Miko 2 Robot review

Miko 2 Robot Review | Perfect Companion for Kids

In this post we take a close look at one of the most popular robots for kids, our Miko 2 robot review. Does it live up to the promise?

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A selection of the best robots for 10 year olds

12 Perfect Robots for 10 Year Olds | Tweens | Updated 2020

If you’re looking for a gift, take a look at our perfect robots for 10 year olds. Robot toys are fun and make learning code and programming fun, even for kids!

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ROYBI Robot Review

ROYBI Robot Review – A Great Robot Toy for Kids

This roybi robot review is a complete guide on the roybi robot to help you decide if it is the right gadget for you

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Dash Robot Review | Coding For Kids Made Fun & Easy

Are your little kids interested in robots? This Dash Robot review proved that it’s never too early to introduce coding and robotics to your kids.

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wowwee coji the coding robot toy review

WowWee Coji the Coding Robot Toy Review

In this WowWee Coji The Coding Robot Toy review, we shed light on the product and on all of its top features and provide an alternative as well.

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anki cozmo vs vector

Anki Cozmo vs Vector: Which Is The Best?

What are the factors that come into play when you have to choose between Anki Cozmo vs Vector robots? Find out their similarities and differences in this article.

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drawing robot

3 Robots that Can Teach Kids Drawing

This is your guide to drawing robots for kids and packed with info and our top robots that can teach kids drawing skills.

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Ozobot Vs Sphero: Which Programmable Robot Will Your Kids Love Most

In this post I compare two of the most popular coding toys; Ozobot vs Sphero. Both combine family fun and coding principles, but which should you buy?

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A family playing with Solar Robotics Kits For Kids

10 Of The Best Solar Robotics Kits For Kids

Solar robotics kits make amazing gifts for kids. They are fun and educational while promoting eco-friendly energy. We have 10 great sets to recommend.

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A selection of the best robot toys for kids

20 of the Best Robot Toys for Kids | Helpful Gift Guide (Updated)

Robot toys are perfect to entertain and educate at the same time. We have chosen 20 of the best robot toys for kids to help you find the perfect gift.

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A smiling robot dog toy among one of the best

Best Robot Dog Toy: 16 Choices For All Budgets

If you are after a robot dog toy, you are in the right place. With so many to choose from, we have done the work for you and shortlisted some of the best

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We share some of the best robot toys for toddlers

14 Of The Very Best Robot Toys For Toddlers

Robots for kids have improved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days where a robot toy was a wind-up tin machine, replaced by educational robot toys with sensory development…

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Amazing robot and coding board games for the whole family to enjoy

8 Amazing Robot Inspired and Coding Board Games

Amazing robot and coding board games for the whole family to enjoy

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Robot toys for Babies: 14 gifts parents will love to receive

Discover 15 of the best robot toys for babies designed to stimulate and excite our little tiny people. These suggestions make fantastic gifts for new parents.

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the best programmable robot for teenager

Find the Perfect Programmable Robot for a Teenager: 11 of the Best

Find the best programmable robot for a teenager for any skill level of code. From beginner coders to epic robots that coding students will love developing with.

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Botley the coding robot one of the 5 Top Award Winning Toys For 5 Year Olds

5 of the Best Award Winning Toys For 5 Year Olds

Any of these award winning toys for 5 year olds are an excellent gift ideas if you want to get something fun and educational for girls or boys.

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16 of the best educational coding toys for kids

Digital literacy is quickly becoming crucial to a child’s’ learning and even just a basic understanding of coding in today’s world can be a huge benefit. The good news is…

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