5 Of The Best Drawing Robots To Teach Kids

Kids can be fickle! They tend to get bored with new toys in no time. Anything that can capture your child’s attention for an extended period of time can be a blessing. If they are teaching something at the same time . . . even better! 

Why not look for an ever-evolving drawing robot for your tiny friend?

Robots I want to introduce you to five of the best drawing robots that can teach kids drawing to not only entertain your kids but also introduce help them to develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. 

For each of the following five robots, I have included a quick review, along with a buying guide to help you in choosing the best drawing robot for your little one. 

Take a look!

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1. WEDRAW Educational Robot

WEDRAW Learning Educational Robot Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids,Interactive Talking Drawing Robot...

The WEDRAW Educational Robot (Eggy) understands that kids bear fertile imaginations and love drawing, but lack fundamental drawing skills. It’s ready to teach and partner with your child to break down content into simple shapes. Additionally, Eggy gives a step by step drawing lesson that your child can mimic easily. 

This device features outstanding high-tech elements. It comes with five challenge card contents suitable for both girls and boys aged 3-8 years. Just like any other robotic toy, this one inspires a kid’s hands-on creativity and ability. It teaches letters, numbers, and animals by storytelling and drawing. 

Here’s the good news about Eggy; it will give a guide for your child to grow. Your kid can freely complete a drawing and colour it afterwards. 

The “One Scan” and “One Press” operation handles everything. Place the drawing card in the correct position of Eggy’s “eyes”, and the robot will recognize all the contents therein. It also has a voice interaction mechanism to smooth the learning process. 

The no-corner and egg-shaped design ensure that your child isn’t injured by all means. Security scales to higher heights since the device is of a non-toxic ABS plastic. 

  • Easy operation
  • 100% engaging
  • 100% fun
  • Rich content
  • Too simple for older kids
  • Quite pricey for a robot of this model
WEDRAW Learning Educational Robot Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids,Interactive Talking Drawing Robot...
  • WEDRAW Educational Robot can draw pictures on different flat surfaces (paper, magnetic board, writing tablet). Eggy use unique magnetic robotic arm to write and draw like human.

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2. ROOT rt1 iRobot Coding Robot

Root iRobot App-Enabled Robot (iPad or iPhone Required)

Bringing a kid’s imaginations to life via art needn’t be a daunting task. ROOT rt1 iRobot Coding Robot will do all the work on your behalf.

Yes, you read that right, iRobot, as in the company behind some of the most advanced robot vacuums on the market also making cool gadgets for kids.

This product translates real-world images to paperwork. It is full of possibilities. For starters, it is responsive to light, touch, colour, obstacles, and sound. The device can draw, erase, turn, play music, light up, climb vertical whiteboards, and more!

It boasts three different learning levels. The first one is graphical coding followed by hybrid coding, and finally, full-text coding. Folks love the versatility of this product as it is suitable for all skill and age levels. Your kid will also be accommodated!

It has a free Root-Coding application and an activity database that controls, explores, and plays with Root. The kit includes a 1x Root, 1x vinyl cling stickers, 1x Charging cable, 1x fold-out whiteboard, 2x erase markers, and a 1x dry erase cloth. This app is compatible with iOS. 

Comparing all it offers, the price of this model is very affordable. Though optional, you can join the Root Academy to get regular updates on premium learning content.

  • Excellent packaging
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Multiple accessories
  • Multiple feels
  • Lacks a user manual
  • Delicate since it involves a screen
Root iRobot App-Enabled Robot (iPad or iPhone Required)
  • Full Suite of Possibilities: Responsive to touch, obstacles, light, color and sound, you can program your Root to drive, turn, draw, erase, light-up, play music, vertically climb whiteboards, and...

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3. Artie Max the Coding

Educational Insights Artie Max the Coding & Drawing Robot, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 8+

Artie Max the Coding is the most creative and advanced drawing robot for everyone from beginner to advanced user. This robot has five programming languages including Blockley, Snap, JavaScipt, Python, and C++ to teach you drawing and coding.

