Worx wr165 Landroid Review | Robotic Mower For Small Yards

Could lawn mowing get any easier? Well, with the Worx WR165 Landroid, it can. Clearly, the world of automated home and yard gadgets has become a lot more extensive over the years, and this recent addition boasts abilities and features that would impress you.

The new robotic lawn mower from Worx is a member of their fully automated series of household work machines equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and AI. The fully electric outdoor product has an intelligent design and unique engineering that sets it apart from other robotic mowers on the market.

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Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...
Cutting Area
Cuts up to a 1/8 Acre
Battery Power
20V 2.0Ah Power Share Battery
Cutting Method
Floating Blade Disc
High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
App Control
Amazon Prime
Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...
Cutting Area
Cuts up to a 1/8 Acre
Battery Power
20V 2.0Ah Power Share Battery
Cutting Method
Floating Blade Disc
High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
App Control
Amazon Prime

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1-Minute Worx wr165 Landroid Review

Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...

The WR165 is one among a few Landroid models from Worx for robotic lawn mowing with a battery capacity of 2.0Ah at 20V.

It is supported by a smartphone application, Wi-Fi, and BT connectivity and covers 1/8 an acre. A strong contender for the best-value automower around for small gardens.

  • 3-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee
  • Water-resistant
  • Low noise
  • Very efficient and durable
  • A little price-y
  • Heavier than competition
  • Best suited to small yards (less than 1/8 acre)
  • Requires multiple accessories for best performance
Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...
  • [FULLY AUTOMATED ROBOTIC LAWNMOWER] Designed for smaller lawns, can cut up to a 1/8 acre

Last update on 2023-12-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Let’s take a closer look

How the Worx Landroid Robotic Lawnmower works

The Worx WR165 Landroid is equipped with the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AIA), patented by Worx, enabling the trimmer to maintain a random trimming pattern. This means the whole lawn can be trimmed – even those corners you often forget. Then, week after week, according to a schedule you determine, the robotic lawn mowers go to work on your garden, leaving fine grass clippings behind to nourish your yard with nutrients.

The Worx Landroid lawn mower mows more frequently with less depth instead of cutting deeper into the grass less often. Healthier-looking grass and more coverage is the consequence of this design. However, you can adjust the robotic mower cuts grass from a cutting height of 1.5 to 3.5 inches with cutting width to cover bigger surfaces included in what it offers.

Let’s talk terrain. Aside from the Landroid robotic lawn mower being able to handle slopes 20 degrees steep, it can both navigate narrow paths, and with adjustments to its floating blade disc (ground tracer), it will cut grass in uneven terrain without getting stuck as the ground tracer offers more clearance. The AIA intelligent navigation caters to each problem with characteristic seamlessness.

The Worx WR165 version covering up to 1/8 an acre is designed mainly for a house with smaller yards. However, other models are available in the Landroid series that can take care of up to 1/2 an acre. The robotic mower is kept at work within your backyard by the effect of a boundary line. Once the boundary line is set up around the yard, the Landroid mower will stay working with the bounds.

Now, let’s talk about features and performance.

Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...

Key Features of Robotic Lawn Mowers

Smart App

The smartphone-based application is one bright feature of the Landroid robotic lawnmower. You can control all the features of the robotic mower remotely via Wi-Fi or other wireless channels. The intelligent application enables mowing zones services and schedules for mowing, checking the battery’s status, and even calculating the exact size of your yard via a control panel.

For example, walk the perimeter of your yard holding your smartphone with the measure feature turned on in the application, and it calculates the size. Pretty nifty!

Removable Battery

This Worx wr165 Landroid is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2.0Ah at 20V. The ‘Power Share’ battery is compatible with other Worx tools and outdoor products – quite advantageous if you own any other Worx machines. In an emergency, you could swap batteries between devices and use the same battery for all the work.

Charging Station

The robotic lawnmower comes with its charging kit. This charging base kit is designed to be set up on your lawns. The Worx Landroid robotic lawn trimmers are programmed to head to this charging point once it runs low on power to recharge.


Before buying any product, you need to have a good idea about its ability to deliver what you’re getting it for. And so, let’s break down the capabilities of this unique yard kit.

