The Best Massage Chair under $1000: Top 10 Picks

Looking for the best massage chair under $1000?

Not much can beat the comfort offered by a massage chair after a long day at work. Just sit back, feet up while your robotic seat goes to work.

Having a massage chair at your home or office is perfect to relax after an exhausting day. But there’s a reason why most users drop the idea of buying a massage chair.

There’s often so many different features that can take your massage experience to another level, from a variety of different techniques (such as the popular shiatsu or compression massage styles) to zero-gravity positioning. Even something small like foot rollers can make all the difference when it comes to sitting back and relaxing in your chair.

However, massage chairs are pretty expensive, and having a quality chair means spending thousands of dollars.

How about getting a massage chair under your budget? Sounds great, right?

Well, that is what we are here to help you with, here with the top 10 massage chairs under $1000.

With these chairs, you will experience unbeatable comfort while saving a considerable amount of bucks, so it’s a win-win for you.

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Best Massage Chairs under $1000 Reviews and Comparison

1. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair – Top Pick

Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track, Full Body Massage Recliner of Zero Gravity with...

Real Relax is here with a fantastic massage chair that will please your body with a quality massage while pleasing your ears with its Bluetooth speakers.

The full body zero massage chair offers superb comfort, and the availability of multiple airbags under the padding ramps up the comfort to an unbeatable level. 

With the handy remote controller, you can choose between different massage types while adjusting the massage’s strength. Also, the material feels great, and you can spend some quality time while relaxing on this massage chair. 

The back heating feature of the massage chair will improve blood circulation. The heating feature makes this one of the best massage chairs for back pain. You can turn on/off the heater anytime using the remote to get ultimate convenience with the chair.

Moving the massage chair anywhere in the house is easy, as it comes with two transportation wheels. Whether you want to watch TV in the lobby or you want to get a massage in your room, you can take this chair with you. 

No matter if you are 5.2 or 6 feet, you can use the Real Relax massage chair using its extendable footrest. If you are looking for a versatile massage chair, then this chair should be your choice, as your kids and parents can also use the chair by adjusting the footrest.

The remote allows you to customize the massage by choosing different settings, including the intensity and speed of the rollers and airbags.

The Bluetooth speaker is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and you can pair your smartphone with the chair in a few seconds.


  • Comfortable cushioning and padding everywhere
  • Smart integrated speaker 
  • Offers zero gravity massage
  • Can bear up to 400 lbs user weight
  • Six built-in massage modes
  • Easy to assemble


  • The remote control feels large to hold
  • Cleaning the chair requires time
Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track, Full Body Massage Recliner of Zero Gravity with...
  • Dual-core S track neck back robots hands rollers up and down, generate a more effective massage to neck stress and back pain, than 8 points fixed back rollers.

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2. Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair

Infinity Riage CS, Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair, Featuring Zero-Gravity Recliner, Lumbar Heat, and...

Infinity Riage is here with a back-specific massage chair that will massage your entire back from neck to glutes. The L-track design of the massage chair makes it comfortable, and you can enjoy a massage for a prolonged time.

There are four automatic programs available, and you can choose any of these using the remote controller. Additionally, the chair uses multiple massage techniques, including Shiatsu, rolling, and tapping, which help relieve back pain.

The space-saving design makes this massage chair an irresistible option if you have less space available inside the room. Transporting the chair is easy, and you can move it using the hidden wheels.

The electric shiatsu massage chair offers multiple types of massage, including zero gravity, shiatsu, and you have the freedom to choose the massage type with the remote.

The availability of heated back support makes this chair an excellent back-specific massage chair. You can use the heating feature to improve the blood circulation in the back while minimizing the back pain.

Infinity Riage CS massage chair doesn’t come with any speaker, so you will miss listening to your favorite tracks while lying down on the chair. 

The armrests are also very comfortable, and the massage chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. in a nutshell, Infinity Riage CS massage chair is a bang for the buck, and you can assemble the chair in a couple of minutes to experience soothing massage on the go.


  • Covers the whole back
  • Durable material
  • Automatic massage modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heating lumbar support


  • No built-in speakers
  • Specific for the back only
Infinity Riage CS, Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair, Featuring Zero-Gravity Recliner, Lumbar Heat, and...
  • FOUR-NODE TRAVELING ROLLERS: Unlike a simple salon chair, the Infinity Riage CS uses a four-roller massage mechanism along a comprehensive L-track, providing deep-kneading relief to your whole body.

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3. FOELRO Zero Gravity Massage Chair

FOELRO 2022 Updated Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Recliner with Heating Back and Foot...

Folero Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a reliable massage chair under $1000! Made using premium faux leather the chair looks good, and you will get the right amount of comfort while sitting on it.

