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Educational coding robots are tools that help boost learning. They pique children’s interest at an early age, and aids in actualizing their future. For kids that fancy STEM topic, getting an educational toy robot is a huge advantage, as it may determine their future career paths. Thus, picking a handy robot companion is always appreciated.

In this Marty the Robot V2 Review, I will take a close look at the a learning-based toy robot. I’ll tackle its operation, performance, limitations, ease of use, knowledgebase, and reliability. By the end, you should have a clear idea of whether this tool is beneficial for your house or school.

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1-Minute Review

On the surface, you may think Marty will be another programmable robot toy that your kids will love for a few weeks before getting pushed to the back of the closet. However, scrutiny will reveal that, unlike that other robot, it has the potential to be loved not only by kids but even University-level students.

Marty the Robot, from Scottish based company Robotical, is jam-packed with some serious functionality that everyone will enjoy such as multiple device connectivity, WiFi modules, great sensors, and expandability. Also, even teachers can benefit from it, thanks to the already existing lesson plans and educational resources included in the bot.

What I love about the robot is it’s a great introduction to various coding platforms as well as devices. You can even code using your smartphone with this baby! Also, the ease of set-up is top-notch, as everything can be done in mere minutes.

But above all, it is the progression in learning code that makes this eyebrow wiggling robot so good. For younger kids, you can use color cards for screen-free coding games, but as they progress, they will learn scratch coding, C++, even python, and when combined with Raspberry Pi, it has almost limitless options for more advanced users.

This is a great coding toy that will keep kids, and anyone looking to learn about robotics and coding engaged for a long time.

Click here to see the full list of Marty’s features.

  • Amazing Educational Resources
  • Good rechargeable battery
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Multiple coding languages


  • Might seem expensive at first glance
  • Best works at 1 robot per 3 Student ratio
  • Separate Raspberry Pi Computer option

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Full Marty The Robot V2 Review

How it works

Marty being used in a classroom - Marty the robot v2 review

Marty the Robot V2 is a 24 blue cm robot. It is a learning or educational toy built to improve children’s interest in STEM-related topics such as programming and robotics. It is fully programmable and customizable, meaning that everything that it does, from movement down to sound can be manipulated.

The robot can be taught to walk, balance, sidestep, turn, and dance through different coding languages such as Scratch, Python, and C++. It also has built-in sensors that will allow it to not fall off a drop, avoid collisions, and recognize different objects. 

Also, the robot has screen-free, yes you heard that right, screen-free coding that uses colors to control Marty and its program. This is great for young children, like my son, who is 4 years old and we’re keen to try and starve screens as long as possible.

He is still too young to fully grasp the concepts, but he enjoys planning routes and making Marty dance using colored cards and the color sensor.

Aside from programmable robots and features, it also raises the artistic side of kids as it is fully customizable through stickers. With this, different Marty the Robot V2 coding robots will have various personalities, thanks also to the expressions that can be simulated by them. Not only that but it can be disassembled and reassembled as many times as you want. All the parts are modular, so there is no need to worry about them.


5 Marty the Robot's being used by children in  a classroom environment

As far as performance is concerned, no bad thing can be said about Marty the Robot V2. The creators of the product are aware of what makes up a good robot since they check all the correct boxes in terms of usability. It is amazing for learning, and truly increases the interests of children regarding Science and Technology.

If you are thinking that the toy is made only for kids, well, you should think again. The learning curve of the robot is limitless, as it has the potential to even be included in college-level curriculums thanks to its port in Python and C++.

In reality, the recommended users of this device are kids aged 7 up to university level students,

One of the best parts of the robot is that it has cross-platform capability. The need for heavy computers is eliminated, as they can be run through Android and iOS devices. Not only that, but coding is also highly varied, as you have support from the lightweight and easy-to-learn Scratch platform while also having the option to harness Python. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

I also like the fact that the sensors of the robot are well-thought. First, it has a motor position sensor that helps input movement. Next, are the acceleration and tilt sensors that help with balance. Also, obstacle sensors reduce the chances of collision and heighten the capabilities of avoidance. Lastly, color sensors designed for the screen-free mode are present. 

Overall, the robot’s performance should not be taken lightly as it fills so many possibilities from an engaging toy for cloverbuds and tweens to a full-on programmable robot for adults who are looking to learn more advanced coding.


Some limitations regarding the robot involve its price. One robot unit is priced at around $300, and this can be a pain especially for those who are tight on budget. However, there are several workarounds against this, especially if you are looking to purchase Marty the Robot for your school or code clubs.

There are discounts for buying multiple Marty the Robot V2 units. As you purchase more coding robots in bulk, you also get a considerable amount of savings. Another is that the robot is made to be shared. The company recommends a 3 is to 1 ratio for the robot in a classroom environment, meaning that 3 students should use the robot at a time. 

A counterargument for the robot’s price is that the value of the product is limitless and that the cost is reasonable. This is somehow true in my opinion, for me, an educational toy robot does not get as good as this.

Frankly speaking, I am a firm believer that this robot is one of the best in the market, and that it is worth the price.

Full control of the robot can be achieved through the addition of a Raspberry Pi controller or computer. This is not included in the main package but can be added depending on the user’s discretion. Thus, this can be a limitation since it may mean added costs if implemented.

