Join us as we take a look and discover What is a telepresence robot

What is a telepresence robot?

Robots are becoming a great resource for offices and the home, especially for remote access. But what is a telepresence robot and how are they being used?

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7 of the best gadgets and toys to keep dog busy while at work

7 Great Robotic Gadgets and Toys to Keep Dog Busy While at Work

The best robotic gadgets, cameras, treat dispensers and toys to keep dog busy while at work or just if you are out for the day as well as boredom relief tips.

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9 of the best camera to watch pets at home while you are at work

Choosing the best camera to watch pets at home: Which of these 9 is for you?

It’s hard being away, but choosing the best camera to watch pets at home means that when you are, you can still keep in touch. Check out our top recommendations

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Robot toys for a baby are a great way to excite and engage your baby

Robot toys for Babies: 15 gifts parents will love to receive

Discover 15 of the best robot toys for babies designed to stimulate and excite our little tiny people. These suggestions make fantastic gifts for new parents.

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12 of the best robots for 10 year olds

12 Perfect Robot Toys for 10-Year-Olds and up

Looking for awesome gift ideas is challenging. And especially if you intend to please ten-year-olds. We all know how picky kids are, and that is why this article, featuring the…

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14 Perfect Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners: Robotics Made Easy

14 Perfect Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners: Robotics Made Easy

If you’re looking to take your first steps in robotics or have a child that is keen to learn, check out our 14 best programmable robot kits for beginners

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14 Perfect Coding Gifts for Adults: Beginners and Pros

Are you looking for a quirky gift idea? Is the recipient of this gift into coding or programming, whether a wannabe or a pro? If yes, you will love our…

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What Jobs Will Robots Take Over in the Future?

What Jobs Will Robots Take Over in the Future? 5 Sectors Under Threat

What jobs will robots take over in the future? Have you ever wondered? Join us as we take a closer look at robots in the workplace. Will you be losing your job?

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10 tips for How to Entertain a Dog Home Alone

How to Entertain a Dog Home Alone: 10 Easy Tips

Owning a dog can be the best thing in the world. Check out our 10 tips on how to entertain a dog home alone to ensure your loved pet doesn’t get lonely.

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The best savings on Amazon Prime Day on the Little Robot Shop

💲 Huge Savings: The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Robots in 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is just around the corner and we’re showing off the best Prime Day deals on robots of all types, from toys to home and garden help robots

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How domestic robots can you help in the home

Automated home help is cheaper than ever The advancement of technology has made it easy for us humans to have a wealth of smart devices, especially when it comes to…

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Robot toys for kids

Robotic Toys: A Great Companion In Children’s Developmental Journey And Learning Process

Down the corridors of history, many systems and tools have been utilized to assist in child development. In both school-based curriculum and at homes many domestic robots and digital devices…

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Some of the best Cyber Monday Deals Around

Best 2018 Cyber Monday Robot Round up!

Welcome to the Little Robot Shop’s roundup of Cyber Monday deals focusing on all things robotic. From educational kids toy to domestic help, if it’s smart and robotic, we’ve got…

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Amazing Star Wars toys for adults

🌟 11 of the Coolest Star Wars Robot Toys for Adults

Every one of us has seen a toy that seemed too good to be true. No matter what age you have or have had, the fascination with this object has…

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STEM Education Or STEAM, What It Is And What’s The Difference?

What is STEM Education? Many of us have heard about STEM Education, but very few of us know what it holds for the students. In laymen terms, STEM or Science,…

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Robot toys for under 4

🤖 14 Of The Best Robot Toys For Toddlers That They’ll Adore

Robots for kids have improved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days where a robot toy was a wind-up tin machine, replaced by educational robot toys with sensory development…

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