Domestic help robots to ease the pressure on the chores in your houme
Robot toys for children to enjoy, play and learn from
Whether cool gadgets to play with or robot building projects, we have some cool items.
Robot inspired clothing for men, women and kids
Robots for pets, they are a thing. Enjoy your pet when you are out of the house.
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Welcome to the Little Robot Shop

Your place to find fun gadgets, gifts, robotic awesomeness

This robot inspired website is home to all fun things robotic. From household help robots such as vacuums or window cleaners that take the grind out of the daily routine to educational robots that entertain and help kids learn.

There are also sections for those big kids in your life that just love toys and gadgets, as well as those little furry family members, there are some great robotic pets toys to keep your family friend amused even when you are out of the home.

Be sure to also read our blog with some great product recommendations and reviews of the latest robotic gifts, gadgets and gizmos for all. Enjoy your visit.

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