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In this Miko 2 Robot Review, we will be discussing the perfect companion for your kids. With a wide variety of different toy robots on the market, it can be hard to decide which one will be perfect for your child. There are simply so many factors to consider since most companies will want to make their products as amazing as they can to entice children and parents to buy.

From just a quick look online, you’ll see that there are just so many great choices out there, especially if you’re looking for a meaningful gift.

If you’re one of the many parents who are faced with this same issue, I’d like to introduce you to Miko 2 – a playful robotic companion that children simply love.

Whether you’ve done a little research or seen some ads, you might have already heard of Miko. It’s not the kind of toy that they’ll use for a few days and forget about, but even so, is it worth the price tag? Let’s find out.

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1-minute Miko 2 robot review

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...

Looking for a small robot that’s cute, fun, and educational? If so, this product could be a perfect choice.

There are a wide variety of different features; ranging from facts about the world to an emotional intelligence machine. This allows Miko 2 to identify, recollect, and remember your little one’s moods – helping the smart robot to grow and better understand your children as they play games and learn together.

The more time that goes by, the better Miko becomes!

Kids will find that Miko isn’t just a learning tool, it’s interactive and playful, too! It can tell stories, riddles, and even dance, which only makes it a far more versatile and fun robot for children. I bet it’ll take quite some time for young minds to get bored of this gift!

Some features of the Miko 2 robot friend to consider:

  • Comes with a variety of fun and educational games
  • Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine
  • TeleConnect feature, allowing you to stay in touch with your little one wherever you are through video calling
  • Whether you have one or four children, Miko 2 is a great little robot for everyone
  • Data encryption and strict privacy regulations ensure that you can trust Miko 2
  • Rubberized wheels, geometric sensors, capacitive touch navigation, and more all help this smart robot to move safely and easily

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Currently, there are only English and Hindu language apps available (for Android and iOS) for Miko 2, although there is an app to teach foreign languages (and plans to add new language support monthly in the future)
  • It isn’t necessarily a cheap gift, but it’s well worth the price tag considering everything it has to offer – which I’ll get into in the more in-depth review below
  • From reading reviews, you might find that some people find a setup to be a bit complicated. If you have trouble though, you can contact the customer support team as they’ll often be happy to help

Overall, I’d say that this is an excellent robot for kids, so let’s delve a little deeper into what this toy is and what it has to offer – and why children tend to fall in love with it.

This playful learning device is a perfect example of how robotics can be used to create a fun, safe, and educational experience for the younger generation (particularly for a 6-year-old). It’s a great gift for a son or daughter, especially with the 3 cool color choices – Goblin Green, Martian Red, and Pixie Blue.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...
  • ✅ Miko 2 makes learning fun through conversations. Loaded with academic syllabus, news updates, facts about the world and much more!

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Full Miko 2 Robot Review

Key Features

What can Miko do?

The company behind Miko 2 (Miko My Companion) has had professional educators and child specialists take care of developing the robot’s library of educational content, so you can rest assured that your little one will have the opportunity to learn quite a lot from their new smart toy.

There are a variety of things that Miko 2 can do, such as health, literature, nature, science, and much more. In addition to this, Miko 2 uses a conversational learning style that has been proven to enhance the overall experience, making it even more fun and engaging for small children.

Miko teaches through fun facts and play-based learning, keeping it exciting for kids and educational at the same time. It can also narrate stories and share jokes, which only helps to make it more interesting for a young and developing mind.

It can run fun quizzes, have meaningful conversations, and more, giving parents peace of mind that their child is spending idle time on something worthwhile.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...

Interactive capabilities

Miko can teach a lot, but I’ve also found that it can learn, too. Using advanced facial and voice recognition, this robot not only engages with children, but it also recognizes their emotions and responds based on the situation. Miko 2 has the opportunity to learn and grow with every interaction, making it a far more personalized robot than you would expect.

Being able to understand a child’s moods and voice commands is certainly something that makes this advanced personal robot an appealing product.

Miko 2 is age-appropriate

Ideal for a 6-year-old child (and similar ages), Miko 2 has plenty of great learning resources that will be useful for your little one. It’s certainly worth noting that this small robot has powerful yet secure technology, with a variety of filters and checks in place to ensure that your children are safe, having fun, and learning both during use and when offline.