Using this robot your kids will draw by coding. This robot draws what you code. It is best for advanced learnings to learn in a fun way.

This robot allows levelling up your kid using STEM skills from beginner artists to advance modules. It does have 3 onboard markers which kids can use to draw interactively. This robot comes with a rechargeable battery which is very durable.

Artie Max the Coding comes with some advanced features such as smart sensors, line detection, LED eyes & mount, and emotive sounds. This robot scenes the images and helps you draw.

The various options for programming – beginner, intermediate and advanced are useful, and the advanced mode introduces real coding languages like Javascript, Python, and C+, making this legitimately educational while keeping the fun art element.

This drawing robot has built-in WiFi connectivity. This robot is compatible with iPad, Chromebook and tablet as well.

Instead of a dedicated app, which can be buggy, this can connect to almost any phone, tablet, or computer via its own dedicated wifi, where you just connect to it, instead of the Internet, to communicate with the robot. 

  • Advanced modules
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Rechargable battery
  • Smart lessons
  • Not the best for beginners
Educational Insights Artie Max the Coding & Drawing Robot, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 8+
  • SPARK MORE CURIOSITY! Level up STEM skills through creativity with Artie Max, the coding, drawing robot that helps kids building coding confidence through artist creation!

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4. Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Educational Insights Artie 3000 the Coding & Drawing Robot, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 7+

Artie 3000 is another beginner to an advanced level educational robot that does art drawing by coding. You can start coding and drawing designs using preprogrammed designs in this robot.

Artie 3000 is one of the most complete and flexible educational robots which comes with very advanced technology and best-organized learning modules.

This robot is super easy to set up and does not require a lot of effort. It does require 4AA batteries to run. This robot has a built-in WiFi server and you can connect it with a tablet or computer. An internet connection is not required for this robot.

Artie 3000 coding robot is perfect for beginner and advanced coders as it has various pre-programmed designs. Your kids can learn to draw using drop, remote control, point & click, blocky, and snap. It does use Python and JavaScript coding language.

Artie 3000 robot comes with 4 washable markers, a quick start guide, and activity cards. You can download more designs and watch videos from their website to expand modules. They constantly update the firmware to deliver you the best experience.

Artie makes a great activity for kids to stay engaged, entertained, and learning at home or in the classroom.

  • Versatile
  • Perfect for beginner and advanced users
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Super engaging
  • Not the best for beginners
Educational Insights Artie 3000 the Coding & Drawing Robot, STEM Toy, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 7+
  • SPARK MORE CURIOSITY: Artie 3000 the coding robot is the fun and artistic way to introduce curious kids to the power of programming

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5. Quincy the Robot Artist

Angie The Educational Drawing Robot STEM/STEAM Home Learning for Kids Draw Count Spell Math and The...

The Quincy Drawing Robot from Landzo will quickly become one of your kid’s favorite companions. This kit is very affordable and doesn’t compromise the build quality. The cute robot will draw almost all the shapes.  

So, if you’re wondering if robots can make art, Quincy will shock you!

But, before I go any further, I need to point out the design is pretty generic, so you may well see other models of the exact same robot using a different name. Some examples are the Izzy stem robot or the Angie Drawing Robot, but they are basically the same thing a Quincy here, just sold by a different supplier.

Kids as young as four can have an introduction to drawing through Quincy. This set includes multiple Functions-CARD, which include numbers, pictures, and letters. Other than drawing, this robot kit ensures your kid can spell, calculate and carry out programming. 

The cards’ material is PET plastic which is a sturdy, cleanable and east-to-store material. To use the Quincy Educational Drawing Robot, place the drawing card on the eyes of the toy, read it, and follow the step-by-step drawing program. Teachers can also use this kit as a teaching assistant. 

Worried that your child will spend too much time on the toy? Be rest assured that this kit has no apps. So, whether or not your young kid is tech-savvy, this kit will do him/her no wrong. 

Angie The Educational Drawing Robot STEM/STEAM Home Learning for Kids Draw Count Spell Math and The...
  • 🤖STEP BY STEP: Angie gives easy step by step instructions to solve puzzles and more. Learn at your own pace and you can even go back and repeat steps you didn’t understand.

