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In today’s busy world, it’s easy to burnout, trying to meet deadlines and catching up with your ever-expanding to-do-list in your mind. If you’re a sci-fi fan or one of the tech enthusiasts, there are chances that you’ve fantasized a “perfect” world where there are personal robotic assistant could help you accomplish literally everything from handling your routines at home to executing routine office tasks.

While there’s no general-purpose personal robot yet, tremendous progress is being made in the world of robotics as emerging personal assistants robots are designed to be more adept at taking stress and pressure off their human counterparts.

These personal robots are engineered using AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics technologies to offer you a great experience.

In this post, you’ll discover some of the best intelligent assistants on the markets and those under development designed to make life much easier for you.

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What is a Personal Assistant Robot?

An assistant robot is a machine resembling a human being built to help you with day-to-day household errands for convenience and efficiency. There are different robots for different purposes. For example, some robot toys are designed to provide educational assistance while some are primarily created to help in organizing your schedule.

Additionally, some personal assistant robots come in handy for specific groups of people such as seniors or individuals living with disabilities. The best robot assistants combine some of the best features of security, smart device, and AI. While there’s no one automated machine designed to provide every solution that you need, there are many amazing options that you can choose from.

Most exciting assistant robots on the way soon

Here are some of the top personal assistant robots to look out for in the nearest future:


Walker is an agile smart human companion, intelligent, and a bipedal humanoid assistant robot from Ubtech, the same company behind the Lynx robot that became a bit of a phenomenon a couple of years ago.. The humanoid robot has undergone massive upgrades in the last one year, making it look like a real human being.

The personal robot assistant has gained a more refined torso, arms, hands and a head and is now categorized as complete humanoid automation with vast capabilities.

The upgraded version of Walker is engineered with SLAM navigation, and obstacle avoidance to determine the best path through a complex environment. The desk robot also boasts of numerous self-balancing capabilities which enables it to automatically adjust its center of gravity to maintain balanced when impeded by external impact or inertia.

The humanoid robot can sense and react to external forces and can engage in proper communication with humans. It can learn your name as well as others’.

The aido-like machine is believed to provide incredible assistance, easing your normal daily routines at home by the time it’s finally launched. The product development team are working hard to get it ready.


Moley is a fully automated kitchen unit engineered to help you save time, free up your day from your daily cooking routine and plan your menu according to your preferred diets and lifestyle. Whether you’re a no-hoper in the kitchen or simply looking for a seamless way of getting your cooking done easily and in a timely fashion, this robotic kitchen is designed for you.

Not only can Moley’s kitchen unit prepare complete meals, but the kitchen helper also has the capability to tell you when you need to replace ingredients, suggest dishes based on what you have in stock, and learn what you like to eat.

Possibly best of all . . . the AI machine can even clean up surfaces itself after cooking.

TEMI – The Personal Robot

Everyone needs a companion to paddle through life. Temi is a personal robot kit designed to serve as a perfect companion for you and your household. It can function as a part personal assistant, part universal communicator and part entertainer – it’s your all-in-one personal companion!

According to the maker’s official site, Temi allows you to talk to Alexa on the machine, check the weather, control smart home devices, and play music when connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It also has an HD streaming capability. However, the robot doesn’t support certain streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora.

The machine uses high-tech sensors, including three camera systems, a light detection and advanced robotics tech which enables it to navigate a home without running into obstructions. Its camera can be used for facial recognition so the machine can know it’s you and it will also learn your name.

The robot uses Temi’s proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technologies with a battery that can last for about eight hours.


Buddy the emotional robot encompasses many attributes and functionalities that would endear you to him. The robot is designed to provide an emotional companion to you and your family. It connects, protects and interacts with every member of your family.

In addition to the emotional vibe the machine exudes, Buddy acts as your personal assistance, watches over your home, and alerts you when it detects any unusual activity. It entertains your kids and interacts with your smart home connected devices such as smartphones, smart locks, and smart cars.

Buddy’s full kit comes with advanced electronics, sensors, and technological bricks such as voice recognition, navigation, and face recognition. The personal robot is equipped with artificial and emotional intelligence, enabling it to combine brilliantly with many services.

Personal robots for sale now

There are many personal robots available on the market today. But how do you know the one that’s right for you?

What you buy depends on a number of factors such as your need and budget. Personal robots range from social robots with deep assistant service integration to telepresence robots that help you show up anywhere you want to be.

Intelligent personal assistants are categorized into the following classes:

Robots to help in the home

These days, there are robots that can do just about anything, including your household tasks such as cleaning and lawn mowing. Some of the examples of robots that help complete household tasks include Roborock S6, Hobot 388 and Dolphin Premier.

Roborock S6 robotic vacuum range

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Adaptive Routing,Multi-Floor Mapping,...

Robotic vacuums have come a long way since the original Roomba. No longer do they aimlessly bump around your home, the latest models have top of the line intelligence, digital mapping and loads of cool featurs.

While there are endless options when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, my current favorites are from the Roborock S6 range contains some top-of-the-line robotic vacuums designed to make life fun and hassle-free for you and your family.

The machines can remove dirt and clean all kinds of debris on bare floors. It has a mop feature that can help clean wet spills or eliminate grime. It also has some additional features such as filters and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Roborock S6’s moderate size allows it to maneuver easily under couches and tables. The machine comes with good battery life, lasting between two to three hours depending on its suction levels.

Hobot 388 window cleaning robot

HOBOT-388 Window Glass Cleaning Automatic Smart Robot Cleaner with Ultrasonic Water Spray and...

