Choosing the best camera to watch pets at home: Which of these 9 is for you?

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Our pets are an important part of our lives and leaving them alone at home on those days when we have to go to work or attend some important function is more heartbreaking than we may care to admit.

If you’re one of those pet owners that never stop worrying about their pets once they close the door behind them and you keep asking yourself questions like; is he sad and sitting on a spot eagerly waiting for me to come home? Is he barking at the door and wishing I’ll just open it and come in? Is he aggressively tearing down the whole house or is he getting into trouble again? With a camera to watch pets at home, you can easily get answers to these questions and stop getting worked up over leaving your pet alone at home.

A camera to watch pets can help you enjoy and interact with your pet from anywhere. And if your pet is one that gets moody when left alone, you can cheer her up by talking to her through the camera. Yes, some pet cameras let you talk to your dog, some even have treat dispensers that let you give your pet a treat.

Pet cameras are great for controlling your pets when you’re away from the house, especially if you have some rambunctious dogs and cats that like to get into trouble. Or if your pet just dropped some new litters and you have to head out, you’ll definitely have to keep checking in to make sure the babies are doing fine.

A dog camera that gives treats is exciting but some pet cameras even let you play remote games with your pet and some also have night vision so you can watch your dogs or cats at night, isn’t that exciting?

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Given the sheer number of pet cameras available, how do you know which is best for you and your pets? Luckily we’ve reviewed the very best cameras to watch pets at home with the pros and cons of each to help you make the perfect choice for you and your pets. And here they are …

Rough Price Guide

As the price on Amazon is often changing, I have used the ? symbol as a guide:

  • ? – Up to $25
  • ?? – Around $25 to $50
  • ??? – between $50 and $100
  • ???? – From $100 – $200
  • ????? – Over $200

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Best cameras to watch pets at home

1. Vincture Pet Camera – ??

Victure 1080P FHD Pet Camera with WiFi IP Camera Indoor Wireless Security Camera Motion Detection Night Vision Home Surveillance Baby Elder Monitor with 2 Way Audio iOS/Android

If you just want a simple camera for watching your pet remotely, the Vincture smart pet camera is a great choice. Despite the low price, when considering value, this is probably the best wifi camera for pets. This smart pet cam is designed to keep you connected with your pet from thousands of miles away, it has motion detection features which lets you know when your pet is up and about. And you’ll get a notification on your smartphone when the camera detects motion.

The Vincture pet cam packs a 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution, wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles and an IR night vision for keeping watch over your pet even in the dark. With the two-way audio, you can always talk your pet out of being silly and cheer her up when she starts to get moody and unhappy. You also get to save video files in a micro SD card and this cam supports up to 64GB storage space.

Pros ?

  • Fluent two-way audio
  • Excellent HD images and viewing angles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good night-vision camera

Cons ?

  • No treat dispenser

Treat dispensing cameras

2. PetChatz HD and PawCall – ?????

PetChatz HD and PawCall: Digital Daycare with two-way premium audio/HD video pet treat camera w/DOGTV, sound/motion triggered video recording, calming aromatherapy (as seen on The Today Show)

If you’ve ever wished you could give your pet a call when you’re away from your home, then you have to stop wishing because you can actually do it. PetChatz HD and Pawcall is a smart pet camera that allows you to call your pet at home, you can see your pet answer your call and your pet can see you too, thanks to its two-way video.

It also has a two-way audio feature so you can hear your pets and talk to them, and if they’ve been well-behaved you can reward them with treats from the treat dispenser. If your pet starts to get upset and restless you can release soothing aromas to claim him down, you can also schedule exciting games to keep your pet entertained. The PetChatz also streams DOGTV to keep your pet hooked and entertained.

This smart pet camera is designed as a digital daycare for your pet and it’s attached to a wall so there won’t be any chewing from very aggressive pets. The Pawcall also allows your pet to call you when they start to miss and would like to hear from you, which is a great feature for a pet cam, although it requires some getting used to from your pet.

Pros ?

  • Two-way audio and video
  • Treat dispenser
  • Aromatherapy

Cons ?

  • Treats can get stuck in it
  • A bit expensive
  • Viewing angle isn’t great

3. Furbo Dog Camera – ????

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

If you worry about your pet being naughty or starving when you’re away from home and would like to properly address these problems you need to get a smart pet camera with a treat dispenser, and one such pet cam that tops the list is the Furbo Dog Camera.

This smart pet treat dispenser does more than let you check in on your pet and keep her company with your voice, it helps you keep your dog fed and out of trouble. The Furbo Dog Camera has a 1080p full HD image quality and great night vision and a 160-degree wide-angle view.

Its two-way audio feature allows you to hear your pet and also talk to her and if your dog gets agitated and starts to bark, you’ll get notified so you can claim her down with your soothing voice. Right from your smartphone, you can toss your pet a treat to keep her happy and well-behaved.

Pros ?

  • Treat dispenser
  • Great HD images and night vision
  • Two-way audio and barking alerts

Cons ?