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Buyers’ Guide — Key Points for Consideration Before Buying

For a drawing robot to be amazingly creative, it’ll need some specific elements. The robots should have particular features which are necessary to their functionality. The market floods with thousands of such products in all price ranges. 

We’ve scoured the internet and created a list of the crucial aspects that an education robot should have. So, before you empty your bank account with one swipe and buy an inferior product, consider our buying guide.


First and foremost, be sure to go for age-appropriate robots for your kids. This is because, if your children find the robot way too advanced, they’re likely to get discouraged. You’ll also be shocked that straight-forward devices can also bore them. Thus, the secret is to strike a balance between these two extremes. 

Some manufacturers are out to make bucks. Hence, few folks will realize that education robots should not just be costly but should also be innovative. Kids need to stay updated with new trends. So, the devices should also be ever-evolving and ever-changing, but not too difficult to use. 


We’ll NEVER fail to talk about the robot’s material quality when mentioning reusability. In the scenario of handing over a drawing robot to your child, quality matters more than quantity. Lousy quality robots tend to have poor construction materials. Such robots can be brittle, have minimal resistance to physical pressure, and bear health threats. Reusable educational robots shouldn’t contain hazardous materials that pose a substantial risk to your child’s health.

Educational Purpose

A drawing robot should fulfil the essential purpose of education. After all, they’re meant to mimic a learning environment playfully. The primary goal of the robots is to impart knowledge through STEAM education

When out for a purchase, look for the educational aspects provided by the drawing robots. These should include multiple functional modes that create a hospitable environment for your child. 


Most robots need a remote control and specific apps to facilitate communication via the server. To be particular, drawing robots function effortlessly when there’s a link between the robot and the pattern. When the robot’s app or server isn’t compatible with devices, the robot toys for kids become inoperable. Therefore, the primary function of enforcing learning through drawing fails. Consider the compatibility of the robot toy to ensure your hard-earned money isn’t wasted.


Most toys for kids have accessories to increase the quality experience and enhance functionality. They include a capacitor, light-emitting diode, thermistor, transistor, photoresistor, integrated circuit, and many more. It is worth noting that these accessories may have one or more functions. 

They capture a child’s undivided attention and still ensure drawing success at the end of the day. Ask, and you’ll be told that models with multiple accessories tend to triumph over those with few or none. Thus, kids have a special feeling when they have a complete set of drawing accessories.  


Always remember that toys for kids should be creative and captivating enough to stir up their interest. An attention-garnering robot takes the child on a journey. The success of a robot is measured when the device becomes more successful than just being a drawing robot. It should be able to create a storyline so that the naughtiest of kids can also draw. 


There are various pricing options available for you to go through. You don’t need to spend extra bucks in order to get the fancy features or quality. You will always get a reliable robot in an affordable pricing range.

FAQs on Robots that Can Teach Kids Drawing

What enables robots to draw?

Robots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create paintings that mimic colourful pieces. 

Why do drawing robots have age limits?

Drawing robots play a significant role in a child’s development. Each educational robot meets the IQ of a specific age frame. Even kids who seem to have advanced IQs shouldn’t use robots meant for older children.  

What determines the age levels of educational robots?

Safety factors mostly determine age levels.

How will I know the compatibility of my kid’s robot? 

To be sure of your device’s specs, check out what the manufacturer has promised.

Can educational robots do more than drawing?

Yes. The robots can also perform simple tasks like responding to alarms and becoming companions to your kid(s).

Final thoughts on drawing robots for kids

A drawing robot is the one companion on planet earth that your kid will always love. ROOT rt1 iRobot Coding Robot takes the top position in our top 5 list of drawing robots. Unlike the other two, this one comes loaded with a unique personality and compatibility with iOS. It offers lots of fun.

Happy drawing, folks!

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When not working on the Little Robot Shop website or YouTube channel, he works as technical support and product specialist for a fast-growing digital company. He does his best to get his younglings to code, which will be an essential skill in the future.

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