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While robotic vacuums are no longer breaking news, the market is overflowing with fantastic options, and the robotic mop side of things has been somewhat slower to really progress. While there are many vacuums that mop, it often feels like the mopping feature is never quite as good as promised.

In this post, I want to take a look at something that is bucking the trend, a pure mopping robot. In this Everybot Edge review, I’ll take a close look at the wonderfully weird-looking floor cleaning robot to help you decide if the robotic mop is for you.

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1-minute Everybot Edge review

EVERYBOT 'Edge', Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop for All Kinds of Hard Floor Care and Cleaning...

The Everybot Edge robotic mop is an intuitive home technology solution that works with some expertly designed functionalities to keep surfaces as clean as possible.

It is a home appliance that works for wet and dry cleaning of hard floors. And if you want to feel like you’ve put in some work, it also comes with a handheld mode so you can get deep into the crevices.

One exciting feature of the Everybot Edge is that it maneuvers without wheels. It runs on two round, rotating microfiber pads driven by two separate motors; so, the robot cleans the floor while quietly shuffling along the same way the robot window cleaners move.

The two onboard water tanks supply the pads with water to ensure they don’t dry out during cleaning. it is equipped with Anti-collision and Fall prevention sensors for smart and safe cleaning performance. And its illumination sensor makes it always finishes the cleaning process in a brighter spot where users can easily find out the robot.

The Everybot Edge Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a full suite of optimized cleaning modes. You’ll get the benefits of continuous wet mop cleaning, backed up by a state-of-the-art auto water supply system. This has the double advantages of not having to repeatedly fill your water supply source and, at the same time, ensuring the correct amount of water used during the cleaning process.

  • Dual Spin Mop cleaners
  • Obstacle detection sensor
  • Patented microfiber mop pad
  • Water supply system
  • Cliff detection sensors
  • Average run time
  • Small water tank
  • Doesn’t have a slim profile
EVERYBOT 'Edge', Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop for All Kinds of Hard Floor Care and Cleaning...
  • Powerful & Delicate Cleaning: No Wheels! It performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round shape mop pads. This is called ‘Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology’ patented by EVERYBOT...

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Everybot edge mopping Robot In-depth information

How Robot mop Works

Designed to be user-friendly, Everybot Edge comes with a single touch button that turns on any of the eight optimized cleaning modes wirelessly.

Here is a detailed description of every mode of cleaning:

  • Focus Cleaning – pays extra attention to one specific area. 
  • Corner Smart Cleaning – sweeps the floor by carefully rotating by 180-degrees along the wall and corners of the apartment
  • Auto Cleaning Mode – auto-cleaning mode can be simply started by a single touch button on the main body.
  • Y Curve Cleaning – optimizes your Everybot for more in-depth, thorough safe cleaning performance
  • Turbo Option – supercharged cleaning speed for difficult spills
  • Manual Cleaning – enables you to steer your robot using special arrow key features on the remote control
  • Dry Mop Cleaning Mode – absorbs fine dust in a dry mop pattern using the electrostatic cleaning method (removes clothes lint, pet hair, etc.)
  • Hand Cleaning Mode – clean anything anywhere with Everybody’s handle (desks, tables, glass windows, cars).

All these are vital features that aid the use and work of this device.

Cleaning Process

So, what is one of the significant concerns of buying a robot vacuum cleaning? For one, you want to make sure it does a thorough and very good job in terms of long-lasting cleaning.

With eight action-packed convenient cleaning modes, a patented microfiber mop pad, and the bonus of patented RoboSpin Technology (dynamic dual spinning technology), you can feel pretty confident using this mopping robot.

The Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology’ is patented by EVERYBOT INC. It cleans the floor with 3.6 lb pressure with its own weight and continuously rapidly spinning mop pads.

The onboard water delivery means that it doesn’t soak the floor or leave dirt streaks and leaves a nice clean floor behind.

Of course, as with any robot, stubborn stains may be an issue, but you must bear in mind, that these robots are for regular, light cleaning and ensuring you always have clean hardwood floors, not one-off spillage clean up.

