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If you’re anything like me, cleaning windows isn’t something you look forward to. It’s a tedious and vapid chore to say the least. But thankfully, you don’t have to suffer through such a dreary task, neither do you have to endure dirty windows. Not when the market continues to see improvements to window cleaning robots for getting the job done. 

Among the exotic selection of window cleaning robots, the Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 is one robot that packs many great features with an amazing ability to get your window sparkling again within minutes. We have put together a Hutt DDC5 review for you to have a close look at the robot, this post tackles the many features, abilities and quirks of this robotic window cleaner. Let’s help you find out if this gadget has a place in your home.

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1-Minute Hutt DDC55 review

Hutt DDC5 Robot Window Cleaner, Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Technology Remote, Powered Washer for...

The Xiaomi Mijia Hutt DDC55 is one of the fantastic array of smart  home appliances gracing our modern world. It is a window cleaner robot designed for the purpose of relieving you of the heavy chore of manually cleaning large vertical windows. It uses a powerful suction force to stay glued to the window while two rotating cleaning wheels wrapped with high-density microfiber cleaning pads wipe off the dust from the window surfaces.

The robotic window cleaner is equipped with smart artificial intelligence for intuitive cleaning and with a cleaning speed of 3 minutes per square meter, it will get your windows clean quickly and efficiently.

With the Mi Hutt DDC55 window cleaner, you won’t have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your windows right from your sofa with a remote controller. It’s safe and secure and comes with a safety rope attachment feature, ensuring double protection and security for your device.

  • AI intelligent detection obstacles
  • Careful noise reduction design
  • Anti-fall control algorithm
  • Auto-adjust suction 
  • Good safety features
  • Power supply need to be connected
  • No set and forget programmable option 
  • Doesn’t work on inclined surfaces or windows with gaps
Hutt DDC5 Robot Window Cleaner, Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Technology Remote, Powered Washer for...
  • Intuitive cleaning technology - Our smart artificial intelligence powered design will get your windows clean quickly and efficiently

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Full Hutt DDC55 review

Having a robot clean your windows doesn’t only give you more time on your hands to do more important things. It saves you the stress on having to climb high up to clean your windows,  especially if you have really tall windows, which can be very risky. A robot for window cleaning like the Hutt DDC55 gives you the luxury of never having to worry about manually cleaning windows anymore. 

The Xiaomi Hutt DDC55 is designed to get your windows as spotless as possible with very little input from you, save from putting the robot on and placing it on the window pane to be cleaned, you’re required to do nothing else. The robot takes it from there, gradually cleaning and wiping the windows from edge to edge until it’s completely cleaned. 

The robot window cleaner has no driving wheels and therefore it leaves no traces on glass windows and other surfaces. It is designed such that even with the microfiber cleaning saturated with dirt, this electric window cleaner will still move without leaving behind any dirt marks or visible streaks.

It also has an anti-fall algorithm and will automatically detect obstacles and edges like window frames and when it does, it moves to a direction and continues cleaning. 

The Hutt DDC55 comes with an integrated UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), this feature prevents it from falling off the window when there is a sudden power outage. The inbuilt UPS will keep it glued to the window for about 20 minutes without power supply, during this time you’ll have to remove it. And in the event of an accidental fall, the robot comes with a 5 meters long safety rope which prevents it from hitting the floor and probably getting damaged. 

How the Hutt DDC55 works

Xiamoi’s Mijia Hutt DDC55 is equipped with a specially designed vacuum motor which powers two cleaning wheels covered with high density cleaning cloths. As the robot moves across the window pane, the wheels rotate in opposing directions while the vacuum motor sucks up dirt and dust particles through the microfiber cloths. 

This window cleaner robot leaves no track marks or scratches on surfaces because the cleaning cloths are thick and soft with the capacity to deliver good cleaning. This small machine has an unusually powerful torque. It simultaneously wipes twice, wiping off dry solvent and water stains and sucking up dust particles. 

As the cleaning wheels rotate, the microfiber cleaning cloths swipe the surface with enough force to rub off stubborn dirt stains and the suction sucks up the dirt particles. While it cleans, the DDC55 will automatically recognize different degrees of dirt and automatically adjust its suction force accordingly. 

This suction force varies between 2600 Pa and 3400 Pa, which is more powerful than you’ll find in most other window cleaning robots, even a robot vacuum cleaner, and enables it to completely clean off any type of dirt stain on the window, no matter how tough. 

After completely cleaning an entire window the electric window cleaner will automatically come to a halt. It’s equipped with a powerful centrifugal fan that maintains the pressure well in case small leaks happen. This new technology makes this robot a perfect companion to tackle a diversity of surface areas, therefore, it cleans glass of varied thickness, tile, mirror, wooden door, stainless steel and marble surfaces.


The Hutt DDC55 comes with many features that promote excellent cleaning performance on glass windows and a variety of other surfaces. The cleaning wheels will travel along wet or dry surfaces without slipping and the high density fiber cleaning cloths will absorb all forms of dirt and wipe surfaces clean without leaving track marks, thanks to the Japanese brushless motor. 