Completely encrypted control

From the high-end encryption to simple parental control features, you can rest assured that your child can have fun and learn without you having to worry. The safe screen time and protection of personal information and data is something that is greatly appreciated among many parents around the globe.

It can run fun quizzes

Education is only one aspect of what Miko 2 has to offer children. Equipped with plenty of fun facts, stories, and more, Miko is far more than just a cute learning tool. It can even chat intelligently with kids, which can make it easy for your little one to form a bond and become attached to their new robotic friend.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...

Interact with your child remotely through TeleConnect

If you’re away, you can easily use Miko 2 to contact your little one. TeleConnect is an amazing feature for any parents who tend to be out and about, but still want to be there for their kids while they’re at home (or wherever they are with Miko). The screen isn’t too big, but it’s large enough for your child to see your face. The speakers are of excellent quality too, so your voice will be heard loud and clear.

Thanks to Miko, you can be connected wherever you are through this cute bot, without your child having to use a phone or laptop. As long as you’re on Wi-Fi, you can connect to the robot. And yet again, there’s no need to worry about your privacy through Miko 2.

Miko 2 can easily get around

Moving around the house doesn’t tend to be much of an issue for Miko, thanks to the wide variety of different movement features it has. Range sensors to map distance, proximity sensors to detect edges, odometry sensors, and more make it a great companion for children that likes to move about.

Miko 2 is designed by child specialists

From play-based learning to a general conversation with the toy, everything has been considered carefully by experts so you can rest assured knowing that your money has been put to good use. From helping with child development to being appropriate for the age range, Miko 2 is a reliable little bot.

From conversational learning to the design of the games, it’s certainly a suitable choice for any 6-year-olds.

Highlights of this cute robot companion

Here’s just a quick summary of the features mentioned in the review above:

  • A huge resource of age-appropriate content
  • Advanced robotics, including excellent voice recognition software and emotion detecting technology
  • So many enjoyment stories, and songs
  • Data encryption on the parental app and Miko 2 robot
  • Keep in touch with your little one with video call and chat features through the Tele Connect feature with cell phones
  • Quality sensors and wheels make moving around a breeze, perfect for playtime
Miko Robot

What are the downsides?

Just as there are some great points that make it a worthwhile buy for many working parents, there are a few things that those who have bought Miko found could be improved.

A lack of languages

There are no other languages outside of English and Hindi. While this isn’t going to be a problem for everyone, some buyers would certainly prefer more language options.

Sure, Miko makes learning fun and exciting, but this isn’t all that great for a kid who can’t interact with the toy robot because of language barriers. As a whole, the limited options simply reduce the possibilities of Miko 2 for non-English or non-Hindu speakers.

On the plus side, more language support is planned to be added in the future, so it might not be too long until more people can enjoy Miko 2.

Setting up can be a chore

Another complaint you might hear from other buyers is that it’s not always an easy task to set Miko 2 up. On the bright side, if you’re finding it to be an inconvenience, you could always get the contact details of the customer support team and ask for their help.

They’re also worth getting in touch with for any other inconvenience caused, as a defect in the toy or other issues you may have.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...

Who is this robot for?

For the most part, Miko 2 is an excellent choice for kids around the age of 6, with gender-neutral color options making them a good option for essentially any children. If you want to put your money into a good gift that will provide hours of fun and education, whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, Miko 2 is a great buy.

Plus, don’t forget the benefit of having features like Tele Connect. Being able to talk to your child whenever you’re not around through the toy makes it an even better choice and makes it far more accessible to children who don’t understand how to use Google or any communication apps. In that sense, it’s an even better buy for working parents.

Alternatives to Miko 2

If this bot looks good to you but you’re still unsure if it’s the right buy, you might be interested in taking a closer look into the ROYBI and Spaceman Dancebot toys. Interested? Here are some more details on the two robots:


ROYBI Robot Smart Kids Educational Companion Toy for Preschool STEM Language Learning | Teaching...

ROYBI is another relatively popular product in the robot industry so if you’ve been looking around for options, there’s a good chance that you will have come across it at some point.

