12 Perfect Robot Toys for 10-Year-Olds and up

12 of the best robots for 10 year olds

Looking for awesome gift ideas is challenging. And especially if you intend to please ten-year-olds. We all know how picky kids are, and that is why this article, featuring the best robots for 10-year-olds (and a bit older), will help you immensely. We have the most refreshing idea for you to buy a gift to make things super interesting for kids as well as teenagers. You have to make sure that you read this entire space carefully and then make decisions!

As you already would have known, in this article, we are talking about robots. But why robots? We say, why not? Robots are cool; they help your children to learn STEM skills quickly; they are great fun! As you know, this era relies solely on technology. If your kids are hooked onto their screens, then you shouldn’t be surprised. But why not teach in them some coding and programming skills while they’re at it!

If you choose any of the following robots for your child as a gift or an educational tool, then congratulations! You are making a great choice, and we hope we help you out in the given sections!

So let’s get started with our list, shall we?

Rough Price Guide

As the price on Amazon is often changing, I have used the ? symbol as a guide:

  • ? – Up to $25
  • ?? – Around $25 to $50
  • ??? – between $50 and $100
  • ???? – From $100 – $200
  • ????? – Over $200

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1. Kingbot robot toy spaceman – ???

KINGBOT Robot Toy,Spaceman RC Robot Remote Control Robots Toys with Programmable Interactive Walking Singing Dancing for Kids Boys Girls Gifts

The fact that almost all kids love space fiction is widespread. This robot spaceman comes with an infrared remote control that can control the robot toy up to a distance of fourteen meters. Not only this, the options on the remote can be customized by programming. This feature is exciting because your child won’t get bored personalizing their robot. 

This robot walks in multiple modes, including sliding and walking. The overall look of the robot is also very fresh, and any child who’s into coding and electronics will love it! It is a toy that is not only is a source of entertainment for your kids but also imparts knowledge.

2. Special edition battle-worn BB8 – ???

Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band

This is Another great option if you’re looking for a Star Wars-inspired droid. The droid is composed of a polycarbonate shell, which means that it won’t break very easily while overcoming resistance. It can also be propelled gyroscopically. This is possible through Bluetooth which can be enabled in this droid. If you charge it thoroughly, then it can be used for an entire hour. How cool is that?

Not only this, but this super cool robot is app-enabled. This means that it can entirely be controlled by your smart device. It also comes with voice command features which will keep your child super involved! With all these features, this Sphero droid is a deal that shouldn’t be missed one of the best Star Wars inspired robots for 10-year-olds around. What do you say?

3. Wonder Workshop Dash the Coding Robot – ????

Wonder Workshop Dash - Coding Robot for Kids 6+ - Voice Activated - Navigates Objects - 5 Free Programming STEM Apps - Creating Confident Digital Citizens

This robot is perhaps the most impressive looking out of the entire list. If your child is interested in learning to code, then you can undoubtedly go for this one! It not only follows voice commands but performs a variety of different things such as exploring loops, conditions, and sequences, etc. The dash robot also comes with three free apps that can be used on any device!

Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a particular battery for this one! It is because it can be charged with a USB cable instantly. Moreover, no assembly is required, and it can be operated just out of the box. The best part is that once the droid is charged, fully it can function up to five whole hours. We would consider this as the best feature because good battery life is not provided in a lot of robots.

4. Hasbro Star Wars smart app-enabled robot – ??

Hasbro Star Wars Smart App Enabled R2-D2 Remote Control Robot Rc

The second of our Star Wars droids in this list and it had to be the iconic R2-D2. The most loveable droid in the universe.

The movements of this R2-D2 robot can be controlled with the help of apps as it is entirely app-enabled. Not only this, but this stunning robot also dances to music and plays it. For additional gaming, you can download the app and have unlimited fun!

An essential feature of this robot is that it can be remote controlled. If you don’t know how all the functions can be used, then don’t worry because the instructions Kit is included in the package. Thus, your kids can send their little robot for intergalactic battles and imagine the fun they would have! 

5. Sphero SPRK+: App-enabled robotic ball and programmable robot – ???

Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robotic Ball and Programmable Robot, STEM Learning and Coding for Kids, Bluetooth Connection, Learn Javascript and Scratch, Swift Playground Compatible

As we had already mentioned, a majority of these robots are for teaching STEM skills in your children. This robotic ball also complies with the given fact. Your kids can use JavaScript to code in this robot with spark+. Your kids will also be able to share what they have created with the community quickly. How amazing, isn’t it? There are several programmable sensors, including motor encoders, gyroscope, and accelerometer. 

Some additional features include a battery life of 60 minutes, inductive charging, scratch and water resistance, etc. It also connects to Bluetooth Smart. As such, this robot will be an excellent deal for imparting some coding knowledge to whoever you buy this product for. This is because the hands-on experience required for learning is very apt in this robot.

