Want the Best Robot Dog Toy? We review our 15 favorites for 2019

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A robot dog toy makes a fantastic gift for kids of all ages. From dog toys for babies that encourage basic motor skills and cognitive thinking to full-on app-controlled interactive robot dog toys, there’s a robot dog for everyone.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best robot dog toy for kids (and one for adults) that are currently for sale. For your ease, I have broken them up into sections (see the content table) and included a recommended age range. But first, let’s take a quick look at the top picks from each age group:

Little Robot Shop top picks

Best Smart Robot Dog
  • This little guy packs hundreds of features and a built in Bluetooth speaker
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Best Cuddly Robot
  • This cuddly pup will snuggle with kids and keep them entertained
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Best Budget Robot
  • With multiple touch points, Harry is a hit with little kids and great value
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Best Smart Robotic Dog Toys

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Fisca is a remote control dog that walks, sings, dances and can even be programmed to perform actions and so an excellent introduction to coding logic. He is made from high-quality plastic with a smooth surface with a sensitive touchpad on the top of his head allowing him to react to touch with cute actions.

What we love

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Introduces basic programming fundamentals

What we didn’t

  • Reports of damaged items on arrival, although reviewers say the customer service is very helpful.
  • No manual provided

Recommend age from 6 and up

Contixo Puppy Smart Robot Pet Toy

Puppy Smart is a fun and easy toy to play with hundreds of features to explore and enjoy. As well as touch commands and motion sensor, the little robot pup connects with a free app through which kids can give it instructions to create amazing stunt routines. This intelligent dog toy also includes a Bluetooth speaker that, when being used, he will dance in time with.

This pup is also included in our 23 best robot toys for kids post

What we love

  • So many features and stunts to explore
  • The Bluetooth speaker is a great addition

What we didn’t

  • Scuffs easily on hard surfaces
  • Feels like young kids could break it if they play too hard

Recommended age 4 and up

Zoomer Remote Control Robot Puppy

Just like a real puppy Zoomer loves to learn new tricks. Kids can teach him to sit, lay down, roll over and more. His multiple sensors help him behave like a real dog, especially when you give him a belly scratch. A fun feature is if you ignore him he gets bored and starts to do his own thing, like peeing on the carpet, so be sure to keep this little pup entertained!

What we love

  • Cute and fun to play with
  • Seems to have a real personality

What we didn’t

  • The battery is a bit weak so requires charging often
  • Quite expensive for what it is

Recommend age from 5 – 10 years

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Chippies is a cute little guy and easy to control with the remote. Kids can get him to dance, sing, or explore while a touch sensor reacts to petting in adorable ways. But it’s not all fun and games, this pup has a serious side too. Chippies can be set on guard mode and he’ll protect your room, ready to bark and warn his owner about any unwanted intruders.

What we love

  • Easy to simple to play with
  • Kids we love the guard dog feature

What we didn’t

  • If you have more than one the controller may interfere with each other
  • Poor battery life

Recommend age from 4 – 15 years

Daniel the Robot Dog

Daniel is a cute little remote control robot dog who recognizes gestures and can be trained to follow you or be controlled by the remote that has a range of 30 feet. With four songs pre-loaded, Daniel is a fun little bot that loves a little dance and kids will enjoy singing along with him.

What we love

  • This guy looks super cute
  • Good range on the remote control

What we didn’t

  • The robot isn’t straightforward for younger kids who may need help
  • Feels cheaply put together

Recommend age from 3 and up

Modern-Depo Rastar Intelligent Robot Dog

Quite a simple but very stylish robot dog. Although Rastar doesn’t have a boatload of features like other robot dogs, look at it, it looks incredible. There are simple commands and tricks it can do, including dancing, all done via the games console-style remote control.

What we love

  • The style of it, it looks ready to pounce!
  • Simple as it gets

What we didn’t

  • Not too much going on with this dog
  • Not cheap considering limited features

Recommend age from 4 and up

Best Soft or fluffy Robot Dog Toys

Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua

Chi-Chi is an adorable little realistic robot chihuahua who walks, nods, wags his tail and pounces. It is a great little robot dog for toddlers to introduce them to pets and while it doesn’t have a whole load of features, it is a fun toy for little ones, and even dogs!

What we love

  • Cute and fluffy
  • Great value

What we didn’t

  • Quite loud and annoying bark (realistic chihuahua!)
  • Not sure it will last too long

Recommend age from 2 and up

FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

The Get Up & GoGo Walkin’ Pup is designed to be engaging and interactive and helps to encourage caregiving. There are many ways to have fun with this plush little fellow with the included app, or use the remote control and included leash to take her for a walk.

What we love

  • Easy to operate
  • The noises it makes are easy on the ear unlike other robotic dogs which can be quite abrasive

What we didn’t

  • It is expensive for what it is
  • Batteries drain very quickly

Recommend age from 4 and up

Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Snuggles is actually part of a range of different puppies that make a wonderful first pet experience with their super soft feel. With six different play modes, touch response, and realistic sounds, kids will love playing with this cute little guy. You can even use the included bottle to feed your pup and watch as it shuts its eyes and drifts off to sleep.

