Keep a Watchful Eye From Anywhere: 11 Home Security Robots For Sale

Take a look at some options to have robot security in your home with these home security robots for sale

Ever had that feeling that you forgot to lock the door? Or laying there wondering if everything is OK in your house while you’re on vacation? Well worry no more, get yourself a home security robot.

With a robot security guard in your home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s going on wherever you are. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your place is safe when you are away, especially if combined with movement sensors.

We’ve come up with a list of 11 robot security camera robots currently on the market and split our favorites picks into two groups: movable cameras and static cameras.

Be sure to keep reading to the end where we have included some tips about what to look for in a robot security camera and steps you can take to deter burglaries in the first place.

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Controllable home security robot for sale with a camera

1. Xrana Family Robot

Xrana is a medium-size size robot with a moderate moving speed and big wheels that grip excellently for smooth movement even on a challenging surface. Through the free smartphone app, you can stay connected to this security robot for home wherever you go as long as you have the phone with you.

The app enables you to remotely move or turn the robot or take photos or record a video of your place in case you notice something suspicious for future reference. However, you need a reliable WiFi connection to operate the robot, else, it’s highly likely to lag. It is also equipped with powerful LED lights for clear night vision.

2. Appbot Riley Home Safety Movable Camera

Probably the most well-known and popular on this list, Appbot Riley can be controlled through an app installed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through the connection of the app and the camera, a user can see what the camera sees in real-time.

This WiFi robot camera has motion detection as well as face detection capabilities and can take and store photos and videos of suspicious people and activities.

Thanks to the two-way audio function, you are also able to talk to your kids or even your pet wherever you are.

3. JAMOR Home Patrol Robot

JAMOR home patrol robot supports remote operation using a mobile phone. Connect the car robot to your phone’s WiFi and have a panoramic view any part of your house through a real-time HD video and even take pictures of particular objects or people within the surveillance area if you like.

With four-wheel drive, 360-degree steering and the ability to climb a slope of up to 30 degrees, this home security robot has very flexible mobility.

A couple of other stand out features include auto-charging, amazing if you are away for a few days, and a built-in microphone and speakers for two-way conversations. Not that you would want to spy on your kids while you’re out.

4. A-Parts Mini RC

A-Parts Mini RC is a compact robot security guard that offers live video streaming and can take photos. Its 0.3MP camera is manually adjustable. The robot is easily controllable through its accompanying app, which is compatible with Phone devices and iPad tablets. Use the network the car generates as your WiFi setting for remote control.

5. Costzon Mini RC WiFi Spy Rover Tank

While this is a toy, it actually makes an OK home surveillance robot in a market that is still growing, especially if you have WiFi enabled movement sensors installed in your house to alert you to any intruders.

You can activate the toy car remotely through the app and move it to various parts of your home to have a live view and possibly identify unusual security-related activity.

Whether you want the robot to move forward or backward or to turn right or left, you can control it accordingly even when you are away from home via the app.

The 0.3m pixels HD AR camera offers crispy clear pictures and videos, and its lens can be adjusted to any angle from 0 degrees to 65 degrees. The bright LED lamps to enable the WiFi security robot to produce clear images even during the night or when in a dark area.

Controllable static security cameras

1. Suines Home Smart IP Camera

Featuring lens shielding mask design, Suines Home Smart IP Camera is a tracking WiFi camera that is not easily noticed when installed in a home with a built-in motion detector to detect any movement within the surveillance area. Also, it can enable you to have a clear view of the area under surveillance even when it’s dark, thanks to a smart infrared switch.

This security robot is so smart that in case a person moves its lens, its captures his/her picture, record a video of the occurrence and alerts the user about the possible security threat to the user.

2. DefendCam WiFi Security Camera

DefendCam is also among the best static cameras. It draws its power from its two in-built rechargeable batteries, and so, you can move and place it anywhere in your home. Better still, it has three 850nm infrared units for superb night vision clarity.

If you have it installed in your home, you are sure that you won’t fail to know any suspicious activity in its coverage area as it is designed to send you a notification to your smartphone as soon as it detects movements or someone touching its lens. Also, it enables you to have a live view of its coverage area wherever you are and at any time using your smartphone.

3. Amaryllo AR3S Outdoor Security Camera

This amazing outdoor security camera features facial recognition, night vision, has motion detection and much more.

With it’s smart AI, the Amaryllo camera knows what to expect and when something unusual is happening, send in an alert to you wherever you may be. Whether that’s just in bed when someone is scoping out your garden, or wat work and someone notices an Amazon package on your front step, this camera will let you know.

As well as recording, with the 2-way voice communication, should you see an unscrupulous potential package thief, you can tell them they are being watched which will most likely spook them into running away and leaving your stuff alone.

A few other cool features are the ability to program blackout areas, for example, the couch, so you don’t get a notification every time someone sits down. Also the ability to send notifications for up to 10 faces, great if you want to know when the kids are home from school.

All this combined with the 360 Degree Auto-Tracking sets this up as a pretty solid investment.

4. OWSOO 1080P Wireless IP Camera

OWSOO 1080P Wireless IP Camera’s lens has a horizontal view of up to 90° and can rotate horizontally by up to 355° horizontal and vertically by up to 65°. As such, it offers a complete (360 °) coverage, enabling you to have a full view of your place. It is equipped with a motion detector, and you can connect to your smartphone to receive alerts whenever it detects abnormality or the alarm is triggered.

