Gladwell Gecko Review: Robotic Window Cleaner

Having squeaky clean windows with ease is one thing we all desire. We have taken a look at the Gladwell Gecko robotic window cleaner. When you have seen its fantastic features, you will never want to go back to manual cleaning.

The 10-second review

What we love

  • The size, it is smaller than many window cleaning robots
  • Washable pads add value
  • The price is low

What could be better

  • Struggles with corners, you may need to apply a finishing touch
  • Backup battery life is not massive
  • Struggles with really dirty windows
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The full review

Who is this automatic window cleaner robot for?

In everyday life, sometimes we are so busy that the last thing on our mind is to clean our windows (well…for me, anyway).

This window cleaning robot makes that task a breeze. It also gives us that spare time that we desperately need these days.

It’s suitable for the home or an office environment. Cleaning companies might also benefit from the Gladwell Gecko.

Not only do you get shiny clean windows, but with this window cleaning robot, you also get safety. No more climbing those ladders on a windy day. Watch your windows transform from the comfort of your home.

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What’s included in the box?

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • The Gladwell Gecko robotic cleaner
  • A handy remote to control the device from your home
  • Safety rope to ensure if your machine does fall, no damage happens
  • Two cleaner pads to get you started
  • Instruction manual
  • Power cable for backup power

Overview of the Gladwell Gecko Features

Forget the ladders, sponges, and cleaning products that are on offer; get it all with one product. The old traditional route of cleaning windows more often than not will leave more a mess than you started with.


Washable pads: Reuse the microfiber cleaning pads. This helps save the planet and your wallet. When it’s time to change them, you can purchase a set of 6 replacement pads on Amazon.

Smaller model: This is one of the smallest designs from Gladwell, giving it a more attractive look. Size matters not, however; it provides just as much cleaning power, if not more than other larger models.

Multifunctional: This robot isn’t just for framed and unframed windows; It can also give you a helping hand with tiled walls, bathrooms, shower cabinets, and floors. Your home will be squeaky clean in no time!

Replaceable parts: If anything goes wrong or breaks, you can order any replacement parts directly from Gladwell.

3 automatic cleaning options: Select a program with ease. This robot comes with 3 well-detailed cleaning programs to get you on your way.

Notification buzzer: When the window cleaner has finished or if there is an issue, your app will send you a notification to let you know what’s going on.

Budget hunters: If you’re shopping on a budget but really need that extra hand around the house, it’s available for a great price on Amazon.

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The pads need to be extra moist to ensure proper cleaning if the windows are extra dirty. If your windows are filthy, you need to check the pads regularly.

Corners do actually seem to be an issue for the robot. Catching the edges swiftly but not getting into the very nook of the corner. This means you may have to apply the finishing touch by hand.

When you look at the images of the product, you don’t expect it to be too big. People have said it was a little bigger than they expected when it arrives.

Battery life is another issue people have raised. It can last up to 50 minutes with one battery. After that, you’ll have to use the backup while you recharge the primary battery. Not an issue if you have a small house and windows, but for the larger homes, this could cause a problem.

How do you use the Gladwell Gecko robotic window cleaner?

Here’s a quick guide to set up your new purchase.

  • Unpackage your robot
  • Attach the safety robot by clicking it on
  • Set your desired product to your chosen setting
  • Moisten your pads
  • Attach the robot to the window
  • Press start and you’re on the way to shiny windows
  • When complete remove the robot and clean the pads and dry

This is just an outline on how to get started. For further information, you’ll want to refer to your user manual.


Overall, the Gladwell Gecko robotic window cleaner has many outstanding reviews and a minimal amount of unsatisfied customers.

The automatic window cleaning robot is handy, easy to set up, and convenient for anybody that has a busy day-to-day life. One of our favorite features is the reusable washing pads. They save you money and ensure you’re not disposing of things before needed.

This window cleaning robot is targeted at all markets, meaning it’s given an affordable price for all.

Whether you have the kids smearing food and dirt all over the windows, or a dog making nose marks on the glass, the Gladwell Gecko gives you the upper hand on tackling dirt and grime to help your home shine again.

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