About the Little Robot Shop

Hi, I’m Matt, founder of the Little Robot Shop and I just want to say thanks for being here and wanting to find out a little more about me and my site!

As a technology lover, and for years I have been enjoying the latest and greatest gadgets, especially domestic robots that help me “hack home cleaning”.

Robots for kids and more

Robots come in all shapes and sizes from a large arm that can perform complex surgery with incredible accuracy to little cockroaches to entertain your cat (we have one of those for sale, I’ll let you guess which!).

We aim to have a bit of everything here, focusing on educational robots for children. However, we recognize that kids come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, so we have robots to keep big kids happy too, even pets.

As well as the above we have some of those amazing domestic robots to help around the home and make everyone’s life a little easier and be sure to also check the gifts section where we will have a wide range of robot-inspired gifts from memorabilia to robot blankets.

As a family of 2 full-time working parents and 2 little kids, time is precious, so anything I can find to ease the burden of day-to-day household chores is alright by me.

When it comes to the kids, I’m a massive believer that coding will be an essential skill for the future, hence a big part of this site is also dedicated to robot learning toys, as I’m keeping to give my littlies the opportunity to learn coding concepts through play.

This site is actually a passionate hobby of mine. I love to tinker with robots and learn about them. I also have a full-time job working as a Product Manager for a tech company, working closely with amazing developers (looking at you Rob and Tim), while not being one myself, it blows my mind what they can do.

But more about the site…

How can this site help me find the right robot?

It is hard knowing what to buy, sites like Amazon or Best Buy will have reviews, but they are often not helpful. They are one person’s viewpoint who often may not really know much about the product.

And, the chances are, you’re a busy person, so you don’t have time to spend hours looking at all the robot vacuums on the market or learning what the latest coding trend is.

Luckily, that’s where my team and I come in.

My site is a solid mix of reviews, comparisons, and top 10 lists of many different categories of robots. From robot vacuums to robotic window cleaners, educational kits for kids to toys for pets, if it is robotic and either fun, helpful, educational, or all three, my team and I are all over it.

Why trust us?

As experienced roboteers, we can see through the marketing BS, such as “hypersuction” or “geniuslink” and see the technology behind the words.

Likewise, through our experience, easily see through fake reviews or those that are just angry and throwing their weight around.

Our comparisons and reviews are based on hours and hours of research, reading, watching videos, and really understanding the robot to create crowdsourced information that you can trust.

I’m a firm believer that when the research is done diligently, you can write great reviews without having the actual product. In many ways, I believe they will be better due to the wide-ranging views and opinions you have to balance up.

So what does the best mean?

Well, it’s so hard to answer this as it is so subjective. I live in a flat with hardwood floors. My mum lives in a 3-floor house that is mainly carpeted, with a dog. What is the best robot vacuum for me will be different from what is best for her.

And, budget has to be considered as well. Not everyone can just drop $1000 on the latest Roborock Vacuum.

So in my best round ups, I make sure we include something for everyone.

Why are the reviews almost always positive?

This is pretty simple because we only target the best robots. When looking into what to review we keep an eye on what is happening among all the major brands.

We look at the major stores for their most popular models and we look to tradeshows such as CES.

From all of this, we can usually tell which robots will be great and they are the ones we focus on, if we don’t like something, we just don’t write about it.

So do you ever get the product?

Yes, in fact, I’m branching out into YouTube. I have a few robots I have reviewed now and I will try to continue. Likewise, I love answering questions such as when a subscriber asked if the Hobot 2S window cleaner can handle laminated cupboards, I was surprised in my tests.

So, feel to head on over, subscribe and ask for some tests. You can start with one of my recent videos on the Hobot 2S robotic window cleaner.

So how does the shop work?

OK, so we don’t actually hold any product, which means we are an affiliate shop.

By that, I mean that if you click on one of the buy buttons, you will be taken to Amazon or a different online retailer to make your purchase. If you buy a product found on our site, we make a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to you. This is usually between 3-7% but changes depending on the product or store.

So what that means is you get the best of both worlds. On Amazon (and other sites) there are loads of sponsored products or crap products that prevent you from finding exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to be your filter, to curate loads of great robot products to inspire you and maybe some that you would have struggled to find elsewhere.

A great example of this is robot vacuum cleaners. The market is saturated by so many models as it is a product that has soared in popularity in the last few years. We shortlist the best so rather than being faced with thousands to choose from, you can see the best performers here, before buying with all the usual protections you can expect from the large online retailers.

I also want to throw in here something about the word best. what is best for one is not necessarily best for another so we don’t simply list the most expensive products. We research all price levels and look for models that offer value and exceed their expectations vs. cost, whether $3 or $3000.

Anything Else?

If you want, you can download my complete robot buyers guide by signing up for my mailing list. You will get a few emails over the days after where you can learn a little more about me and my story. Or not. Totally up to you and no offense taken either way.

Robots are amazing tools that can help us in our everyday lives. Whether it is a robot vacuum to clean our floors for us, a robotic window cleaner to keep the glass clean, or a robot toy to keep our children entertained, there is a robot out there for everyone.

I hope you find my little site helpful in making the right decisions.

Any questions?

If you want to get in touch, please drop me an email – matt {@} littlerobotshop {dot} com or send me a message via the contact form and I’ll come back to you.

About the author

Matt is the founder of the Little Robot Shop, who has spent much of the last decade hacking home cleaning with various robots and devices to make keeping his home clean as easy as possible. Not an easy task with two young children.

When not working on the Little Robot Shop website or YouTube channel, he works as technical support and product specialist for a fast-growing digital company. He does his best to get his younglings to code, which will be an essential skill in the future.