This is a full body massage chair with a foot roller and airbags to relieve stress from head to toe. The chair offers three levels of zero gravity massage i.e., initial zero gravity, comfort zero gravity, and deep zero gravity to offer an effective and better massage than high-end massage chairs.

Furthermore, Folero Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes with three-level strength adjustment, and you can select between low, mid, and high strength massage. 

The Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair also allows you to select from multiple massage modes, and you can even customize a massage mode based on your requirements.

The extendable footrest makes it ideal for taller people as you can comfortably sit on the chair. The availability of heating therapy is an added feature, and the chair will heat the lumbar area to relieve you from stress.

Coming to the entertainment, then Folero Zero Gravity Massage Chair has a built-in wireless speaker, and you can connect to it with your Android or iPhone. 

The massage chair offers a combination of entertainment and fantastic massage so you won’t find a better package at this price and is easily the best zero gravity chair out there.


  • Fully recliner body
  • Three-level zero gravity massage
  • High-quality faux leather
  • Easy to use
  • Extendable footrest
  • Hidden wheels for easy transportation 


  • Assembling the zero gravity massage chair takes time
  • Not a good option for people above 6 feet
FOELRO 2022 Updated Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Recliner with Heating Back and Foot...
  • Upgraded Packaging: 2022 new packaging, from 3 to 2 boxes, easier to assemble and reduce the risk of transportation damage.

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4. BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity Massage Chair Electric Affordable with...

Here is another full body massage chair under $1000 that offers unrivaled quality when it comes to massage and its material. The chair has got some advanced and exclusive features like a heat Foot Roller Air Massage System that releases hot air while massaging your feet.

There are a total of 35 airbags strategically placed to massage the entire body.

From neck to feet and other areas, you will feel the vibrations everywhere, and there’s no doubt why we added this chair to our list of best massage chairs under $1000. 

Is it easy to put the full body massage chair together?

Assembling the chair is easy, and you will get an instruction manual with it. Also, the heating support available at the back ramps up blood circulation and is excellent for getting heat therapy.

The handy controller attached to the chair allows you to select from various massage modes, and their intensity. Just tap on the button will recline the chair, and will be enjoying zero gravity massage in minutes. 

Based on your needs, you can select from multiple massage techniques, including Shiatsu, kneading, knocking, and much more. 

The chair produces a muffling sound that is pleasant to the ears, and you will feel like enjoying a spa at home. The hidden transportation wheels at the back make moving the chair easy, and you can move it to different rooms without anyone’s help.


  • Uses best-in-class technology
  • Full body massage with multiple massage modes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hidden transportation wheels


  • The remote controller is big
  • Available in one color option only
Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity Massage Chair Electric Affordable with...
  • 【Zero Gravity Massage Chair】:Press the zero-gravity button,Zero gravity massage chairs elevate your feet to the same level as your heart, minimizing the strain of gravity on your vertebrae,...

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5. BestMassage Full Body Reclining Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System...

Check out this ultimate massage chair from BestMassage that comes with a fixed controller, so that you don’t have to juggle with the handheld remote. This is a full-fledged massage chair that offers massage from head to toe.

Also, the chair has superb padding, and you will never run out of comfort after relaxing on this chair. There are around 21 airbags used in the chair to offer vibrations to the entire body. From armrests to back and the foot area, the airbags are placed everywhere to upscale the level of massage this chair offers.

The chair has nine auto preset massage programs so you can choose from stretching to regular massage just with a click. The two heating pads placed in the back support and in the foot area will circulate blood in your back and feet for good.

This chair can even support a person up to 6″3 feet making it a viable option for taller users. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 265 lbs, so kids and adults can use it to get a massage.

You can select the massage mode and strength using the fixed controller so it will be more straightforward to choose the best type. 

The display available on the controller shows the type of massage you have selected, and it will be easier for you to understand the massage types by seeing the visuals on the screen.

The transportation wheels make the chair handy, and you can move it here and there with added ease.


  • Heating pads available in the back and foot area
  • Comfortable and premium material
  • 21 airbags placed strategically inside the chair
  • Easy to use
  • Available in three color options


  • Some users found handheld remote better
  • No built-in speakers
  • Weight capacity could be better
Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System...
  • ★【ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE CHAIR】: You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your needs. Speed control, width control, intensity control have 3 levels.Air massage pressure have 4...

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6. ROTAI Smart Massage Chair

While this isn’t quite a cheap massage chair, coming just a little under the 1000$ mark, it’s an excellent choice for a wide variety of reasons. Overall, most massage chairs simply don’t offer the comfort that a higher end model does, and this particular one from ROTAI has a price to match it’s quality.

For a higher price you’re going to want to ensure that you get a great massage chair. ROTAI won’t let you down, with features like a zero gravity function, easy to use control panel on the arm rest, quality seat vibration and much more to help soothe sore muscles and allow you to sit back and relax.

