KUBI robotic tablet stand review and product information

KUBI Robotic Tablet Stand: An Affordable Telepresence Option

Telepresence robots have showcased their ability to help people gain a presence in places they cannot be in person. However, these kinds of devices can come in a lot of…

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A review of the Segway Ninebot Loomo

Segway Ninebot Loomo Review

In this article, we will learn all about the hoverboard/telepresence robot combo that is the Segway Ninebot Loomo. We will go over performance, features, the pros, and cons of this…

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what is better for your office telepresence vs video conferencing

Telepresence vs Video Conferencing: What is Best?

There are many similarities but also some differences when comparing telepresence vs video conferencing. Choose what is right for you as we compare the two.

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Beam Systems for Remote Communications & Plus Dock Review

Beam Systems Telepresence Robot Review

The Beam Systems telepresence robot is one of the best in class with outstanding performance, reliability and stability. Find out more as we take a closer look.

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Best telepresence robots and buying guide

8 of the Best Telepresence Robots and Buyers Guide

Top Picks Technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? I mean, the gap between stone tools (that some people in the office still seem to prefer) and mobile phones…

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Join us as we take a look and discover What is a telepresence robot

What is a telepresence robot?

Robots are becoming a great resource for offices and the home, especially for remote access. But what is a telepresence robot and how are they being used?

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