  • No interactive laser games
  • Bark detector can be triggered by ordinary noise

4. WOPET Smart Pet Camera – ????

WOPET Smart Pet Camera:Dog Treat Dispenser, Full HD WiFi Pet Camera with Night Vision for Pet Viewing,Two Way Audio Communication Designed for Dogs and Cats,Monitor Your Pet Remotely

Another pet camera that gives treats is the Wopet Smart Pet Camera. This smart pet cam also checks the boxes for a great treat dispensing pet camera and it makes a cute noise when it’s about to dispense a treat so that your pet will know it’s treat time.

It’s super easy to set up and the included software is very intuitive. It has a full HD camera and night vision for streaming live videos of your pet’s actions in your absence. With the night vision, you can check in to see how your pet at night without disturbing her.

The Wopet smart pet camera also has two-way audio with a built-in advanced microphone and speaker for very clear conversations, it lets you listen, talk and reward your pet with her favorite snack or play & interact with your pet anytime and from anywhere. Not only can you see what’s happening at home, but also send voice commands, scare off intruders and talk with loved ones, even when you’re away.

Pros ?

  • Treat dispenser
  • Great HD images and night vision
  • Two-way audio

Cons ?

  • Only works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Narrow viewing angle

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5. Vbroad Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser – ????

Vbroad Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser, 2.4G WiFi Remote Camera Monitor 720P HD Night Vision Video with 2-Way Audio Designed for Dogs and Cats, Home Safety Pet Monitor (Android/iOS)

Vbroad Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is another great pet cam that gives you peace of mind whenever you have to shut the door behind your pet and stay gone for some hours or even days. All you have to do is load up this little machine with your pet’s favorite treats and keep her entertained by tossing the treats at varying distances at different times.

This dog camera that gives treats has a 165-degree viewing angle which isn’t ideal but still does a great job and an excellent night vision for seeing what your cats are up to in the dark. It also captures and records precious moments in your dog’s day and the instant social sharing feature lets you share adorable images of your pet with your friends and family.

You also get to talk to your pets and calm them down when they’re not in their best mood, the two-way audio feature makes this possible. With Vbroad Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser you’ll never have to worry about leaving your pet home alone again.

Pros ?

  • Dispenses treat
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Video recording and instant social sharing

Cons ?

  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Viewing angle good but not great

Full meal dispensing cameras

6. PAWZ Road Automatic Pet Feeder – ????

PAWZ Road Automatic Pet Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled App for iPhone and Android Compatible with Alexa WiFi 2.4G Only

Treats can be great for your pets but they can never replace full meals. And while you’re gone for an entire day or days your pets need to eat full meals to stay healthy which is why an automatic pet feeder is an indispensable device for any pet parent.

The PAWZ Road Automatic Pet Feeder is a fully automatic pet feeder which you can control with your smartphone from anywhere. It has a 1080p full HD camera for watching your pet eat and it also has a decent night vision. If you anticipate a very busy day ahead, you can schedule mealtimes for your pet.

The app allows up to 11 scheduled meals, each meal dispenses several portions and each portion is about 5g or 0.176oz, perfect to fit most pet’s unique feeding needs. You can also feed your pet manually when you have the time. This device gives you the option of recording a 60-second audio message for calling your pet at scheduled mealtimes and it also has a two-way audio feature for properly communicating with your furry friend.

Pros ?

  • Customizable mealtimes
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Two-way audio

Cons ?

  • Very narrow viewing angle

7. Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera – ????

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera Automatic Dog Feeder 6L Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Medium and Large Pet with Wi-Fi Camera Time and Meal Size Programmable Recorder Up to 6 Meals A Day

Another great automatic pet feeder for keeping your pet fed while you’re out is the Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder. To stay healthy, your pet needs to eat healthy meals and at appropriate mealtimes, this automatic pet feeder lets you schedule up to 6 meals a day with flexible meal portions from 1 to 20 portions per meal and 5g for each portion.

A full HD camera lets you see if your pet is feeding and two-way audio features allow you to talk to your pet and hear her too. To prevent the pet food from clogging or overflow, the Iseebiz automatic pet feeder is fitted with an in-built IR detector to monitor the right angle.

For night time meals, this smart device has a decent night vision so you can see your pet in the dark. The Iseebiz app also lets you take cute photos and videos of your fur kid and it’s compatible with the Amazon Alexa.

Pros ?

  • Schedule mealtimes and customize feeding portions
  • Two-way audio and night vision
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Double power supply option

Cons ?

  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Camera toys

8. DogCool Smart Pet Camera – ???

DOGCOOL [New 2019] Smart Pet Camera,FHD 1080p Dog Camera with Interactive Laser Toy,360° Pet Monitor Cat Camera Sound Alerts& Auto Tracking,Night Vision

If you want a smart pet camera for watching your pet when you’re out, then the DogCool Smart Pet Camera is all you need and it checks all the boxes. With a 1080p full HD video, the DogCool pet camera gives you clear images of your home and your pet.