It has a remote control which you can use to direct the movement of the robot on surfaces, this is particularly useful when you find that the robot has missed a few spots. This robot has a noise reduction design and cleans with a maximum noise level of 65db, which is quiet enough to allow you to carry on with your normal daily activities without noise pollution. Even as it excels at window cleaning, this robot does have a few drawbacks. 

First, the robot has curved edges which makes it impossible to completely wipe certain areas on rectangular and triangular windows and it’s unable to clean curved surfaces. It’s designed to work automatically with very little input from you, yet you may still need to babysit the robot, you will have to manually place and remove it from the windows for every cleaning since it has no scheduling features. 

Ease of set up and use

Even with impressive engineering and excellent design features, the Hutt DDC55 is a very simple gadget. It has very intuitive controls and needs no form of technical installation before you can get it to clean your windows.

First, you only have to properly tether the 5 m safety rope to a sturdy object to hold back the robot during an accidental fall. To get the robot started, attach the cleaning cloths to the cleaning wheels, connect to a power supply, flip the START switch and place the robot on your window. It’s one-button activation is practical and simple, it also comes with a remote control for extra convenience. 


Hutt DDC55 is an excellent window cleaning robot, it takes over your window cleaners chores and leaves your windows shiny and spotless with no visible streaks. This robot is exactly 8.5 cm high and can safely wipe even tight corners of windows. It’s equipped with a 650mAh super capacity polymer lithium-ion battery and has a cleaning speed of 3min/m2. It’s a reliable gadget and with proper maintenance it will serve you well. Hutt DDC55 is a sturdily built machine and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Ongoing maintenance

This window cleaner is a low-maintenance robot, when not in use it should be stored away in a dry place and away from heat sources. The cleaning cloths are reusable and should be washed and dried after each cleaning cycle to get rid of dirt and prevent a heavy accumulation of dust particles. 

If your windows are very dirty, you may need to use a dry cloth to first wipe the surface. Also, wet the microfiber cleaning cloth and wring it dry before placing it on a dirty windowpane. And if there are stubborn stains, proceed to use the cleaning tablets that come with the robot, fill up the 100 ml water sprayer that also comes with the robot, and dissolve the tablet in it, then spray the solution on the window before placing the DDC55. This will give a much better result every time and also ensure the robot reaches its full lifespan. 

Extra purchases and ongoing costs

The Hutt DDC5 has everything you need to get it started in the box. It comes with a remote control, 12 cleaning cloths, a safety rope, one 100 ml sprayer, cleaning tablets, and an instruction manual.

With continual usage, you may have to make some purchases like extra cleaning tablets and microfiber cleaning cloths. The cleaning cloths are reusable and can be washed after every use and the robot comes with a generous, so you won’t be needing them for a while.

FAQs on Hutt DDC55 Review

  1. Can high-rise glass be used?

    Yes, the DDC55 was specifically designed for cleaning the exterior of high-rise glass windows. It provides approximately 99% clean coverage and has a 5 m long safety rope to avoid the risk of falling to the floor in case it loses its grip on the surface and slips.

  2. Is there a limitation to the height and width of the window it can clean?

    This robot can clean only as far as its 5 m safety tether permits, which is about 16 feet. But you can extend this cord by attaching a regular cord to it. Also make sure you plug in the power cable to a socket that is close to the window it's working on, this is to give it enough room to move from one edge of the window to the other and from bottom to top.

  3. Can I use it to clean wooden doors, ceramic tiles or bathroom walls?

    Yes, you can. Hutt DDC55 is equipped with a streamlined fan vortex air duct to maintain the pressure in case of any small leaks. This technology enables the robot stay perfectly glued to a variety of surfaces. Therefore, it cleans glass of varied thickness, ceramic tiles, mirrors, bathroom walls, wooden doors, stainless steel and marble surfaces.

  4. What accessories does the robot come with?

    In the box you’ll find a power supply adapter, an AC wire, 5 m safety rope, a remote control, 12 extra sets of cleaning pads, a 100 ml plastic spray bottle, 2 extra plastic rings to hold cleaning pads, cleaning tablets and an instruction manual.

  5. Is the Hutt DDC55 a Xiaomi product?

    Yes, Hutt DDC55 is a Xiaomi product. The Chinese electronic corporation, Xiaomi, is known for making many smart gadgets and home appliances like smartphones, vacuum cleaners, laptops, bags, earphones, shoes, fitness bands, and many other products. Xiaomi is also the fourth company after Apple, Samsung and Huawei to have self-developed mobile phone chip capabilities. Hutt is one of many brands that fall under Xiaomi projects.

Final thoughts on the Xiaomi Mijia Hutt DDC55

Cleaning windows may be a tough chore, but finding the right robot for the job can also be a challenge.

The Hutt DDC55 is designed to take care of cleaning your windows and other surfaces around your home, and it does a pretty good job. It doesn’t clean as fast as you normally would, but it ultimately gets the job done without you straining your back or risking a fall from a ladder. And it’s totally worth it. The initial cost may be a little steep but it’s certainly an investment you will enjoy.

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