Unveiled: The New Roborock S7 | Price | Specs | Release Date & More

Roborock announced the release of their newest robot vacuum/mop hybrid, Roborock S7, at the CES 2021.

In the robot vacuum industry, Roborock is certainly not one of the biggest names but this fairly new player has gone on to make an impression in the home robotics market, especially with their line of vacuum/mop hybrid robots. 

Established in 2014 and launched its first-ever robot vacuum in 2016, Roborock has the singular goal of leaving a mark in the home gadgets industry and to that effect, they have continued to make giant strides with their inventive product designs. 

The Roborock S6 maxV which debuted in 2020 was a great market hit and garnered many positive remarks from customers globally with a very high star rating on Amazon and made the company one of the best alternatives to a Roomba

And just weeks into the new year, this tech giant announced the release of a promising new robot; the Roborock S7. 

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Roborock S7 release date and price

The Roborock S7 is slated to launch in the United States on March 24 and will retail with a starting price of $649.

Roborock S7 Overview

Roborck S7 communicating with Alexa

Key features

  • PreciSense LiDAR navigation
  • Sonic mopping technology
  • Intelligent mop lifting
  • New all-rubber brush
  • Upgraded floating brush
  • Ultrasonic carpet recognition
  • HyperForce™ suction system
  • Washable E11 rated air filter

The Roborock S7 is designed to be the ultimate cleaning device with the automatic vacuum and mop combo. It will launch in two colors; a classic white and shiny black finish with lots of impressive new features. 

This robot is powered by a rechargeable 5200mAh Li-ion battery that cleans for up to 3-hours on a single charge and a 300ml water tank enough to deep clean up to 2150 sq ft in one cleaning session. The laser-based LiDAR navigation system ensures accurate navigation while simultaneously creating digital maps for automatic room recognition. 

The S7 sports a new all-rubber sweeping brush with spiral blades to agitate dirt particles while a 2500 PA suction power forces them into a 470 ml dustbin. For improved mopping, the sonic mopping system scrubs hard to dislodge stuck-on dirt while ultrasonic sound detects carpets and intelligently lifts the mop pad, so the robot can vacuum and mop in a single cleaning cycle. 

You can see here the comparison of Samsung Jet Bot vs Roborock S7. Here we discussed the differences between them and which one is better.

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Cleaning Performance Upgrades

the Roborock S7 scanning the floor as part of the cleaning system upgrades

With the new inventive features, the S7 promises to perform much better than its predecessors. 

So far, the most impressive upgrade we’ve seen is the simultaneous vacuuming and mopping using a combination of the VibraRise technology and the ultrasonic carpet detection to seamlessly transition from mopping hard floors to vacuuming carpets while the sonic vibration mopping technology enables powerful floor scrubbing to dislodge dried dirt.

The combination of these 3 systems promises excellent cleaning results. 

In my experience, the mopping features in a robot vacuum have always been a bit crap. They always struggle to create much pressure so when it comes to something more than a little spill, it fails which is why I’ve always recommended a separate robot mop.

However, if what they say in the pre-launch info is true, and not just marketing guff, this could be the one we have been waiting for. Sonic vibration mopping (sadly nothing to do with a blue hedgehog) does sound really cool.

In addition to the improved mopping capabilities, the S7 also features an upgraded floating and all-rubber spiraling brush designed to facilitate better dirt extraction to deliver better cleaning. 

And with a forthcoming auto-empty dock, the S7 will be the ultimate vacuuming and mopping hybrid yet.


The new Roborock self emptying charge base

I’m pretty excited to see that Roborock is introducing a self-emptying clean base for its robot vacuums.

There is a huge trend in self-emptying vacuums and is an awesome feature in robot vacuums as it actually automates the entire vacuuming process. It’s about time Roborock joined the party.

But, while the new S7 will be compatible with the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, it won’t be ready in time for the robot’s release. The Auto-empty Dock is expected to arrive a few months later. It will also likely cost a couple of hundred bucks, so if you combine the price of the vacuum and the dock, you are up in Roomba i7+ or S9+ price points. Basically, it has to be good as it is competing with the very best.

Mopping Evolution

The roborock S7 cleaning up a spillage with the power of ultrasonic mopping

The Roborock brand has been focused on the vacuum-mop combo for a while, and they have an impressive line-up of excellent vacuum and mop robot models. The S5 max has excellent mopping capabilities, but the S7 promises to be much better and has some upgrades to that effect. 

The new Roborock S7 sports a sonic mopping system for advanced mopping, this basically means that the robot will actually scrub your floors to remove dried dirt using a vibrating mop pad that scrubs up to 3000 times per minute.

The mop pad has scrub speed settings ranging from 1650 times per minute to 3000 times per minute, this will quickly scrub off any stuck-on dirt. 

The S7 also sports the VibraRise technology which intelligently lifts the mop pads when it detects carpet, this means you can mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in one cleaning cycle. And after each cleaning session, it lifts the mop as it drives back to the docking station to prevent ugly streaks and dripping. 

App And Navigation

The Roborock S7 showing it has the ability to have custom clean settings on a room by room basis

The new Roborock S7 comes with a similar laser-based LiDAR navigation system as most of the previous premium Roborock models, however, it misses the camera-based scanner of the S6. 

The preceding model, the Roborock S6 maxV also comes with the LiDAR navigation sensors but in addition to that, it has two cameras for obstacle avoidance. 

The S7 now relies on only the Lidar navigation sensors for simultaneously cleaning and mapping, and after the first cleaning cycle you will have a digital map of your floors which can be divided into rooms and labeled for more customized cleaning using voice control including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. 

As expected, the S7 also connects to the Roborock app which has lots of customizable features for personalizing your cleaning experience and options include, no-go zones, no-mop zones, room-specific cleaning, real-time mapping, etc.

Specific time settings can be applied per room for cleaning


When is the Roborock S7 released in the US?

The Roborock S7 will be released on March 24, 2021, and will start retailing on Amazon on the same day. It will come in two colors, a sleek white and a shiny black.

How much will the Roborock S7 be?

The Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the S7 is $649 and that will most likely be the retail price after its launch.

When will Roborock’s self-emptying dock be available?

Unlike the robot itself, the Roborock Auto-empty Dock will be launched at a much later date. It’s slated to launch by mid-year, June 2021.

What is the latest Roborock?

That would be the Roborock S7 when it debuts in March. But before that, the S6 MaxV which was released in late June 2020 is still the most advanced vacuum/mop robot hybrid from Roborock. 

Final thoughts on the Roborock S7

As a consumer tech company, Roborock has a long list of amazing products with very impressive features and excellent performances. It’s one of my favorite brands.

Their robot vacuums come with high-end features like automatic mapping, excellent navigation, brilliant mopping, and scheduling features.

The previous vacuum/mop hybrid robot, the S6 MaxV is a great robot with incredible cleaning performance which impressed customers globally, and we expect nothing less from the Roborock S7.

However, it will not be cheap. I’d expect the S7 and dock combo to be around $800, so it is a premium product competing with the best. I’m definitely excited to see how it stacks up.

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