There are several reasons why this plaything is worth checking out. Just like Miko 2, kids can recreate and learn from a variety of programs – all of which have been academically tested.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that there are hundreds to choose from, offering plenty of opportunities to learn and play. With more than 500 activities, it certainly has enough to keep your kids occupied.

Another feature shared between these two robots is that they are highly interactive and encourage kids to have fun and get involved. You can even watch videos of your child’s progress on RYOBI or talk to them through the camera and parental app, which is a nice touch if you’re away from home.

The RYOBI bot does have a camera, but you won’t need to worry about your privacy or safety. The little robot uses it to say hello and converse with your child, but it doesn’t record videos or conversations.

Additionally, you can turn off the video features of the plaything if you want to make sure.

ECHEERS Spaceman Dancebot

ECHEERS Spaceman Programmable Robot Toys Remote Control on App- Follow Music Dance - Kids Age 3 and...

For an exciting plaything that comes at a lower cost, you might want to consider checking out a product like the Spaceman Dancebot by ECHEERS.

While not made to teach, the Dancebot certainly isn’t lacking in the entertainment department, especially for kids that love to dance. Not only can its smart technology interpret audio to the rhythm of music, but you can even program new actions on the app, all of which can be done by children.

With 4 motors, smart AI, and more than one hundred actions to choose from (as well as different speeds and eye colors), being able to create and customize moves is certainly a fun and engaging feature that will keep kids busy.

The Spaceman Dancebot can also be connected to a phone or laptop via Bluetooth and listen to songs, books, and more through its high speaker, making it the perfect portable companion.

Overall, it’s a fun and affordable little robot that’s sure to keep your little one entertained for hours on end, whether they’re boogieing with their plaything or programming new dance moves on their robotic friend.

It is worth noting that it is more limited for those using iOS devices, with the iPhone app being limited to the 12 songs that they have for the robot (and you can’t download your own).

There’s also the fact that it’s purely a fun plaything and unlike the Miko 2 and RYOBI bots, it doesn’t offer any educational value which may make it less of a worthwhile buy for some parents.


Does Miko 2 come with a warranty?

This robot comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty for your peace of mind.

Can Miko 2 Play Music?

Yes, it comes with educational and fun games Miko 2 can dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes, and fun facts u0026amp; even do the moonwalk.

Are there any subscriptions to pay for?

There aren’t any premium monthly services or subscriptions that come with the Miko 2 robot. You may need to pay to download an app for additional content, but this will only be a one-time purchase and not a necessary or huge expense.

Can we learn foreign languages?

Miko 2 has an app for teaching foreign languages, with regular updates, support, and new plans for the future.

How good is the customer support?

If you’re having trouble setting up or there’s a defect with the robot, you’ll be glad to hear that the customer service team is very responsive and helpful.

What Miko 2 Can see state-of-the-art computer vision identifies?

Miko 2 can hear the voice of your child and tune out nearby noise. It can see with state-of-the-art computer vision, and that enables it to remember and identify known faces and surroundings.

Final thoughts on Miko 2 robot review

Cute, educational, and so much more – it’s really not hard to see why this is one of the best robots around for kids. As you may have already guessed from my review, I think it’s an excellent gift that’s well worth the retail price, especially considering everything it has to offer.

You could even check out some more reviews to get an idea of other people’s experiences with the bot. Quite a few people have purchased it, so there are bound to be some good reviews from buyers who love Miko as much as I do.

If you have a son, or daughter, or are looking to purchase Miko for a friend or relative; I certainly recommend this product. It’s easily one of the best robot toys on the market, providing fun and opportunities to learn something new time and time again.

Whether you have a son or a daughter, there’s no doubt that Miko 2 could be the perfect gift.

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Matt is the founder of the Little Robot Shop, who has spent much of the last decade hacking home cleaning with various robots and devices to make keeping his home clean as easy as possible. Not an easy task with two young children.

When not working on the Little Robot Shop website or YouTube channel, he works as technical support and product specialist for a fast-growing digital company. He does his best to get his younglings to code, which will be an essential skill in the future.

Miko 2: Playful Learning STEM Robot | Programmable + Voice Activated AI Tutor +Autonomous +...
  • ✅ Miko 2 makes learning fun through conversations. Loaded with academic syllabus, news updates, facts about the world and much more!

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