101 Perfect Ideas | What Should I Name My Robot Vacuum?

OK, so you have chosen the right robot vacuum for your house and now you can relax right?


As with any addition to a family, now you have to give it a name. You have made a great first step, you have stumbled across this post.

So if you are wondering “what should I name my robot vacuum?”, keep on reading as I’m about to share the 101 Best robot vacuum names for what you can call your robot vacuum as well as a bunch of inspiration to help you pick a great name for your new best friend. This list includes names of famous robots, funny Roomba names, Famous character names, Human names, etc.

You could also go to the next level and find an epic decal to really personalize your robotic sucker upper.

If you haven’t yet chosen the right robot vacuum, be sure to take a look at our top recommendations with a buyer’s guide to help you may your choice.

Also, why stop there? Did you know you can also get a robotic window cleaner? That’s a whole new list of punny names I’ll need to come up with!

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What to name my robot vacuum cleaners?

I have broken this list down into different sections each focusing on a separate idea or theme for the best vacuum cleaner names. 

But, one more thing before we kick this off, while I’d agree, that coming up with a kick-ass name is the most important thing about owning a robot vacuum, there are a few other tips and tricks that you need to know to help you get the most out of your little robot helper.

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Pun names for a Robot Vacuums

So let’s kick this off with some pun names for a vacuum. I had way too much fun creating this list.

It started when I named my robot Optimus Grime, the cleaning pun names have always been in my mind. I think while creating this list I have a new favorite though, Should Optimus ever die and be replaced, it’s only fair he will be replaced by Clean Elizabeth the Second. 

Anyway, enough of the jibber-jabber, some may be a bit of a stretch, but there is some gold in here and who doesn’t love a pun. 😆

  1. Clean Elizabeth the Second
  2. Optimus Grime
  3. Cle-anu Reeves – Obviously the Matrix Keanu, not Bill & Ted Keanu
  4. Cleanardo Di Caprio
  5. Morgan Cleenman
  6. Cleant Eastwood – come on, you like that one.
  7. Richard Clean Anderson – You may need to be a Stargate fan, or Magiever, for that one.
  8. Cleanopatr
  9. Meryl Sweep
  10. Albert Eingrime
  11. Dustbin Timberlake
  12. Dustbin Bieber

You can see here Justin was an easy target

13. Mean Clean Okerlund – One for the old School WWE fans

14. The Underraker – while I’m rocking the wrestling theme

15. Ceclean Dion

16. Katniss Everclean

17. Napolean Grimeamite

18. Obi-Wan Cleanobi

Real Cleaning Inspired Names

OK, if you made it through that without groaning and are still with me, I have a few more suggestions. If you don’t fancy a punny name, then luckily there are a few famous names and people that helpfully include cleaning terms pre-loaded for you. They don’t have to be real, characters also work well. A few of my favorites are:

20. Charlie Sheen

21 & 22. Denzel Washington or George Washington

23. Edgar Hoover

24. Rick Grimes

25. Basil Brush

26. Sweep – As in Sooty and Sweep, that 80’s TV kids classic.

A Robot Inspired Vaccum Cleaner Name

Moving away from puns, legendary robot names are a fantastic idea and are popular names for robot vacuums. The options are many, whether iconic computer game characters, 80’s TV icons, or Hollywood blockbuster names, you have plenty to choose from. 

Some of my favorites from throughout the years are:

27. KITT – Everyone’s favorite talking car

28. Johnny 5 – That classic 80’s movie, you could even teach your voice integration to respond to “Johnny 5 is alive”

29. Marvin the Paranoid Android – From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

30. K-9 – Doctor Who’s robot pup sidekick

31. Bender – Could you imagine if your robot vacuum came with his attitude?

32. Rosie – The Robot Maid; Probably the most iconic robot maid for an entire generation out of The Jetsons

33. Robbie – Perfect if you have a Roomba from iRobot, as Robbie Robot is the robot that saves the girl in the book/movie with the same name.

34. Hal – less of a robot and more of an all-controlling AI machine out of 2001: Space Odyssey, which is what we really want our vacuums to be. Well, as long as all-controlling is all things related to the floor life support systems, not so much.

35. C3P0 – You could name your robot vacuum after the famous etiquette and protocol droid

36. r2 d2 – or everyone’s favorite, the spunky little action-loving droid 

37. Kryten – If you don’t know about Red Dwarf, I highly recommend it, Kryten becomes a full-time character in season 3, he is a series 4000 mechanoid whose entire purpose is “to serve and have no regard for himself”.

