Simple set-up, design, and easy to use
  • Excellent for windows and spaces that are difficult to reach


  • Consumer reviews state that the device takes a long time to clean the window or surface
  • Battery will last fifty minutes at the maximum, much less if it is a difficult surface
  • Need to buy additional cleaning pads and solution often

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner​

Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner reviews as part of the best robotic window cleaners comparison

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • A multi-featured device that can handle much more than window cleaning
  • Comes with a mobile app that can be used to control the device
  • Reasonable, affordable price compared to similar products
  • Full one-year product guarantee

Product Highlights

The Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner is a dynamic continuation of previous Gladwell products. It is smaller than previous models and reportedly works more efficiently. Additionally, the device comes with a back-up, rechargeable battery to guarantee that your cleaning job will never be stopped due to a loss of battery.

Read more: See our Little Robot Shop Gladwell Gecko product review

The robotic window washer is effective on both framed and unframed window surfaces. It’s a multifaceted device that can be used in bathrooms, tiled walls, showers, and floors. The replaceable parts are consistently available straight from the manufacturer, and the device comes with a one-year guarantee.

The smart window washing technology features a variety of safety measures that guarantee the product won’t fall from the surface that it’s cleaning or injure someone nearby. Furthermore, the Gladwell Gecko is offered at a reasonable price that falls somewhere near the middle of the price spectrum for robotic window cleaning products.


  • Back-up, rechargeable battery included with purchase
  • Dynamic device with a variety of applications besides windows
  • Reasonable price should be affordable for many customers


  • None yet

Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaning Robot

A solid budget Robotic Window Cleaner

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Multi-functional ability to cover a variety of surfaces
  • Built-in back-up battery to assure that device won’t lose power while working
  • Several safety features
  • Excellent  efficiency and speed of cleaning

Product Highlights

The Cop Rose X5P window cleaning robot is designed to work on a variety of surfaces. The device can be controlled via remote control, touch, or mobile app. The machine does not include a battery and must be plugged in via a power cord. The machine is simple to set-up get going. The only additional work involves moving the window washing robot from one surface to another as well as applying a cleaning solution.

The X5P is praised for its versatility and ability to work on a variety of surfaces. Some of these surfaces include windows, all types of glass, wood, tiles, and walls. Most cleaning robots cannot cover this many surfaces.

Businesses have reported that the Cop Rose window washing robot has saved thousands of dollars by completing jobs that would take several human window washers to complete.

Overall, the X5P works with excellent efficiency and speed. It is a sound investment for anyone that has large surface cleaning needs.


  • Multi-functional, device can function on several different surfaces
  • Built-in back-up battery that assures the device will never fail while cleaning
  • ustomer reviews report that the device does an exceptional job of cleaning any surface


  • Consumer reports indicate that the product occasionally includes wheels that become faulty after a single use
  • User manual does a poor job of explaining how to use remote controls

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

The best Robotic Window Cleaner

Little Robot Shop rating:

Key Features

  • Functional on windows with and without frames
  • Ultrasonic Water Spray nozzle
  • Control via a smartphone app or included remote
  • Full five-year guarantee

Product Highlights

The Hobot 298 is certainly one of the best robotic window cleaners around at the moment.

One of the stand out features of this automated window washing device is the ultrasonic water spray nozzle. This allows the device to handle much dirtier windows than some of the cheaper models and is capable of cleaning a variety of glass surface types.

The robot features advanced artificial intelligence and convenient control with an app that can be accessed via smartphone or the included remote control.

The device is capable of quickly and effectively recognizing the surface area of the window that it is cleaning. Once it determines the surface area, the device will determine the most efficient path of cleaning.

Users have praised the remote control app of the Hobot 298. The machine reacts to commands from the app both quickly and reliably. The app must be used near the product, which isn’t a problem since a person needs to be nearby to move the robot from one surface to another.


  • Simple handling
  • Built-in safety battery
  • Works on windows with and without frames
  • Suitable for showers, tiles, and mirrors


  • Liquid cleaning fluid isn’t included with the purchase of the device
  • Customer reports that the safety cable was troublesome and proved challenging to work with

Robotic Window Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Things to Consider in a Good Robot Window Cleaner​

There are several variables that you should consider when picking the best robotic window cleaner for you. Most of the product’s traits will depend on the amount of window space that you need to be cleaned at one time. Consumers can also choose whether they want a window washing robot that is completely automated or one that includes a remote control.

Additionally, some of the devices are powered with batteries while others include a power cord. These are only a few of the features that a potential window cleaning gadget customer should consider. For this section of the window cleaning robot review, let’s go over some of the essential elements to find.