When triggered, OWSOO 1080P rotates and captures a video of the surroundings in full HD. The 6pcs IR LEDs which are equipped in the camera enables it to take a video even during the darkest night.

5. Canary View

With Ai-powered intelligence, the CANARY home security system is compatible with your home’s wireless internet, and so, you can link it with your phone to receive instant alerts when the camera detects movements and activities within its area of coverage. Besides, the connection allows you to remotely view your place any time through a 1080P HD video from the camera.

The camera’s app contains pre-populated numbers of your local emergency providers (local police, fire, and EMT) for immediate and hassle-free reporting in case you notice an activity that possibly needs their attention) Better still, the camera is easy to set up as no wiring or additional hub is required in the process.

6. SENS8 Home Security Camera System

SENS8 is a super-intelligent WiFi camera system with a unique optical design that enables it to distinguish non-threatening motions and changes such as moving shadows and billowing of curtains from real red flags to ensure that it doesn’t raise false alarms. Besides, you can customize the motion detection function to certain areas of your home and particular activities within the scope.

When it detects any unusual activity, SENS8 prompts its camera to start recording. If you’ve downloaded SENS8 app on your phone or tablet and connected it to the security system, you’ll receive an immediate alert regarding the activity. Some of the threats that the app can report include burglary, floods, freezing temperatures, and leaking pipes.

What to look for in a home security robot

There are tens if not hundreds of home security robots currently robots. Therefore, identifying the best for your home might be a daunting task. However, there are several essential things home security robot should have, and they include live streaming and detected motion app alerts.

Live streaming

Live streaming is a function that enables you to have a live view of the area monitored by the robot. A robot with this feature has an accompanying app which you can download to your mobile communication device (such as smartphone or tablet) and connect it to the robot wirelessly through WiFi. With this feature, you can check on your home remotely at any time for your peace of mind.

Detected motion app alerts

Besides live streaming, also establish if the robot’s app can alert you whenever the security robot detects unusual movements in your home. As such, the robot itself should have motion detection intelligence. Such alerts are essential in security management as they can help to curb impending unfortunate incidences before they occur.

Facial Recognition

This can be great to help prevent false alarms. Many cameras are introducing this kind of technology to know who is approaching the house and whether to send an intruder alert or give a cheery hello.

Auto Charging

A return to home charging feature is a big plus for the robot security camera that you can drive around yourself, especially if you are away for a few days.

Controllable robot camera vs. static: what is better?

Some security cameras are static, meaning that they are installed or placed at designated places at certain angles while others are controllable. The latter can be controlled to move or turn to different directions.

Just like many other people, perhaps you are now wondering which type to buy between the two. Well, here’s a highlight of the pros as cons of each to help you make an informed decision:

Remote control security camera

? Pros

  • You can move it to different rooms in your house, and so, one might be enough.
  • Some can be used for other purposes like fun games as well as social photo shoots and video recording.

? Cons

  • Has a narrower angle of vision than a static camera
  • Charging may become an issue

Static WiFi security camera

? Pros

  • Offers a broader angle of vision
  • Last longer because of minimal wear and tear
  • Better motion detection

? Cons

  • You might need several for different rooms/parts of your home
  • It isn’t as versatile as the controllable one

Home Security Tips

While robot security systems and static cameras can help you deal with an array of security issues, having one in your home won’t entirely deter burglars from trying to gain access to your home. Some of them are so determined that they can enter a home even if it has a home monitoring robot installed.

Therefore, besides having the system, you need to do more to make your place less attractive potential criminals.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your home safe:

Keep your home locked whenever you are away

Whether you are going out for a few minutes or days, ensure that you leave your home’s doors and windows locked if you aren’t leaving someone behind. More than 30% of burglars who succeed to gain unauthorized access to home use unlocked major openings such as windows and doors.

Conceal the wiring of your security system

Is the wiring of your alarm system easily visible? The visibility of the wires may encourage burglars to strike as they see a possibility of disconnecting the system without much hassle and go-ahead to take away your possessions unnoticed. Therefore, it’s high time that you conceal those wires.

Hide anything valuable

The primary motivation of a burglar is the certainty that he/she will get something valuable and worth the risk of breaking into a property. Therefore, leaving your valuable items in a place where people outside your home can easily see them might motivate the thieves to break in. Hide your most valuable items as much as you can so that even if burglars manage to force their way in, their chances of finding the things are minimal.

Install protected property signs

We’ve already seen the risk of leaving your security wiring exposed. However, it’s important to let people know that you have a home security system, preferably by installing a protected property sign. When burglars notice the sign, they get discouraged from breaking in, considering the high risk of being caught. Ideally, use genuine signs because experienced tech burglars won’t give a damn to the fake ones.

Put away tools like ladders, hammers, pry bars, and big screwdrivers

When these tools are put just anywhere in your garden, they can be used by an opportunistic burglar to gain further access to the rest of your home. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them hidden.

A final word on home security robots

There is a fantastic selection of cameras available that you can log into any time from anywhere, however, when it comes to the ones that are controllable, it is still an emerging technology.

The two that we would recommend above all would be the Appbot Riley and the Xrana, these are designed specifically to do the task of being a home robot and while neither really excels, they are pretty solid at what they do.

For now, we would recommend sticking with static cameras, they offer much more value and less risk of running out of battery.

There is a huge gap in the market for a top-notch controllable robotic security cam. They are becoming more common to use in offices and industrial units, also the police are starting to experiment with them, we think it will just take a bit more time for that technology to be shrunk and affordable to the public and we’ll be ready when it happens.

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