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Are EXO drones any good? This is a common question among tech enthusiasts who are interested in trying out Exo drone products for the first time or learning more about the brand. EXO Company is an awesome brand that aims to compete with industry-leading drone technology without making its products expensive for the average drone lover.

Did you know that the EXO drone, called the EXO Ranger X7 Plus, shoots a laser? This is a great flyer with some decent features that come as a decent kit at a discount price, and it is definitely worth a look! Compared to many drones, the EXO brand has a collection of innovative drones packed with other features like

  • Three Sport Flight Modes
  • 9MP 4K Photo
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • 2K Video quality
  • 25 Minutes Flights Range
  • Free Obstacle Avoidance Module
  • Precise Joystick controls

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Is EXO a good brand?

EXO is a good drone brand that aspires to compete with industry-leading drone technology without making its products costly for the average consumer and experienced pilots.In fact. Exo the first drone company to offer tutorial videos for its entire flying and filming process.

They also included a free full Part 107 course, as well as 100% free video LUT packs and photo presets with every drone purchase.

Exo drones are ideal for filmmakers and photographers on a tight budget who do not want to forgo features or image quality. Whether it’s UHD video quality, a high-megapixel sensor, or a lightweight drone, there’s something in their range for everyone.

A quick look at some of their top drones

Here is an overview of some of their top selling products.

EXO Cinemaster 2

EXO CINEMASTER 2-4K UHD Camera Drone - 28 Minute Flight Time, 11MP Photo, 4K Professional 3 Axis...

The Cinemaster 2 includes a free hardshell case, which is an excellent value. The case holds the drone, transmitter, spare battery, and spare propellers.

The case also has a custom-cut foam interior that protects your Cinemaster 2 while in transport. comes with a GPS tracker, good cell service, as well as the necessary return-to-home function.

It’s a fantastic camera sensor and a 4K crisp camera for anyone interested in aerial photography and videography.

The Exo Cinemaster 2 can fly for up to 28 minutes on a single charge. The increase in flight time is a result of new and improved motors and drone propellers.

The camera comes with a 10MP Sony sensor with a 1/2.3-inch sensor that captures amazing clear video footage. The 4K resolution is four times that of 1080p, allowing you to capture ultra-high-definition video.

The Cinemaster 2 has a top speed of 27 miles per hour. The faster speeds are due to new and improved motors and propellers. The drone can reach top speed in a matter of seconds, allowing you to get to your destination quickly with intuitive controls

The range has been increased by 1000 feet, which is a significant improvement. In addition, the transmitter has been upgraded and now provides a stronger signal, so you won’t lose connection mid-flight.

EXO CINEMASTER 2 - 4K UHD Video / 10MP Photo Camera Drone. 28 Minute Flight Time, 11MP Photo, 4K Professional 3 Axis Gimbal GPS Drone, Slow Motion, Auto Return One-Tap Return to Home, Follow-Me, Circle-Me, And Many More, 3 Batteries, 28 Minute Flight Time, ½ Mile Range.

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The EXO X7 Ranger Plus

EXO X7 Ranger Plus - High End Camera Drone for Adults. Long Battery & Range, 4K Camera, 3 Axis...

According to the EXO brand, it is “the perfect drone for any occasion.” The EXO X7 ranger plus is a drone with a long flight time and an impressive camera.

With a top speed of 27 mph and a camera that can capture 9MP stills and 2K HD video at 30 frames per second.

The Exo x7 ranger has a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera, which allows you to capture smooth video while in motion

The EXO X7 Ranger Plus comes with a free case and four batteries, allowing you to fly all day. It’s also quite light, weighing only 1.38lb/626g which is good for mobility.

EXO X7 Ranger Plus - High End Camera Drone for Adults
EXO X7 Ranger Plus - High End Camera Drone for Adults. Long Battery & Range, 4K Camera, 3 Axis Gimbal, Obstacle Avoidance, 27MPH Speed. Powerful & Playful Drone with Camera and GPS Return to Home, 3 Batteries, USA Red, 25min/Battery, 10+ Smart Features, HD Live-Feed.

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EXO Mini Pro 1

EXO Mini Pro (1 Battery, 64GB Storage)

The EXO mini pro 1 is a great drone for both photography and videography thanks to its 48 MP 1/1.3-inch sensor. It is great for beginners and kids, less expensive compared to other drones and way cheaper.

It has a 1/1.3in CMOS sensor and shoots 48MP photos. With HDR, f/1.85 aperture, and night mode, you can capture professional shots in any light.

Wind resistance of 30 MPH or higher, 5+ mile range, 40-minute flight time, and 3-way obstacle avoidance

At 200mbps, you can watch stunning 4K UHD HDR video. Mounted on an advanced 3-Axis gimbal for stability, you’ll get clear cinema-quality footage every time.

EXO Mini Pro 4K UHD HDR Video Long Range Drone
EXO Mini Pro, 1 Battery, 64GB Storage, 5+ Mile Range, 40-Minute Flight Time, 3-Way Obstacle Avoidance, A 30MPH+ Wind Resistance, Shoot 48 Megapixel Photos, 4K UHD HDR Video at 200mbps, Night Mode, Return to Home & Land, Lost Connection Return, Find My Drone GPS Pin and More.