Battery Life

The majority of window washing robots have a brief battery life, which usually adds up to around ten windows in a single charge. Some smart window cleaning gadgets will maintain a battery life of fewer than fifteen minutes while others will last over thirty minutes.

Therefore, if you need to wash many windows, you will probably want a model with longer battery life. However, if you’re shopping with a smaller home or building in mind, then the battery life may not be a priority. It should be noted that most of the models that boast long battery lives are more expensive than those with shorter lives.

Safety Cable and/or Back-up Battery

The vast numbers of robot window washers include power and safety cables that must be connected to them. Consumers must consider that the safety and power cords are long enough to reach the full area that is going to clean. Most models include a safety and power cable that are approximately fifteen feet long. Additionally, extensions to the wires are commonly involved with the purchase of an automatic window cleaner.

We’ve already covered the importance of considering battery life when shopping for a new window washing robot. Another factor that should be considered is whether or not the product includes a back-up battery. A back-up battery is especially useful for models that have shorter battery lives. Regardless of the length of the model’s battery life, an additional battery is a valuable addition to any automatic window cleaner robot.

Cleaning Patterns

Most window cleaning robots utilize washing pads or brushes to do their job. Several of the models also use a drying feature, like a sponge to be sure that the surface is spotless. The amount of brushes and pads is variable depending on the specific gadget.

A user may also be required to fill the device with a washing liquid before putting it to use. The common two-step washing procedure usually involves removing dirt followed by polishing the surface. The more dynamic window cleaning gadgets will have features that allow for washing new surfaces.

Replacement Pad Cost

Similar to most pieces of technology or machinery, owners will occasionally require the replacement of individual parts. In this case, the most common parts that need to be replaced are the cleaning pads.

Therefore, customers should take note of the availability of their robot’s replacement parts. If spare parts made by the manufacturer aren’t readily available, generic replacements are suitable as long as the generic substitutes are reliable, which you can check through user reviews.

Shape of Windows

Automated window washer models are not all the same. Some models are more successful in individual settings but may work as well in other settings. Due to this critical factor, you must think about the design of the windows when selecting an automatic window washer.

To illustrate the importance of this variable, consider that some robot window cleaners will continue to fall when used in a frameless window while others have no problem remaining attached. Conversely, some gadgets cannot wash every inch of a window properly if the surface is rectangular or square due to the brushes being circular.

Therefore, considering the shape of the windows that are going to be cleaned is very important when shopping for a new robot window cleaner.

Glass Thickness

Specific models of robot window cleaners are capable of washing rough and uneven surfaces. Other models are only successful on smooth and glossy windows. The majority of modern windows are made with various glass-surface designs. These designs can be patterned, filmed, frosted, or textured. When shopping for an automated window washing gadget, you must consider the type of glass that is being cleaned.

Once you know the kind of glass that needs to be cleaned, it will be easy to find the best robotic window cleaner for the job. Additionally, some automatic window washers are very dynamic and are meant to function efficiently on any surface.


Nearly every window washing robot uses one of two types of connectivity. They employ a motorized grip or connect with the help of magnets. Connectivity via magnets generally depends on the user connecting a magnet to the opposite side of the window being cleaned.

In some cases, this task could be challenging or dangerous. Window cleaning robots with motorized suction tend to be more convenient because as it just needs to be placed on the window and it will get to work. Motorized connections occasionally fail. Therefore, owners must attach a safety cord as a fail-safe to the motor.

Speed of Cleaning

Modern window cleaning robots are capable of performing an impressive amount of tasks with sophisticated automation. However, all models currently available cannot move from one window pane to another without the assistance of a human. The washing process may be automated, but a person must still be available to run the gadget from one area to another.

A fast automatic window cleaning robot will guarantee that cleaning is done quickly and efficiently. However, perspective smart window cleaning device shoppers should never sacrifice speed for cleaning performance. Does it matter how fast a window is cleaned if it isn’t cleaned well?

Noise Level

Many smart window cleaning gadgets are quiet for the most part. However, not all of the models share this characteristic. A noisy robotic window cleaner could be a significant distraction or downside to the product, primarily if it is being used in a workplace or nearby children.

When choosing a window washing device, the consumer must consider if noise is an issue in their environment. If loud or distracting sounds are going to cause a problem in the space being used by the device, a model with lower noise levels should be a priority. For customers unfamiliar with noise levels, window cleaning robots that produce noise levels at or below sixty dB should be considered less noisy.

