How Often Should I Run my Robot Vacuum?

A robot vacuum cleaner, also known as a Roomba, is an automatic vacuum cleaner which has a limited floor vacuuming system, sensors and drives, with controllers that can be programmed according to your liking, and cleaning routines.

The routines can also be set according to your household needs and preferences, but even as a proud owner of a robot vacuum that has made my life a lot easier, there is one plaguing confusion; how often should I run my robot vacuum? 

The answer to this question can depend on a lot of factors; your house size, your work routine, the amount of people living in the residence, and most importantly, your household’s needs.

This article tells you everything you need to know about what factors to consider while figuring out how many times to run your robot vacuum, along with the ideal times you should do so, for the maintenance of your humble abode.

How Often Should I Run My Robot Vacuum

How Often Should I Run My Robot Vacuum

Although the frequency of how much you run your robot vacuum depends entirely on you, there are a minima and maxima which, if exceeded, can be an inconvenience. 

According to leading blogs on all things home appliance and maintenance, you should run your robot vacuum 4-7 times a week, 4 days if you’re skipping a day of vacuuming, and every day if you want to be thorough in your cleaning. How have we deduced that this is the ideal frequency? Read on to find out. 

  • Factors to consider when running your robot vacuum

Before running your robot vacuum and setting it up for scheduling, the most important thing to do is to consider the external factors that may impact the frequency of vacuuming.

One of those factors is the size of your home, and naturally, the bigger your house is, the quicker it gets dirty. So the vacuuming needs to be more frequently done in bigger homes (every day of the week) as opposed to smaller ones (4 times a week). 

Another important factor to take into consideration is the number of people currently residing at your house; more people equals more dust and debris. In which case, the robot vacuuming should be scheduled for every day. The same rule goes if you have pets at your home, since pets are known to shed a lot of hair and bring debris into the home from outside. 

Lastly, another important factor to be of note is the place your house is located in and the environment. If you’re living in a place where there are a lot of farmlands, chances are that your house is full of dust, and will often need vacuuming.

The same goes for if you live in a highly polluted place, since pollutants cause a layer of debris to form over the house surfaces. 

  • Family member’s health and vacuuming times

Apart from the aforementioned factors, there is one other thing you’d need to worry about when deciding how often to robot vacuum your house; your family member’s health. 

If you have someone in your family, per se a child or an elderly suffering from lung related diseases like asthma and bronchitis, or COPD, you’d have to vacuum your house a lot more often. This will not only help prevent the dust buildup that dirties the house and makes their sickness worse, but also get rid of any bacteria/allergens which might worsen their sickness.

  • How to set up your robot vacuum

Now that you know how frequently to robot vacuum and under what conditions, we’ll now tell you how to set up your robot vacuum so that it runs better. Before setting it up, first remove all the bigger objects like dining chairs and tables and put them away so that your automatic vacuum can clean better under these surfaces. 

After doing so, turn on the vacuum and watch it work for a few seconds to get a gist of how it works, and what other things need moving. Charge the robot vacuum first and make sure it’s fully charged, and then press the clean button to turn it on. 

Next, enable the Bluetooth of the robotic vacuum and connect it to the Wi-Fi roaming in your house. If you see a green icon, that means the device has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi. If there’s a problem with connecting the Wi-Fi with the robotic vacuum, them just restart the vacuum or the router and the problem will be solved. 

  • Scheduling your robot vacuuming

Moving on to scheduling the robot vacuum; there’s few things you need to keep in mind while programming the scheduled cleaning for your robot vacuum. Firstly, you should use your robot vacuum only when most of the area in your house has been cleared of heavier furniture, to give the machine more room to clean better.

You should also keep in mind not to schedule the vacuum’s timings during your online meetings or if you have guests over, as it would not only appear unprofessional, but also kill the vibe in a gathering. Some navigation robots require the lights to map out the room that it has to clean, so keep this in mind when planning and going forward with a schedule. 

  • Routinely maintenance of a robot vacuum

After your robotic vacuum is done with the task, you need to take care of the device to spot any malfunctions and take care of it properly as you would with any other home appliance. Always empty the dustbin before doing another run, and clean the brush rolls 1-2 times a week (3 if you have pets who shed hair that can get stuck in the bristles). 

Wipe the docking station of the robot at least 3-4 times a month, and take it for a thorough cleaning once in every 3 months. This’ll make sure none of its parts get jammed because of hidden debris stuck in them.

As for technological maintenance, you should update the system’s software as soon as the new update comes out to avoid software lags. Along with that, if you’re going to be away from your house for a while, charge the device fully before removing the charger; this will make sure the robot vacuum will have substantial charge to maintain the house’s cleanliness in your absence. 

By now we hope you’ve got the answer to your question; how often should I run my robot vacuum? Robot vacuums should be run 4-7 times a week, lesser if your house is situated in a non-polluted area with no farmlands, with lesser people in the house, and no pets.

However, if that is not the case, then a routinely cleaning must be scheduled to maintain a clean household. We hope you take full advantage of the information given here.

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How Often Should I Run My Robot Vacuum – FAQs

Should I run my robot vacuum every day?

It’s perfectly alright to run your automated vacuum every day, however, we suggest you schedule it in a way that there’s no pets or children at home when it’s running. 

How long does it take for a robot vacuum to clean the room?

A robot vacuum can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to clean up a 2000 sq. feet room, however, the timing depends on the size of the room. 

Can robotic vacuums clean up liquid or large food items from the floor?

No, the vacuum cannot pick up large food items as it would malfunction if it tried to do so, and no liquids either since it’s not functioned to do so. 

For more information, watch this video:

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