Ease of set up and use

Marty the Robot V2 in the box

The robot is fairly easy to unbox and use. It comes with a great-looking, colorful box that contains the quick start guide, the main robot, and other extra accessories. A user has two choices, either purchase the fully assembled one or the disassembled one. This is done for kids who are too young to deal with small choking hazards. Also for people (like me) that enjoy the programming more than the building.

Before letting Marty the Robot V2 move, it is imperative to put in on the initial servo state. Once done, it will properly execute movements without issues. With servo motors designed to support mobility, it should not be a problem.

Once the robot’s battery is depleted, it can quickly be charged with any Type-C cord. This makes it very beneficial since we all know that type-Cs are everywhere nowadays. Furthermore, the runtime is quite good, so there is no need to worry much.

To utilize Marty the Robot V2 to its fullest potential, an app can be used. You only need to enable Bluetooth both on your device and on Marty. The button is located at the back. The app has some basic commands built for smaller kids and a Scratch-based coding platform for more mature ones. This makes it versatile regardless of age.

In total, to program Marty the Robot V2 did not even take 5 minutes. Thus, it takes the cake in this one.

Learning Portal and Knowledgebase

In terms of learnability, there are three major talking points for the robot.

The first is that it is great for kids at home. The robot is made to be personalized, and kids will instantly build a great connection to the unit. With a learning curve that is steep but easy to grasp, this will be a great addition to a kid’s toy collection. Not only that, but you are also teaching them important lifelong skills and knowledge, so it’s a yes for me.

The second is that Marty the Robot V2 is amazing for kids at school. In the first place, the robot was designed for multiple kids in mind, so there is no need to worry about functionality. What makes it a great primary school to high school device is that it can be assembled and reassembled. Thus, reusability is quite high.

Lastly, is that the robot has an amazing library of modules, classroom-ready presentations, and learning materials. This can be accessed in their KnowledgeBase and Lesson Bank. These links contain great content that will surely improve the pace of your child or student.

Thus, I see the Marty the Robot V2 as a robot toy fit for homes as well as large schools.


The reusability of the robot unit is quite high, and this makes it very good for multiple people to use. Not only that, but it also has a wide array of cool-looking and functional sensors ranging from motor, acceleration, tilt, and collision. All of these can be connected to the Robot Interface Controller chip with ease and can be hot-swapped whenever desired. 

This makes the whole journey of using the robot interesting, as you can play with various parts and modules depending on your interests.

Ongoing Maintenance

A photo of the servos inside marty the robot V2

Ongoing maintenance with the robot that comes into mind is sanitization. If you notice that the robot is accumulating dust, then it is necessary to wipe it with a dry cloth. Also, software updates for the RIC or Robot Interface Controller Chip should be done whenever possible.

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

The extra purchase of the robot that comes into mind is the Raspberry Pi Chip previously explained. This should give full control of the robot relying on WiFi modules and the central chip of the RIC. 

Robotical also has an online store where you can purchase additional servos and cards for Marty to interact within his screen-free mode.

While there aren’t too many expansions available right now, there is plenty of scope for future expansion.

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What does Marty the Robot V2 do?

The Marty the Robot V2 does a lot of things. Walking quick and slow, balance itself, dance, play with balls, sidestep, sing, make sounds, and many more depending on the user’s desire. As a robot that can be coded through different platforms, the possibilities are endless, and you only need the right sensors and languages to fulfill what you want. 

How large is Marty the Robot V2?

The robot has a height of 24 cm and a weight of 650 grams. It is has a design scheme of blue and yellow, which makes it fairly welcoming for kids.

Can the robot be customized?

Yes! The robot can be customized with relative ease! There are stickers included in the package, and they can be put on the face, eyes, mouth, and even body of the robot. Your imagination is the limit with this one, so no need to worry!

What coding languages are supported?

The robot runs with Scratch, Scratch Jr, Python, and even screen-free coding. This makes the whole journey so interesting, as you can always expand your knowledge of other languages to another one. Also, it keeps interested in the unit regardless of age.

What are the platforms supported?

The main platforms supported by the robot are PC, Android, and iOS devices. This means that it can be used anytime, and anywhere! The interface with the app is also very easy to master, and this provides value to beginners in coding.

Final thoughts

The Marty the Robot V2 is an educational toy robot that provides kids with lessons that will benefit them through life. As a toy, the unit is very customizable according to your children’s wants, and this improves identity and artistry. As a code teacher, it provides many ways to adapt to your kid’s growth within the educational curriculum, thanks to the many languages available in it.

Overall, I see this as a revolutionary way to improve teaching, especially in new STEM resources and industries. After all, it is a device that will surely lead the way for future thinkers and engineers. I recommend the Marty the Robot V2 for homes, schools, and even universities.

About the author

Matt is the founder of the Little Robot Shop, who has spent much of the last decade hacking home cleaning with various robots and devices to make keeping his home clean as easy as possible. Not an easy task with two young children.

When not working on the Little Robot Shop website or YouTube channel, he works as technical support and product specialist for a fast-growing digital company. He does his best to get his younglings to code, which will be an essential skill in the future.

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