A nice touch I love is the Exit Shadow Area (ESA) technology. When using my robot vacuum cleaner while in bed, it will often end up running out of battery under a table on the bed. ESA is a sophisticated sensor that moves the device back to a well-lit location after cleaning is done-ensuring that it won’t get stuck in a hidden corner. When the job is done, the Everybot drives itself back from beneath the sofa.

If you are used to having a robot vacuum that mops, you will certainly notice the improvement by having two separate devices and it is certainly something I would recommend.

Ease of set up and use

Everybot Edge is effortless to set up and could easily be used without any hassle. It comes with top-notch features that make it very easy to use.

Its rotating mop pads, similar in design to the Samsung Jetbot, help clean up the edges and corners of the floor to a nicety. The obstacle sensor allows smarter cleaning, and the cliff detection sensor prevents the robot from dropping down to the floor.

Continuous wet mop cleaning by the auto water supply system means that you won’t need to wet the mop during its operation time. 

The Everybot Edge also comes with a remote control that helps aid usage. Its remote control supplies nine different cleaning modes such as Edge/focus and Auto Cleaning, which means the user can play and choose the most suitable model according to the situation involved.


Everybot Edge is very reliable when it comes to dry cleaning or mopping wet floors. It’s perfect for maintaining cleaning, although limited in terms of deep cleaning. I love how quiet it is, you can turn it on and go to bed, and it will automatically run for 2hrs plus without any hassle. Once the battery is drained, it takes between 30-60 mins to recharge.

This mop is excellent for cleaning and polishing hardwood, ceramic, tile, laminate, and travertine floors! Making cleaning easier. The included mop bucket uses patented centrifugal spinning technology that spins away dirty water, leaving you with a clean mop head.

Ongoing maintenance

In order, for you to keep this robot mop running, some basic maintenance needs to be applied. Always make sure you are not using the robot cleaner on a floor with a slope of more than 10 degrees.

Before cleaning, check that the battery is charged and it is a good idea to regularly clean the water supply mop kit after using.

Extra purchases and Ongoing cost 

Everybot Edge mopping robot comes with two types of mop pads which can be selected to suit your type of environment or surface. The first mop pad, known as the patented double structured mop, helps remove foreign substances or stains stuck in the gap.

In contrast, the Twisted Microfiber Mop is suitable for rotary motion with 100% NP fiber making it suitable for dot patterns, waxing, and polishing surfaces. In case of damage, or if you want a few spare sets, these microfiber mops pads can be purchased at an extra cost.

FAQs on the Everybot Edge

Does this robot mob have a carpet sensor?

Everybot edge robot cannot distinguish carpet or rugs by the sensor. It just physically cannot go over any mat, carpet, or rug if it is thicker than 8mm.

Can you clean the mop pads in a washing machine?

Yes, you can. Also, you can wash it with the provided silicone washing pad by hand.

Is there an app for floor mopping? Does it avoid rugs?

There’s no app. This device avoids anything that its sensor captures. If the rug is too thin, the censor may not catch it.

Can it be clean under a bed?

Yes, it can. But the space height must be over 14cm

Does it auto return to a charging station once it’s done cleaning?

This is not that kind. It’s a plug you have to charge manually. with remote control, you can stop at any time anywhere and move or plug

Everybot Edge Review – Final Thoughts

Cleaning has never been as fun; mopping with this dual-spin robot mop is a thing of the past. The Everybot Edge mopping robot can operate on one battery charge (Li-ion battery) for up to 100 minutes, so you have to have a huge floor if the job is not to be completed in one go.

Obstacles are also no problem due to the detection of the anti-collision, impact, cliff, and lighting. Since two attachments are included, you can easily dust out large stains!

Remote control is included so that nine different cleaning schedules can be chosen and it also includes a silicone brush to clean the extensions. 

Fundamentally I think this is a great choice if you are looking for a robotic mop. Whether this is your first purchase or you are looking to upgrade as you are frustrated with the performance of your robotic vacuum mop, this is certainly one of the best robotic mops currently available.

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