Sophinique X5 Review | Cheap Window Cleaning Robot

Looking for a new window cleaner robot? Nothing beats one that actually gets the job done with more than the reasonable price tag!

The X5 may not be one of the most popular automatic window cleaner brands out there, but if you want a decent gadget for your windows without breaking the bank then read this Sophinique X5 review and find out if this is a good fit for your needs.

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Sophinique X5 window vacuum 2-minute review

Sophinique Window Cleaning Robot, X5 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP &...

OK, so let’s clear something up. This is basically a bit of generic tech from China with a different brand on it. You will find the same machine under a variety of brand names, it just so happens this is the version I’m looking at today.

However, that is in no way an indication of it nor offering value.

The X5 is a multi-surface window cleaning robot designed for polishing dust on a wide range of surfaces. With a built-in vacuum motor and two cloth-covered rotating wheels, this X5 traps dust particles and wipes soft stains off of surfaces.

The Window Cleaning Robot is equipped with AI technology and a suite of sensors for accurately detecting window frames, and obstacles, with a built-in vacuum motor and a smart system that ensures it follows an intelligent cleaning path and horizontally zigzags its way across a surface from edge to edge.

It has an in-built 600mAh Li-ion battery that provides battery backup for 20 minutes, and you can either via the smartphone app control or use a remote control to easily and conveniently control the cleaning robot. Its embedded ups (Uninterruptible Power System) prevent the robot from falling out of the window even without power.

  • Excellent at cleaning smooth surfaces
  • Intelligent calculation path
  • 3 stage cleaning
  • Reliable, remote control with a built-in vacuum motor
  • Compatible with all types of glass
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Doesn’t clean frameless windows
  • Doesn’t efficiently clean corners
Robot Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Cleaner
Great value robotic window cleaner, with app control, that can clean your windows and a whole array of other smooth surfaces such as tiles and tables

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Sophinique X5 Window Cleaning Robot: Full Review

Robots have completely revolutionized the way we do chores. With a window cleaning robot, what used to be a tedious and high-risk chore now requires no real effort from you, place the robot on glass and watch it do the job.

Like most other window cleaning robots on the market, X5 has all the useful features that facilitate automated window washing.

It has an 80-watt built-in vacuum motor which supplies enough suction power to keep the machine firmly glued to the shell while two rotating wheels propel it forward and around the pane.

A smart system helps the robot find its way around and determine the most efficient cleaning path, while built-in sensors help it automatic detection window frames and obstacles with an intelligent calculation path.

For safety, it has an embedded UPS (uninterruptible power system) as a backup battery and a long safety rope as an anti-fall control algorithm.

This intelligent automatic cleaner robot is designed to clean a variety of surfaces and different types of glass including framed glass windows, flat walls, tables and countertops, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. This device also has app control via a smartphone.

How This Window Cleaner Robot Works

Sophinique Window Cleaning Robot, X5 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP &...

The X5 will clean a glass surface automatically with an auto mode or deep clean mode to ensure that each glass surface is completely wiped clean and spotless. It uses 2 circular rotating wheels wrapped with microfiber pads to wipe off dust and dirt particles as it drives across a glass pane.

The robot zigzags its way across a surface in straight lines and moves horizontally from edge to edge.

Before placing the robot on the glass surface, the microfiber pads have to be moistened with a small amount of cleaning solution. While working, the cloth-covered wheels simultaneously rotate in different directions and the robot has a decent cleaning speed of 4 minutes per square meter.

This intelligent automatic cleaner robot needs to be connected to a power source while working, and it comes with a 6.6 ft long power cord plus a 13.1 ft extension cable giving it a total length of up to 19.7 feet (6 meters), which means it will effortlessly clean large panoramic windows on high-rise buildings.  

How the X5 Robot Window Cleaner Robot Performs

X5 is a smart glass cleaning device with a solid build, and it always has a firm grip on a glass surface or other flat and relatively smooth surfaces. It removes dirt and gives you a clean window, it will clean the entire window without leaving streaks except the microfiber cloth has become very dirty, and they can be machine-washed and reused as many times as possible.