First off, the Worx Landroid robotic mower is fabricated to make it resistant to the effects of the elements like sun or rain. It is even built to be almost entirely water-resistant internally. However, when its sensors detect rain, it will immediately return to its garage protection if you have one set up or alert you by phone so you can retrieve it from the garden.

The 2.0Ah battery on the Worx model W165 lasts a little over an hour and will charge up in about 75 minutes. But you don’t have to worry about that. The efficient system of the Worx robotic mower will ensure your 1/8 acre of lawn is trim all weeklong. Just set your schedule on the software and let your mind be at rest.

The Worx robotic mower works with a boundary line. With the boundary line set up around the perimeter of your garden, the Worx Landroid will operate within limits. For example, you can set the boundary line to go around any objects in your yard in such a way that the Worx robotic mower will avoid it on lawns.

Without the Anti-Collision System (ACS), the Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower will pretty much bump into anything around found in your yard. However, it will immediately correct its path by reversing and turning 45 degrees before going ahead. It will not harm any objects it bumps into, and even if it gets stuck somewhere in the yard, it will send an alert straight to your phone, so you can set it free. Other than that, no hassles. The cutting is done by three floating blades connected to a rotor wheel underneath the Worx Landroid. The razor-like blades can be swapped out for new ones once they get blunt. But don’t underestimate these blades, as they are pretty durable.

Being an electric lawnmower, the noise output of the Worx Landroid is pretty low at less than 70dB, compared to the traditional lawnmower, which rates between 95 and 100dB. So you definitely won’t be disturbed by the grass cutter during the day.

Worx Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre / 5,445 Sq Ft. Power Share - WR165 (Battery &...


  • Now installing the boundary line for the Worx WR165 Landroid robotic lawn mower can be a challenge for first-time users of robotic lawnmowers. Furthermore, there isn’t any installation service expert you could directly call for help. However, with the right tools and adhering diligently to the guidelines in the user’s manual, you will find adjusting the perimeter is reasonably straightforward.
  • Another limitation that you may find slightly irritating is that you will not enjoy the total performance of the robot mower without purchasing the accessories. For instance, without the ACS, your Landroid will bump into objects within the perimeter of your scheduling, even with a boundary wire around it. We will discuss Worx accessories further in another section.
  • When setting up the robotic lawnmower, you may need to purchase extras. More installation parts, like the boundary line, borderline pegs, and outdoor wire connectors, will only be necessary if you are a newbie installing robotic mowers or have made too many errors with your installation.
  • With the design limitations and battery-powered setup, model WR165 can effectively cater to 1/8 an acre and not much more. If you require greater coverage, get a more robust version like the WR147 or the WR155. However, you might as well purchase and install a more potent Power Share power, boundary line included, as well as pegs. You will get almost the same performance with your Worx WR165 Landroid robotic lawnmower as you would with a more powerful model.

Ease of set up and use

The Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower is relatively easy to set up if you simply follow the guidelines of the user’s manual. However, if you find it too challenging to set up, work with a technically oriented friend or handyman to help you with it in such situations. You need an intermediate level of technical skill to perform the installation. Yet, if you can effortlessly manipulate a smartphone or personal computer, you can handle this easily. Trust me, it is as hard as it looks. That said, installation could take up to 5 hours, depending on the size of your garden and the shape of your plan.

Overall, using the Landroid robot mower is simple. It hardly requires any care from you once installed, and once you’ve setup your mowing schedule, you can kick back and let the Landroid do its job.

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintaining the Worx Landroid is no hassle at all. The robot mower is pretty sturdy and requires little to no attention, and it’s attractive power as far as money is concerned is that the bot comes at a good price and is easy to use. You may only need to clean out the underside of the lawnmower once a week and change out the floating edge with a plain screwdriver once every month or two, depending on how blunt they get.

Ensure you only use a dry tool like a brush to clean out the other side beneath the grass trimmer. Do not use water. Wear gloves for precaution. Safety first!