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EXO Scout

EXO Scout || Drone with Camera for Adults or Kids. Drone Kit with 2 Batteries, Free Carry Case. HD...

Despite being a new player in the drone-piloting world, EXO has completely shaken its throne, with the EXO Scout. Suitable for beginners and young tech enthusiasts.

With a 30-second setup, it is simple to fly.

Comes with 3-speed settings. Top speed of 15 mph, with smooth acceleration. 1080p (2K) video and 6MP (4K) photos for stunning resolution and weighs less than 250 grams.

EXO Scout - Drone with Camera for Adults or Kids
EXO Scout - Drone with Camera for Adults or Kids, Drone Kit with 2 Batteries, Free Carry Case, HD 1080p Video, 3 Speeds, Auto Take-Off/Land, 3 Speed Levels, Long battery life, Fly up to 18-minute flight time, 4K Photo, 1080p Video, 90-degree camera tilt, Intelligent AI Modes & More.

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A bit more about EXO

Exo is a company that specializes in the production, assembly, distribution, and sale of professional drones.

Exo were founded in 2020 and has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has since grown to become a household name in the industry. They grew quickly from a single tech geek founder to nearly 50,000 customers, forming partnerships with global brands like T-Mobile along the way, and becoming among the best in the drone industry.

OpenStore acquired Exo Drones in August 2022 with the purpose of carrying on the Mission of Exo. With shared passion and drive for innovation, they continue to offer the world’s most affordable professional tier of drones. They have since pushed the line more than any other drone company in just two years. With a release of ten different drone models, each one is better than the last.

Their drones compete with the specs of the world’s top camera drone models, while also catering to hobby- and toy-grade drone pilots.For novice users or professionals, EXO is a pioneer in high-end, incredible camera drones, which are easy to fly for everybody and more fun.

EXO drone technology

In terms of flight times, most EXO drones are one of the best drones available on the market. With good battery life, they match many of the specs seen with DJI and charge way less money. 

They also include the option to buy multiple batteries with your purchase, so you can always extend your drone excursions.

The EXO drones come with a minimum of 2K video recording. This is quite important for professionals who need to export their recordings to clients.

With sensor sizes ranging from 1/3-inch to 1 1/3-inch, you can choose what is most important to you. All of these features are ideal for high-resolution photos.

Close look of the exo drone front

A few things to consider when buying an EXO drone

Choosing the best EXO drones can be a herculean task considering the number of factors to keep in mind. We have made a list of important factors you should know in order to help you make the right choice.

Flight range

Cheaper drones may have a range of only 30 meters, whereas more expensive ones can travel for miles without losing contact with the main transmitter.

EXO drones have some of the longest ranges. Those interested in photography or videography may find the range of a drone to be an important factor to consider when purchasing one.

Camera quality

Before purchasing a drone, you should review the camera specifications. It is well worth the investment to have a camera that produces stunning images and videos.

Exo drones such as Exo cinemaster come with a 4K camera for amazing pictures and videos.


Lightweight drones are always ideal for learning the fundamentals of flying. Heavier drones are more difficult to control and have more features, which usually results in more professional photography and videography.

Exo drones cover a more dynamic range and are light in weight for easy movement and mobility.

Battery life & speed

Longer flight times can be achieved with larger batteries. Most Exo drones have a flight time of 20 to 30 minutes. It is also important to know how long it takes a drone battery to fully recharge before flying again. Finally, the level of high speed is an important factor when choosing a drone.

Exo drones are top-quality in terms of speed and mobility, with resistance to 17-20 MPH wind speeds and flying speeds of 27MPH.

A exo cinemaster 2 drone flying and going to the gps location

Performance of EXO drones

Compared to most drones, each EXO drone on the market has a unique set of features, and specifications, to boost performance.

The drone includes 27MPH flying speeds, 25 minutes of flight time, extra batteries, brushless motors, 3-speed levels, a half-mile transmitter range to boost communications

It also comes with 2K videos, a 3-axis gimbal for camera stability, 4K images, smart features, and many more.

While they’re not necessarily DJI beaters (yet), they are definitely a great choice in the mid-priced drones market.

Limitations of EXO drone

The Exo drone models are limited to only US buyers and it has less user testing than DJI which is a very popular brand in the drone industry.

A red color usa exo x7 ranger plus drone


Where are EXO drones made?

EXO Drones is a Wyoming LLC that operates day-to-day from Salt Lake City, UT.

Are EXO drones waterproof?

While some EXO drones can withstand light rain, they are not waterproof. flying in the rain is not recommended.

How far can EXO drones fly?

The built-in GLONASS GPS allows them to fly for a 4.5-mile range.

What is the range of the EXO scout drone?

The range of the EXO scout drone is a 315-foot live feed and control distance.

Who bought EXO drones?

OpenStore purchased Exo Drones with the intention of carrying on the original mission.

Are EXO drones worth it? – final thoughts

Each drone has a unique set of features and specifications. Some drones are designed for newbies, while others are designed for professionals. The best thing about EXO drones is that they are extremely user-friendly and come equipped with numerous useful features. On top of that, they are inexpensive and can rival top drone brands like DJI.

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