Plus, with its auto body scan feature, it’s far from a basic massage chair. Using its incredibly intelligent technology, the chair will check for optimal shoulder positioning and customises your massage experience based on where you need it the most.

When coupled with it’s 6 auto massage programs and 4 manual techniques, there’s no doubt that this is one of the top massage chairs in this price range.

By looking at some massage chair reviews, you’re likely to find that most of those who have purchased this particular machine are more than pleased with the results, so you can rest assured that the massage quality will be as you expect.

If you’re looking for the best massage chair under $1000, this is certainly a product that you’re going to want to consider.


  • Zero gravity position
  • Despite the high price, it does come with free installation
  • Auto body scan and a variety of massage nodes for all the comfort you need
  • A 30 day money back guarantee to reassure you of your investment
  • It can provide compression massage, deep tissue massage and gentle vibration for whatever you need


  • With it’s price, it’s not exactly the best budget massage chair

7. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

For less than $500 you could get this comfy recliner that actually has a lot to offer despite its low price. From it’s foot massage to heat function, there’s certainly a few things that make this Esright massage chair worth checking out.

While it’s not a zero gravity massage chair and doesn’t have any shiatsu rollers, it gets the job done and can be an excellent addition to any home. The surface material is also water resistant, which is certainly a bonus if you don’t want to take any risks with spillage.

Not only does it have a foot to neck massage, but it’s also incredible comfortable too thanks to its thick padding and thick sponge interior (focused especially on the back cushion and arm rests). It’s simply an excellent full body massage chair, and it is well worth looking into if you want a comfy recliner that can offer a relaxing massage.

To seal the deal, there are also a variety of other small additional features too, like the 2 cup holders, side pocket and a back panel to hide all the wires. These aren’t exactly deal breakers, but they’re a few little things that you’re likely to notice and be grateful for in your day to day life once you have your recliner.


  • The massage rollers (from the neck to foot rollers) all create an excellent, full body massage experience
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Manual massage function with options for reclining, heating, vibration and more
  • 8 different massage nodes


  • It doesn’t use airbag massage technology
  • There are no built-in speakers
  • The footrest isn’t always easy to latch down

8. Full Body Zero Gravity L-Track Massage Chair

If you’re searching for a full body massage recliner that has quite a bit more in store for you, this L-Track chair might just be perfect for you.

This full body massage chair certainly doesn’t overlook the importance of a foot roller massage, with full cover rolling and kneading, plus foot-side airbags – all of which will make the foot massager absolutely incredible. Don’t worry though, the chair invests just as much effort into the rest of your body.

There’s a lot more on offer too, such as the zero gravity position. The zero gravity feature is popular in many high-quality models and if you give it a try, you’ll understand why. The expandable foot rest and reclining features are also quite beneficial, as well as the fact that it’s suitable for people of different heights, which only makes this massage chair an even better choice (and some would even go as far as to say the best massage recliner chair on the market for it’s price).

Even outside of this, there are plenty of other reasons to pick this particular chair, from Bluetooth control to the 3D intelligent massage technology. All together, these massage chairs feature so many excellent things that make them one of the best choices available.


  • Full body massage and auto body scan
  • Several nodes to choose from, like kneading and shiatsu massage, to help with pain relief and relaxation
  • Foot massage in the rest at the bottom wit the same quality as the rest of the chair
  • Zero gravity button and design for people of varying heights
  • Heating option for the seat, calf and waist areas


  • It’s worth noting that one buyer in particular found these massage chairs hurt due to a lack of padding, although most people haven’t experienced this issue

9. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

This piece of furniture from OOTORI has some features that you won’t want to overlook while shopping around for the best massage chair recliners on the market, from foot and calf massage rollers in the footrest to Bluetooth compatibility.

Of course, one of the most important features of all is how it compares to other chairs in terms of massaging. While there may be many massage chairs out there to choose from, the 8-point system adapts to your body and works with the air massagers to provide you with exceptional comfort, all for a great price.

There’s also the fact that it’s a full body massage chair with zero gravity technology, as well as a heating system to warm you up as you unwind and relieve pain. It can also help to improve your blood pressure and reduce joint pain, which is worth keeping in mind.

Being able to enjoy a calf and foot massage is just one of the other benefits that comes with choosing this particular product. Made to stimulate certain acupuncture points, you can rest assured knowing that your feet are getting a little extra pampering as the rest of you relaxes into the soothing heat and vibrations.


  • A massaging chair with excellent an foot rollers massage
  • 8 massage points in the backrest to provide you with the best possible experience
  • Zero-gravity positioning for extra comfort
  • Several techniques to choose from, such as shiatsu massage and air massage
  • OOTORI offer a 3 year warranty on their quality massage chair


  • Like many other products on the massage chair market, the maximum size is about 6′
  • If you want to return the product, you’re going to have to have to pay for shipping fees

10. Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

For such an excellent price, it’s not hard to see why this new massage chair tends to be a popular choice. For those who want an affordable full body shiatsu massage chair, features like an 8 massage points in the backrest, 35 airbags and zero gravity all make it a worthwhile investment.