6. Robobloq robot kit DIY 6 in 1 advanced mechanical building block – ????

Robobloq Robot Kit, DIY 6 in 1 Advanced Mechanical Building Block with Remote Control for Kids, Educational STEM Toy for Programming and Learning How to Code (Scratch Jr- 3.0 - Arduino, 174 Pieces)

Guess what’s better than a robot? Of course, a 6 in 1 robot kit. If you intend to make engineering more fun for your child, then you can go for this robot. There are six primary forms that this robot comes in, and as such, your child won’t get bored of it in less time. It can be controlled with the app that can be downloaded on any smart device. It is composed of 174 pieces.

If your child already knows the basics of coding, then also this robot will be worth it! It is because here the high-level coding is also possible using Python and Arduino. Additionally, you can find an enormous amount of learning opportunities because it is compatible with almost all the major mechanical building black sets. Apart from this, the essential functions like remote control, playing music, obstacle resistance, etc. are also provided. 

7. LEGO MINDSTORMS robot kit with remote control for kids – ?????

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control for Kids, Educational STEM Toy for Programming and Learning How to Code (601 pieces)

This is another robot idea for kids above ten years of age who love coding and programming. There are multiple things that this robot can do and it includes walking, talking, etc. To control the robot, you have to download the free app, which is available online. It is composed of 601 parts and comes with different types of sensors, including the infrared sensors.

Not only this, there is an instruction leaflet for up to 17 designs that can be built. The good thing is that all these toys are compatible with Lego construction kits. So if you want to enhance your experience of the original building, then you can certainly do it! Thus, the building would be fun, along with some essential STEM learning!

8. Elenco Teach Tech Mech-5 – ??

Elenco Teach Tech Mech-5 | Programmable Mechanical Robot Coding Kit | STEM Educational Toys for Kids 10+

This is also a unique robot which is mechanically coded. Unlike the others, this toy is not meant for short use, it is a grower. As the coding skills of your child get better, the complexity in the actions of the robot increase

Apart from STEM, it is also essential that users learn the importance of conserving nature. This is why introducing them to green products at a young age is a wonderful idea. This robot is not powered by batteries or needs charging. This means that while learning essential scientific skills, you are imparting some environmental education too!

9. Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 education solar robot toy – ?

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit for Kids Aged 8-10 and Older,Solar Powered by The Sun

Again, for people who like to have the fun of two or more things in one, this product will be ideal. The kit comes with twelve ultra-cool designs which can walk on both land and water. How fascinating! Continuing with the green theme, this robot is also solar-powered. This means that no batteries are required for charging and it runs on the sun’s energy!

Now, imagine how fun would it be for your child to build a robot that works on solar energy. If not leisure, then this robot can also be used as a Science Fair assignment. Moreover, the components of the robot are made of non-toxic and harmless plastic but are also very thick and sturdy! 

10. Robobloq Q-Scout DIY mechanical building robotic coding kit – ???

Robot Kit, Robobloq Q-Scout DIY Mechanical Building Robotic Coding Kit with Remote Control for Kids Teens, Educational STEM Toy for Programming and Learning How to Code (Basic Version, 65pcs)

This little droid is a very cool way to teach programming for your kids. This is because the programming is based on simple drag and drop ambiance. It is compatible with a majority of building block pieces and can also play music. It can be controlled by remote control along with an app which can be downloaded on any smart device. Additional features include obstacle avoidance and line tracking!

It is a great learning gift for your child because he or she can share it with their friends and even learn some science while playing. As such, we strongly recommend it!

11. Build your own remote control robot – ???

Remote Control Robot, RC Building Kit Building Block Robot Educational RC Robot Bricks STEM Toys Construction Engineering Building Blocks Learning Set Intelligent Gift for Kids Age 8 Years Old and up

The product claims that it is a revolutionary robot as it provides the ability to build it quickly using move hub. This robot is composed of 384 pieces. One shouldn’t worry about their toxicity as the material of the components is non-toxic and BPA free. Moreover, the building bricks are super comfortable to handle, and kids would love to enhance their creativity by creating the types of shapes that they like! 

12. Apitor SuperBot educational building block 18 in 1 robot kit – ???

Apitor SuperBot, Educational Building Block 18 in 1 Robot Kit, APP Remote Control, STEM Coding Learning Toy, Ideal Gift for Kids 8+, Compatible with Major Building Block Toys (400+ Pieces)

The ultimate robot kit is here. The Apitor one has the maximum designs possible, which means that eighteen different types of robots can be built with this kit. It is one of the best educational toys which can be used to teach some coding as well as programming skills into your child’s mind. The coding interface here is also drag and drop, which implies that everything is easy to grasp and learn!

Final thoughts on the best robots for 10-year-olds

10 years old is a great age. the mind is exploding with understanding and the want to learn. But the childlike love of fun is still there and will be for a fair few years yet. this is why robot toys for 10-year-olds are a great choice.

All the options mentioned in this list are ultra amazing. Not only will they enhance your child’s general stem abilities but will also provide them with the opportunity to use technology judiciously. With so many excellent options, what are you waiting for? Buy em’ already!

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