On the downside, the circular pads do not permit the device to efficiently clean corners, and it can be a little noisy with a noise level of 60dB. Also, the microfiber pads need to be a little moist for the X5 to clean but not too moist as this will interfere with its grip on the surface.

The X5 is a great little machine (weighs about 2.1 pounds) and, as long as you temper your expectations and realize this won’t clean as well as a little elbow grease, does an excellent job for a $200 glass cleaning robot.

Ease of Set-up And Use

Sophinique Window Cleaning Robot, X5 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP &...

Setting up and using this robotic window cleaner for the first is very simple and even a 5-year-old can get it right after a glance at the instruction manual. You first plug in the cable to the robot and to the extension cord and tighten the screws at each end, and finally plug it into a socket.

The robot cleaner has a START button, but it comes with a remote control which includes buttons for instructing the gadget to change direction and can be used at a maximum distance of about 10 m or 33 ft away. It also has an Android and iOS app remote control which connects to the cleaner via Bluetooth connection, and using it is simple and intuitive. 


If you have a house with large windows or live in a high-rise apartment, then you certainly need one of these gadgets to keep your windows squeaky clean. It’s a sturdily built cleaner and works like a charm.

This window cleaner robot comes with a 12-month warranty from its manufacturers. Remember not to use it on wet surfaces because it will slip and fall off, only apply a small quantity of cleaning solution to make them a little moist.  

Ongoing Maintenance

Sophinique Window Cleaning Robot, X5 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP &...

Each microfiber pad will be changed once it becomes dirty, this keeps the cleaning robot from leaving streaks on the glass. Gently pry the ring from the device with your fingers to change each microfiber pad, they are washable and reusable.

One pair of microfiber pads can be used to clean up to 4 standard-sized windows but this will also depend on how dirty they are. You should also frequently wipe down the device and laser sensors with a cloth to remove any layer of dust. 

Extra purchases and ongoing costs

The cleaner robot sophinique X5 comes with a generous amount of accessories and extra parts, so you’ll likely not need to make any extra purchases for quite some time. The cleaner robot sophinique X5 comes with 6 extra sets of washable pads with 2 extra plastic rings for attaching the pads. Purchasing more accessories and ongoing costs will be no more than $20 in a year. 

Sophinique Window Cleaning Robot, X5 Smart Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Cleaning Robotic with APP &...


Can I use it for framed and frameless windows?

This X5 is designed for only cleaning framed windows, it has sensors that detect edges and change direction. It doesn’t work for frameless windows and will easily fall off. 

Does it work for high-rise cleaning?

Yes, It is not necessary to climb dangerous ladders this robot window cleaner is actually designed to seamlessly wash tall windows on high-rise buildings. The total length of the power cable is 20 ft which permits it to clean very tall windows, it cleans both the interior and exterior of windows. Always remember to attach the safety cord before starting the robot and make sure the windows are dry otherwise it may slip off. 

Can it clean overhead solarium windows?

Yes, It cleans overhead solarium windows the same way it works for highrise cleaning. The suction feature is strong enough for a good grip and the power cable and safety rope are long enough. 

How can I reduce the smear on surfaces?

The X5 will clean without smears or streaks if the cleaning pads are neat, smears and streaks are caused by very dirty microfiber pads. But if it cleans with neat pads, and you still see some streak, run another cleaning cycle with a dry and neat pair of pads.

Can I use it to clean ceramic tiles on bathroom walls?

Yes, it can be used to clean ceramic tiles on bathroom walls, mirrors, laminate walls, tables, countertops, etc. If used on bathroom walls, make sure the tiles are not wet else the robot will not have a good grip and will fall off, the walls need to be dry for it to work well.

Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Review – Final Thoughts

Spotless windows make your living space attractive and healthy, and a good investment in an intelligent automatic cleaner robot will ensure they stay squeaky clean without you lifting a finger.

The robot Sophinique X5 window vacuum is more than a decent window bot, it’s actually great at smart glass cleaning so no need for dangerous ladders. Although it may not beautifully get the corners due to its circular microfiber pads, it does a good job overall plus it costs less than $200 and comes with a generous kit.  

Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Robot
Great value robotic vacuum cleaner, that can clean your windows and a whole array of other smooth walls.

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