As you can imagine from a machine on the best massage chair list, there are a few different techniques you can choose from. The shiatsu massage capabilities are certainly great, but you may also want to try out the other two as well to see what works best for you. Other features, like an extendable footrest, built-in heater, and HD VFD display screen, only help to make this shiatsu massage chair an even better buy.

There’s a lot that can make this particular product the right massage chair for you, especially if you’re looking for something comfortable, durable and affordable.


  • A quality chair with an excellent foot rollers massage
  • Zero gravity technology
  • A maximum height of 6.3″ (which is more than most other massage chairs)
  • It’s a reliable product that should last you quite a while


  • It’s not ideal for those who prefer softer massages, since it’s a little more geared towards those who prefer deeper tissue massages
  • Some may find that it takes a while to get used to

Key points for consideration before buying?

Buying the best massage chair under $1000 requires you to consider a few points to make the right decision. Even with an idea of some of the best options on the market, you’ll till need to choose between them. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy guide on what to look out for.

Plus, if you would like to know a bit more about what to look for in a massage chair, be sure to check out our best massage chairs post where we have our helpful buyers guide with loads of tips and information to help you make the best choice for your budget.

Here are a few quick points that you need to consider in a massage chair:

Weight capacity 

The foremost thing you should check is the weight capacity of the chair. A massage chair with 200 pounds weight capacity cannot handle an overweight person, so it should be on the top of your list. The same can be said for height limits too – a chair that’s not tall enough may not be the best call. Some models do have adjustable heights, which could be worth considering while searching for the right chair for your needs.


Have a look at the type of massages the particular chair can offer. There are some full body massage chairs listed in the article that offer multiple types of massage, including Shiatsu, kneading, and much more.

Each one is unique, for example, Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique and the name means “finger pressure”, with a style that aims to simulate rolling, touch, kneading and more.

Built-in heater 

With the built-in heater, you will get the ultimate relaxation and blood circulation in the body. It’s not necessary to go for massage chairs that have built-in heaters or heating pad, although many individuals do find it to be pleasant to have the extra warmth while they enjoy their massage. However, it depends on your preference, as well.

Automatic massage modes 

The availability of automatic massage modes will eliminate the struggle, and you can enjoy a massage just with a click of a button. Most of the modern massage chairs have numerous auto massage modes, so you can easily pick a good one. 

Built-in speaker

There are multiple benefits of listening to soothing music while getting a massage. You need to look for a wireless speaker in a massage chair to listen to your favorite music tracks while getting a massage. There are many that are compatible with Bluetooth, which might be worth looking out for.


Massage chairs are available at a range of prices, starting from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. It would be great to make your budget to avoid overspending.

All the chairs listed in this article are under $1000, so you can select the best affordable massage chair on the go.

Weight and assembly

Many of these chairs will require some assembly and in most cases, it’s a wise idea to look around for ones that aren’t too difficult to put together. Additionally, being considerate of the weight of different models can also be beneficial.


Will I need to assemble my massage chair?

There will most likely be an element of self assembly required, but don’t worry, assembling a massage chair is easy, depending on what model you are buying. The manufacturers send an easy-to-understand instruction manual with these chairs so you can follow it to assemble different parts.

Are heating massage chairs bad for health?

No, using a heating massage chair isn’t bad for health provided that you are using it the right way. Using the heater for too long can result in various side effects.

Do massage chairs actually work?

Yes, after trying a massage chair, you will believe the benefits a reliable massage chair can offer. Check out the best massage recliner reviews listed above to get a good massage chair for your home or office.

How much power does a massage chair need? 

It depends on the type of massage chair you are buying. Generally, these chairs consume power between 150 to 300 watts. The power is lesser as compared to a refrigerator and somehow equal to what your computer consumes.

Final thoughts on buying the best massage chair under $1000

These are the five of the best budget massage chairs in the market. Having one will certainly make it easier for you to relax after a taxing day and enjoy a little massage therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Massage chairs are ideal for kids and adults, so your family can also use the same chair to get rid of muscle stress.

Out of the 10 options listed earlier, which is the best massage chair under $1000?

There are so many good choices, but out of all the ones listed earlier the Folero Zero Gravity Massage Chair or L-Track full body chair might just be our favorites. There are simply so many great features on both of these massage chairs and for such a great price they’re well worth purchasing.

Of course, we’d encourage you to look into all of your options first and make your mind up, but hopefully our reviews have given you a better idea to find the best massage chair under 1000.

The best part about these chairs is that you don’t have to overspend to get one, and that makes them a good investment.

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