Another handy robot you can get for the home is a robotic window cleaner.

Hobot have quickly established themselves as market leaders and have a wide range of excellent options.

The Hobot-388 is an amazing home assistant that boasts of many great features and smart adaptability, making window cleaning fun and stress-free.

Hobot 388 is engineered to polish off dust and dirt from medium to large rectangular windows. The robot uses a suction force that is vertically attached to a window-pane while a forceful vacuum seamlessly removes dust particles. The soft synthetic fibers of the cleaning cloth helps you wipe the windows clean.

If you are on a bit of a tighter budget, I’d also recommend the Gladwell Gecko as a great budget choice.


Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes and Multiple Filter...

If you are a pool owner and just want your pool looking clean all of the time without the hassle, then a robotic pool cleaner could be right up your street.

The Dolphin Premier robotic is a popular home robot designed for pool cleaning. Dolphin is an advanced residential pool cleaner with a powerful cleaning system with many high-tech features powered by AI.

Made by Maytronics, one of the world’s leading companies in robotic pool cleaning technology, the product was first released in 2013 and updated in 2016. While there is a new version, the Dolphin Premier Supreme, it is the Premier that is widely regarded as one of the best ever.

The Dolphin Premier can clean an in-ground pool up to 50 feet within 3 hours. Unlike many competing products on the market, Dolphin Premier is built with an effective navigation system and scanning features that allow it to clean the walls, floor, and waterline.

Also, the machine has a multi-media filtration with three filter options. When used with the four different cleaning modes, the machine can pick up everything from algae, leaves, sticks and other items.

Companion Robots

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With Amazon Alexa Built-In

Companion robots are designed to provide companionship for human beings using advanced AI. Some of the popular robots can assist in doing household chores, teaching kids and providing emotional supports to family members.

Some companions are designed with a great personality and keep company to elder people or people living with disabilities or illness.

Companion robots use AI to communicate and they can help you accomplish a lot at home, freeing you from the daily hassles. Using wi-fi, you can control your companion robot. Some of the top companion machines on the market include the Anki Cozmo or Vector robot and Professor Einstein Robot.

Although Anki Cozmo is primarily designed for kids ages 8 to 14, many older people can also find it incredibly fun to be with. Anki Cozmo has a clever personality and is renowned for his ability to teach kids basic programming lessons through constant play.

In December 2017, Anki, Cozmo’s maker released a significant update to its Cozmo Code Lab app. This free update spawned a tremendous expansion in the packs of features such as the Code Lab’s capabilities to include math operators, programming variables, function calls, and “if statements”.

In addition, the family robot is super fun as it delivers a high level of entertainment value to your child at home. For example, the robot toy can sing, play games, and pounce on fingers with his lift.

Telepresence Robots

PadBot U1 A Telepresence Robot | Perfect for iPad Tablet First Generation Auto Answer Feature |...

A telepresence robot is a remote-controlled, wheeled device that operates with wireless internet connection. The machine typically uses a tablet or smartphone to provide audio and video capabilities. While most telepresence robots can’t do anything for you, they help you to be where you are not.

For example, the social robot assistant can be used in a distance education class to interface with individual students and teach a class as an on-premises instructor would. Some of the popular telepresence robots on markets include Beam systems, and the Double 2.

The Double 2 for example helps telecommuting employees to have a virtual presence at work even if they are hundreds of miles away.

You can also use the machine at home, especially when you have to read bedtime stories to your child. The Double 2 is driven through the web interface and it works pretty well in many situations.

Most of what you see is the picture or video coming from the main camera on top of the machine when connected to the wi-fi. It relies on a network of computers to transmit resources such as audio or visual.


What is a personal assistant robot?

A personal robot is a machine resembling a human being designed to help you with day-to-day household tasks in order to make your life easier. There are different robots for different purposes. For example, some robots are designed to offer human touch and companionship to family members while some assist with household chores such as cleaning and mowing.

How much does a personal robot cost?

Since there are different types of robots for different purposes and from different brands, it’s hard to generalize the cost of a personal robot. You will have to determine the kind of robot you want based on your needs. Regardless, a personal robot can cost between $60 to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What can a personal robot do for you?

A personal robot can do just everything from assisting with personal chores to providing emotional support to family members, including elderly people and those who have one disability or the other. Some robotic machines offer security or surveillance assistance by alerting you whenever they sense unusual activity within the home. However, there’s no one single robot that can do everything for you at the moment.

What is the best home robot?

Based on overwhelming customers’ robot reviews across different platforms, the best home robot is Roborock S6. The robot comes with many advanced features that make home tasks such cleaning fun and stress-free. The machine can remove dirt and clean all kinds of debris on bare floors. It can map your space for more effective cleaning. Roborock S6 has a mop feature that can help clean wet spills or eliminate grime. It also has some additional features such as filters and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Final thoughts on a Personal Robotic Assistant

A Personal Robotic Assistant will be coming to your home soon

While it is clear we are not quite there yet on the journey to having a robot assistant that can do everything for you, we are certainly getting closer day by day.

Continuous improvements in AI and complex servos mean that it can’t be too many years until all the pieces come together and we have our own helping hands in the home.

Until that time comes, there are plenty of little robots to help out here and there, from ones that clean your floors to your windows.

So do you have a favorite? Or if you could have a robot do anything for you, what would it be? Cooking and cleaning up after the kids would probably be my number one choice right now!

Let me know in the comments.