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

Now few accessories aid in harnessing the best operation of the Worx Landroid robotic lawnmower. However, once these are connected to the Landroid, the robot mower takes on even improved functionality. Aside from the smaller, non-active accessories such as boundary wire, pegs, screws, connectors, and expansion kits you may need to buy once every while, let’s talk about these more significant, more dynamic accessories and their respective functionality.


Anti-collision system

You can be completely relaxed in the garden as the Worx Landroid robotic lawnmower works. WR165 furnished with the ACS proximity sensors that inform it of potential obstacles in its path, be it humans or garden objects (like chairs or garden boulders), becomes intelligent at evasion. The robotic mower can navigate its way around the obstacle with the ACS system at work. So, you can be sure your little ones are safe on a lovely summer morning.

Antitheft and GPS Location device

The robotic mower, which is quite an asset, has its security system available on the market. The GPS unit connects with the handy Landroid app on your smartphone and allows you to track it should it get stolen or missing. Once you turn on your cellular data, you can shut down or lock the Landroid system wherever it is. Open the smart app and click on ‘Find My Landroid GPS,’ insert your 4-digit PIN and immobilize the lawn trimmer until you get to it.

Wi-Fi Extender

The ‘Radio Link’ accessory is simply a Wi-Fi booster. It extends the Wi-Fi reach by up to 0.62 miles and can transmit through walls and other obstacles. Moreover, it does not require professional installation, it’s easy to install – connect the transmitter to your router and place the receiver on the Landroid.

Garage Protection

The Landroid Garage is an easy lift-up lid made to be screwed to the charging base station that acts as an extra shield for the autonomous lawn mower from the elements during its downtime or charging hours. It removes the worry about the weather affecting the mower from your mind while extending the mowing time by keeping the power storage cool during using the charger.

Digital Fence

The Landroid Dual Off Digital Fence allows you to exclude sections of your garden from the Landroid’s mowing area without using the main boundary wire. Just install the Off Limit module in the Landroid and place the magnetic strips around the fixture you don’t want interfered with.

With these covered, don’t expect to spend money on anything else while using the Worx Landroid.

A couple of alternatives to consider

Now, in the field of robotic mowing, there are several players besides Worx. Let’s look at just two other mowers similar in capacity to WR165.

Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower

Now, Husqvarna has been in robotic mowing for over 25 years and is the leader in the market. However, if your budget is less than $1000 for just the mower and no accessories, this is not the robotic mower for you.

Usually retailing at a price of around $1200, the Husqvarna Automower 115H has some capabilities above the Worx Landroid WR165, including coverage. It is even lighter. But with a little over $900, you stand a better chance of getting the Landroid – then add an accessory to your cart with the change. Plus, the Husquvarna 115H is not supported by an application or WI-Fi.

Read our full Husqvarna 115H review

Gardena Sileno Minimo

Now, here’s a cheaper product with capabilities a bit of a distance away from the WR165 – the Minimo from Gardena Sileno. With an order price under $600 on Amazon, the Minimo, several notches less than the Worx Landroid WR165, also boasts a handsfree smartphone application.

As its name signifies, it’s relatively smaller than the WRI65, and its coverage is only about 0.06 acre. So, if you have a much smaller budget or yard, you might want to consider this.


Although we’ve covered almost everything you need to know before buying the Landroid WR165, here are some answered questions you may have:

When was the Worx WR165 released?

Spring, 2019

How long does Landroid battery last?

The 2.0Ah battery of the WR165 supplies power for a little over 1 hour while the mower is active.

Does Worx Landroid work without Wi-Fi?

Absolutely. The WR165 is also Bluetooth-enabled. However, the fully automated robotic lawnmower can be manually setup to mow without connectivity.

How long does it take for the Landroid to mow a lawn?

The WR165 will completely cut a garden in about 10 hours – more or less, depending on several factors.

Can I trench the boundary wire?

This is unnecessary as you are provided with plot stakes to pin the boundary wire flush with the grass surface. However, do not try laying the boundary wire lower than 2 inches if you have to.

Final thoughts

The Worx Landroid WR165 is an excellent resource for stressless, automated lawn manicuring and well worth the price. I advise purchasing the accessories we talked about earlier in the article.

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