Why you need Window Cleaning Robot

Why this man needs a window cleaning robot

Pros and Cons of a Robotic Window Cleaner

Window washing is one of the most tedious tasks on your housekeeping list. We tend to suffer through it or neglect it altogether. Neither is the right solution. Now, thanks to technological advancements, there is a third option. It comes in the form of small, Roomba-like gadgets. We speak about robotic window cleaners.

These devices are a part of the movement towards completely automatized home maintenance. Using them means reduced effort levels, and boosted time and energy to focus on what you want to do.

How Do Robotic Cleaners Work?

If you ever owned an automatic vacuum cleaner, it will be easy to understand. In simple terms, these devices use smart technology to 3D map your living space. That way, they learn where to clean and how to do it best. The sensors determine the sports it already worked on, which tells the device where to go next.

Of course, you will need to activate and position the robot on each window, but your work ends there since all that follows is automated.

When you set it up for the first time, you will need to place it on a wiped spot on the window. That way, the robot will be able to tell apart clean and dirty surfaces. Once you are sure it’s correctly set, wait for the suction mechanism to activate.

It will turn on after a couple of seconds. Then sit back and watch it work. The robot will shut down on its own once the process is over. As these appliances come with safety ropes, you don’t have to worry about them breaking once it stops working.

Basic Features

Several factors come in play here. Various brands come with different benefits and drawbacks. We’ll make just a rundown of the basics, to make the pros and cons easier to understand. These characteristics are what you should consider with every robotic cleaner:

  • Power – usually, these gadgets run on batteries or power cords. The choice is yours, but bear in mind the size of the cleaning area and pick a device powerful enough to clean it.
  • Size – you choose according to the size of your windows. Your battery-run cleaner needs to be large enough to finish the window before its batteries run out. If a cord powers it, this contributes to energy efficiency.
  • Speed – these devices tend to be efficient, but some models are known for wasting power. Look for reasonable pace in your device.
  • Suction – proper suction makes or breaks this gadget. Even with the safety tether, it’s useless if it can’t stay on your window long enough.
Hobot 198 - Best value robot window cleaner
The cool looking Hobot 198 – check out our review and comparison with the Hobot 188

The pros of a window cleaning robot

1. They look amazing

Who wouldn’t stop and stare when they see a little robot buzzing around a window like a modern day miracle while you sit with your feet up, sipping on a cup of Joe on the front porch with the morning paper.

2. Safety

Aesthetics aside, nowadays, more and more people are migrating to cities, which means our homes are in apartment buildings. Washing a window on the 16th floor, particularly the exterior, is not an activity you’d call safe. If your home is high up, even a magnetic cleaner comes with a risk of falling and hurting yourself.

Even if you live in a house, tall windows ask for stepping on something to reach the top. These robots deem such stunts redundant. Unless you’re interested in acrobatics, dump the ladder and keep yourself safe.

3. Embrace Lazy

Safety doesn’t have to be your chief reason to purchase. This device will clean every window in your home – those you can reach included. Manual cleaning takes a lot of time and work, especially when you need to rinse the mop again and again. Just imagine the relief you’ll feel once it takes 20 seconds of your day to finish this chore.

You will boast the squeakiest windows in the neighborhood, and you will have time to devote to more essential matters in your life.

Gladwell Gecko Window Cleaner reviews as part of the best robotic window cleaners comparison
Gladwell Gecko – one of the best budget window cleaning robots

4. Multiple use

Many modern house designs feature slick glass surfaces. While it looks fashionable and beautiful, it’s a hassle to maintain. Luckily, these robots do not clean only windows – dirt on any glass surface is their enemy.

You no longer have to slave over your mirrors and shower glass. However, be cautious with cheap mirrors. They usually come with a thin reflective area, and the suction might break them. Shower glass tends to be sturdy enough to require no consideration. What you’re buying is a house-cleaning assistant.

5. Variety

The gadgets come with perks – you can get a robot able to clean different types of glass. With smart systems, they will need a few cleanings to become independent. The greatest benefit comes with remote-controlled robots, though. They allow you to target problem areas manually – only not by hand but using a controller. To use the full potential of this, get a squared robot if you have framed windows.

6. They also do floors

That’s right, some of the models also double up as a robotic floor mop – now we’re talking!

Bear in mind the cons of robot window cleaners


Laziness comes at a price. All the comforts robotic cleaners offer aside; they aren’t the most affordable gadgets out there. You may be thinking you could settle for a cheaper model. That will end up either asking for extra funds or being a waste of your money.

If you choose to buy, research the quality, and read the customer experiences. You aren’t buying another sponge, but making a real investment. You will indeed feel the effect of having it in your life, but your wallet will as well.

The Hobot 298 – expensive but one of the best robot window cleaners currently available


This appliance can do a reasonably good cleaning job. Not as well as you would, though. You might notice sports it missed, becoming aware you could do a bit better. Most people don’t put too much thought into this – clean windows are clean windows, after all. Those immaculate about having pristine glass surfaces will need to follow the device and do extra wiping.

Even if you’re satisfied with the state of your window interiors, the exteriors may be problematic. It holds especially true if you live in a city. Window exteriors will more likely than not need some additional wiping.

Power supplies

With battery-powered robots, remember that they eat up battery life. Stock up on fresh power supplies, and be ready to replace them even in the middle of the cleaning process.

With power cords, be sure that you have a power source close to your window. Our best advice is to buy a device with a long cable because your robot needs to be able to reach the power supply. Take this into account to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.


Bigger, more powerful robots come with motors that run them. While these are heavier and more efficient, they also may create a lot of noise when operating. Be especially cautious with older-generation models.  

Bottom Line

As you can see, these appliances come with little issues that you may encounter with all kinds of devices. Keep them in mind and try to measure your need against the cost. In essence, you have the option not to clean anymore, but be sure your purchase will really alleviate stress from your life.

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