What we love

  • Incredibly soft and cuddly for a robot dog
  • The bottle is a cute trick

What we didn’t

  • Reports that the package often arrives damaged
  • Worries about longevity

Recommend age from 5 – 15

Walking Plush Toy Puppy

This miniature robopup is made with babies and toddlers in mind. It has no small parts so is fine for youngsters to get their hands on with no worries and simple to operate. At just 6-inches and 8 ounces, this little pup is the perfect baby companion.

What we love

  • With no small parts, this is great for really little ones
  • Great value

What we didn’t

  • Limited functionality

Recommend age from 3 months and up

Best Budget-Friendly Robot Dogs

Liberty Imports My Best Friend Interactive Smart Puppy

This happy little pup has many fun and silly features. It will bark and pant like a real dog and perform a myriad of different actions depending on where you touch it. Just to let you know, if its eyes suddenly go bright red, it means it is hungry, not that it has been possessed by a demon and is about to feed on the souls of your entire family.

What we love

  • Offers amazing value
  • Isn’t possessed by a demonic presence

What we didn’t

  • Sometimes has balance issues
  • As you may expect for the price, feels a little cheaply made, but performs well

Recommend age from 3 and up

Biranco Electronic Pet Dog Toy

A small cute and interactive robotic puppy with voice control, touch response, light, and music. But be warned, this little puppy also has AI emotions that means if you ignore it for too long, it may get a bit grumpy. Something to be aware of when ordering it that there are two versions available. One uses disposable batteries while the other is rechargeable.

What we love

  • A great range of features for the price
  • Choice of normal or rechargeable batteries

What we didn’t

  • It struggles on carpet
  • The batteries do not last for long

Recommend age from 3 and up

Harry the InteractiveDalmation Puppy

Harry is a cute little dalmatian that will walk, bark, talk and also plays a range of nursery rhymes to entertain youngsters. Aimed at toddlers, the dog has various, easy to reach touch points that will elicit different reactions from the robot puppy.

What we love

What we didn’t

  • Various reports that although aimed at toddlers, it breaks easily so may not stand up to their rough play
  • Can get annoying after a while

Recommend age from 2 and up

Kids Tech Interactive Robotic Dog

This little dancing robot dog will sing and dance its way into your child’s heart. It lights up, wags its tail and wiggles his head to act like a real dog and features bump and go action for endless play. Well, until the batteries run out.

What we love

  • It’s very cheap
  • Can’t go wrong for the price

What we didn’t

  • Looks a little weird

Recommend age from 6 months to 8 years

Best Companion Robot Dog

Ageless Innovation Joy For All Companion Pets Golden Pup

This realistic robot dog is perfect to feel the warmth and love that any companion pet offers, without the mess or excessive responsibility. With a soft life-like coat, heartbeat and realistic bark, Joy for All Companion Pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones. Just read the reviews on Amazon, and you will see the great feedback and how loved this robot dog for adults is.

What we love

  • The realistic heartbeat is a nice touch
  • People seem to fall in love with this little guy

What we didn’t

  • While fantastic, there is a high price tag
  • The body is very rigid and not great to hold

Recommend age – everything!

Buying guide – What to look for in a robot dog toy


There are many different types or robotic dog toys available, from cute and cuddly that encourage owners to look after and care for them to the more playful kind that just wants to play games. If your child is younger, look for toys that encourage critical thinking and fine motor skills, whereas older kids will enjoy any smart features and coding games. Robot dog toys can be excellent STEM learning toys.

Age range

Be sure the robot dog toy you are buying is suitable for the age of the child and not too simple or too complicated, this can often lead to kids becoming frustrated or bored and lose interest very quickly. I would say it’s always better to buy a little more advanced because that way they can grow into it a little bit.

Power options

As you’d expect, robot dogs need power. Luckily, unlike their Matrix counterparts, they don’t do this by harvesting humans, they generally use batteries or USB charging. While it is up to you which you prefer, just remember that if it is USB, the chances are the product contains a lithium-ion battery which is very adverse to water (should your little cherub decide to give Rover a bath while your back is turned). It’s also worth remembering that these batteries are not allowed in the hold of an airplane should you travel with your new companion and pack it in the suitcase.

Build Quality

Goes without saying that the build quality of any toy for younglings should be of a high standard. At the Little Robot Shop, we only list toys that have been played with, and while we don’t get our hands on every single one of them, we scour the reviews across multiple platforms to ensure we give you the most up to date information from manufacturers and a range of reviewers.

Robot Dog Toy FAQs

What kind of tricks can a robot dog do?

Most robot dogs will move with a clunky walking style, or we are seeing more adopting wheels for a less lifelike appearance, but a much more enjoyable user experience.

Aside from that, common tricks include sitting, begging, singing, and dancing. The more advanced ones even develop a personality and have flatulence problems (kids love the fart noises).

Will my robot dog turn against me and try to take over the world?

Maybe, I mean, it’s a robot after all, and I can’t promise that one day they will all turn around to enslave their human masters. But should that happen, just remove the batteries and things should return to normal pretty quickly.

I’m more of a cat person, got anything for me?

Don’t worry, I get you, I too love furry little felines. The are plenty of robot cats available also. We’ll be doing a full post on them in the future.

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