Key Stats

As you could tell from reading this window cleaning robot review, each model has its unique, vital stats. These key stats are usually the most important, prominent, or newest features on the specific model. The vital stats are generally used to highlight the best features of the model. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular function in your automatic window cleaner, be sure to look over the vital stats. If the feature that you’re seeking isn’t among the critical stats, it may be best to find a different model.

App Available

Several of the latest models of window washing robots come with an app that can be used on a smartphone to assist in controlling the device. This app is a very convenient feature for users who are generally busy while conducting household chores. Additionally, it would be useful for a user who needs to clean a large number of windows or window space. Most models that include an app with the device are more expensive than models without one.

Robot Window Cleaner FAQs​

1 – What Makes a Good Robot Window Cleaner?

Answering the question of what is the right robot window cleaner largely depends on the exact type of window that is being cleaned. Additionally, it depends on how many windows need to be cleaned, how quickly the job must be done, and whether or not people can be present during the cleaning.

A robot window cleaner that would be considered good for one person may not be suitable for another person. Review the buyer’s guide in our window cleaning robot review to help decide what features are most important to you. There aren’t many models of automatic window cleaners that are dynamic enough to feature all of the different characteristics. You should prioritize the features that are most essential to you and choose the gadget that possesses those features.

2 – How do Robot Window Cleaners Work?

Robotic window washers are very simple to use. Their most essential parts are cleaning pads, washing solution, an adapter for charging the gadget, and a safety cord to guarantee that the machine won’t fall while being used.

The robotic window cleaner glides from one side of the surface to the other, efficiently cleaning the full space of the window. The final product should be a spotless window with no blotches or stripes, which is difficult to produce for even for the best human window washers.

Once finished, most robotic window washers make a sound or alert to notify you that they are finished. All models of these machines must be moved from one surface to another once finished; therefore the alert will let you know when it’s time to move the device.

3 – How good are Robot Window Cleaners?

If you are in charge of cleaning the windows of an office or your home features large windows, a robotic window cleaner would undoubtedly be useful. If the windows that you need to clean exceed twelve feet, it could be difficult or dangerous for a human to attempt to clean them. Therefore, not only are these robotic window washers great at cleaning, but they also prevent potentially hazardous and dangerous situations.

Most robotic window cleaning gadgets include micro pads that are capable of washing glass with excellent efficiency. Before setting the device on the surface that needs to be cleaned, many automatic window washers require you to apply unique solutions to the cleaning pads. The combination of a liquid solution, cleaning pads, and the automated technology make for the best window cleaner ever created.

4 – How do you Maintain Robot Window Cleaners?

Window cleaning robots have several moving parts. However, they’re much easier to take care of than you might think. By following a few basic tips and guidelines, you can effectively maintain your automatic window cleaner.

  • Many models won’t function in low temperatures; therefore they’re not best to use in cold areas or during the winter months. When using the machine in warmer temperatures, be sure that you avoid humidity because it can damage the automated window washer.
  • Some robotic window cleaners are explicitly meant for windows that have straight lines or edges. A model that is designed for straight lines or edges won’t function properly on surfaces that aren’t straight.
  • Cleaning pads should be changed often to ensure that they are being used effectively. They should be washed after each use or replaced with new ones.
  • Windows should be cleaned weekly to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and ensure that the robotic window washer doesn’t need to take on more than it can handle.

5 – Can I Clean Mirrors or Glass Tables with a Robot Window Washer?

In short, yes, you can clean mirrors and glass tables with a robot window washer. The only case in which you shouldn’t use one of these automated machines on mirrors is when they are cheap. The suction that the robotic window cleaners utilize while washing may be too powerful for some cheap mirrors and damage them in the process. Glass tables, shower doors, and other glass surfaces are generally okay to be used with an automated window washer.


Cleaning windows is tiring, and challenging work. For some professionals, it can be nearly impossible. However, nothing looks worse on a home or business than a dirty window pane. On the other hand, nothing makes a home or business stand out like freshly washed, pristine windows.

If you’re a business owner with a building that has a large number of windows, a robotic window washer can save you significant amounts that you would be paying a professional window cleaner. Additionally, robotic window cleaners can be safer than humans because they eliminate the need for someone to clean in difficult or possibly dangerous areas.

Finally, even if you’re seeking to make your home-cleaning life easier, robotic window washers can be fantastic for saving you time. Just imagine the amount of time that you might spend cleaning the windows of your home. How much more could you get done with that time if you had a robot doing the window cleaning for you

Whether it’s for professional or domestic use, forget about wasting all of that time on cleaning windows. Invest in your own personal automated window washer today, sit back, relax, and watch your home or business sparkle before your eyes.

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