This smart pet camera can rotate to cover every corner of your room and track your pet’s movement, it also lets you save video files in a micro SD card and supports up to 64GB storage space. You can interact with your pet, talk to them and hear them through the two-way audio feature.

The DogCool Smart pet camera also comes with an interactive laser toy that you can control from your phone to keep your pet excited and busy. And if your dog gets into trouble and starts to bark excitedly, the app will notify you with a push notification. This smart camera also has an infra-red night vision for capturing clear images of your pet in the dark. With DogCool smart pet camera you’d never have to worry about leaving your pet home alone.

Pros ?

  • Two-way voice intercom
  • Interactive laser toy
  • Intelligent tracking and audible alarm
  • Rotates 360-degree

Cons ?

  • No treat dispenser

9. DOGNESS Smart CAM IPET Robot – ?????

DOGNESS Smart CAM IPET Robot - Monitor Your Pet Remotely with HD Video, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, for Dogs and Cats via APP (Black Orange)

Being lonely isn’t healthy for humans, it’s not healthy for pets either and when left home alone, your pet can get lonely. But what if you have a robotic dog toy to keep your furry friend company on those days when you’re inevitably absent? Yes, an interactive robotic pet toy you can control from your smartphone and it has a camera too so you can watch and talk to your pet, isn’t that exciting? It’s like having a full-time dog sitter.

Even in your absence, your pet needs to stay active and happy and that’s where the Dogness Smart Ipet Robot comes in. This smart pet cam is designed to act as the perfect companion for your pet in your absence, from your smartphone you can make it move around your house so your pet won’t feel alone. This robot walks around your house so you can follow your pet as they move from room to room, and its camera rotates through 360 degrees giving you a clear view of every room.

It also has a treat dispenser which lets you reward your pet for behaving well plus it has an interactive laser pointer which is very exciting for pets when they have to chase the light around. With this Wi-Fi enabled robot your pet can have a fun-filled day in your absence and leaving them home alone will no longer be unpleasant.

Pros ?

  • Interactive laser pointer
  • Intelligent tracking and AI driving
  • Treat dispenser and audio communication
  • Camera can tilt and rotate 360 degrees

Cons ?

  • It’s expensive

Key points for consideration before buying

Cameras to watch pets at home are great but before you make that purchase, you must make sure the pet camera you go for has all the features that will make it a great buy. A pet camera will definitely reduce the stress of leaving your four-legged family members home alone and it will also create a stronger bond between you and your pets, but first, it has to check all the boxes below;

Viewing angle and mobility

Chances are your pet will always move around in your house so you need a camera with a wide viewing angle that’ll give you a wider view so you can track down your pet. You also have to consider the mobility of the camera, some pet cameras can move up and down and this is called tilt. Some others can rotate from left to right up to 360 degrees to let you view the entire room, this feature is found in ball style cameras and it’s great for keeping track of a boisterous kitten or puppy.

Two-way audio

If you’d like to interact with your pet while you’re away, then you need a camera to talk to your dog. Cameras to monitor dogs are great but if you’d prefer to control your pet in some way or prevent him from getting into trouble, then you sure need to talk to him and hear when he’s on the move. That’s the importance of two-way audio in a pet camera. In addition to two-way audio, treats dispenser and remote-controlled games are features in a pet camera that can also help you keep a rambunctious pet under control.

Motion detector

When you’re away from home, you’ll probably not sit around all day watching your pet, you may just want to check in from time to time. And the best time to check-in will be when she’s active. And that’s where the motion detector feature comes in, it lets you know when your pet is up and active so you can see how she’s doing and say hi or give her a special treat for being a good girl.

An excellent control app

An excellent app that’ll connect to your pet camera and let you view and control your pet from your smartphone is absolutely necessary. This will be the medium for communicating with your pet so you want it to be very intuitive and absolutely user-friendly.

Recording and storage

Some days you may find yourself too busy to check in on your pet, which is why a pet cam that can record and store files is important so that you can go back to these recordings and see what you missed. Some pet cameras have built-in memory space, some have cloud-based storage while some others allow you to slot in memory cards.

Decent night vision

Not everyone stays home at night and if you have to work night shifts and usually leave your pet alone overnight then you will need a pet cam with night vision so you can see your pet clearly in the dark.

Final thoughts on choosing a camera to watch pets at home

In our world today, technology has evolved to make lives a lot easier and enjoyable, and you can now build a stronger relationship with your pet even while working on a full-time job and spending most of your day at the office.

With a smart pat cam, you can check in on your four-legged family members, talk to them, give them treats and keep them fed, healthy and happy, which means fewer trips to the vet. Choosing the best smart pet camera for your pets may seem overwhelming due to the tonnes of options available, but it shouldn’t be especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you only need to occasionally see how your pet is doing, then you may not need a sophisticated pet cam. But if yours is a pet that suffers from separation anxiety then you surely need an interactive smart pet cam like the DOGNESS Smart CAM IPET Robot or the DogCool Smart Pet Camera that’ll let you interact with your pet and keep them from getting anxious and lonely.

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