38. Robocop  – of course, you could also go with Robomop

39. Megatron – Iconic transformer. Optimus Prime would also be here had I not already abused his name in the pun section.

40. Wall-E – Disney’s favorite junk cleaning robot

41. DJ Roomba – The fans favorite from cult series Parks and Recreation

42. The Terminator – Had to be on this list

You Could Create Your Own Name

As I’ve just mentioned in The Terminator, it turns out that simply adding inator to almost anything cleaning-related instantly becomes a name. If you are looking for inspiration in creating clever robot vacuum names, this section is for you.

For example:

43. The Vacinator

44. The Sweepinator

45. The Grimeinator

46. The Dustinator

47. The Dirtinator

And as we’re making things up, another option is taking a nice cleaning word and prefixing it with sir and adding alot to the end. Here’s what I’m talking about:

48. Sir Cleansalost

49. Sir Dustsalot

50. Sir Vacsalot

51. Sir Scrubsalot

And lastly, in the making up of a name concept, I also think you can consider anything with Baron Von at the front and ending in enstein as pretty funny names for robot vacuum.

A few more examples:

52. Baron Von Grimenstein

53. Baron Von Sweepenstein

54. Baron Von Sucksenstein

55. Baron Von Dirtenstein

Butler Names

So another line of thought you can go down for a great robot vacuum name is looking at famous Butlers. Here are a few of the most famous butlers to have graced our screens in the last few years:

56. Alfred – The man that keeps Batman from having to make his own coffee or worry about changing the oil on the Batmobile.

57. Jeeves – Possibly the name most symbolic of butlers. Has been used in various literature and of course in the failed search engine Ask Jeeves. Remember that one?

58. Carson – From the upstairs-downstairs of Downton Abbey.

59. Lurch – The Frenkensteinesque butler from The Addams Family

60. Geoffry – Who wouldn’t love a wise-cracking butler like Geoffry from 90s favorite The Fresh Prince of Belair

61. Edmund – From Series 3 of another cult British TV show, Blackadder. Again, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Edmund was the smart butler looking after the dim-witted Prince of Wales. Well, looking after his own interests really.

Iconic Characters

Next up is iconic characters. There is no end to this list and naming your robot friend after your favorite character is a great way to enjoy it a little more, especially when telling your friends about how amazing the little motorized sucker uppers are.

Here are a few fictional characters that I think suit a robot vacuum cleaner, but as I mention, the list is potentially endless:

62. Beetlejuice

63. Buzz Lightyear

64. Chewbacca

65. Cookie Monster – You could add optional googly eyes.

66. Darth Vader

67. Godzilla

68. Han Solo

69. Magneto

70. Wolverine – I thought about punning this one up with Wolvergleam

71. The Dude

72. Forrest Gump

73. Consuela – (the cleaning lady from Family Guy)

74. Rambo

75. Baldrick

76. Kermit

77. Mary Poppins

78. Pikachu

79. Spongebob Squarepants

80. Homer

81. Gandalf

82. Samwise Gamgee

83. Hagrid

The Celebrity Approach

So our penultimate suggestion for this list is to just go for the simple – name it after a celebrity approach. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite, it could also be one you dislike. 

Why’s that you ask? Well, if you have a robot vacuum with smart home voice commands, screaming “Kim Kardashian West . . . clean my kitchen!” feels pretty darn good. Any of these would make a great shout as a name for a robot cleaner.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

84. Brad Pitt

85. Johnny Depp

86. Angelina Jolie

87. Madonna

88. Will Smith

89. J-Lo

90. Beyoncé

91. Jay-Z

92. Kim Kardashian West

Or How About A Human Name?

Finally, you could just go with a regular human name. I find some of the more traditional names already sound cleaner in our modern world. Any of these would make a great shout as a name for a robot vacuum cleaner.

Especially when you are talking to your parents. Just casually drop into a dinner conversation; “I can’t wait to see what the house looks like when we get back, we have left Irene there cleaning all day, she’ll probably need to recharge her batteries soon”. It’s at that point your parents will wonder if you’re talking about a robot or if Irene just likes to hit the gin cabinet between the cleaning kitchen and the bathroom.

93. Brenda

94. Dusty

95. Mildred

96. Winston

97. Edith

98. Eugine

99. Harriet

100. Irene

101. Arthur

So, what should I name my Robot Vacuum?

Well, there is really only one person that can answer that, and that is you, but just know, this is one of the most important decisions you will be making.

So what did you decide on as the name for your robot vacuums? Be sure to leave any additional suggestions in the comments, we’d love to hear them.

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