Proscenic 820s Review: A Great Budget Robotic Vacuum

Read our full Proscenic 820s review which is one of the best budget robotic vacuum cleaners

The Proscenic 820s robot vacuum cleaner is an affordable option for those who are wanting to own one of these cleaning robots, but don’t want to splash the cash on a high-end model before knowing for sure if robot vacuum cleaners are a right fit for their lifestyle.

I have been using this budget robot vacuum in my home now for more than 2 months, so in this Proscenic 820s review I’ll take a close look at the performance and reliability of this mean lean cleaning machine.

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1-minute robot vacuum review

Proscenic 820s
Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connectivity, Alexa & Google Control, Smart Mapping, Auto...
1800pa max
Battery life
2 - 3 hours
Dustbin capacity
600 ml
Optional extra
Remote control
App control
Voice commands
Proscenic 820s
Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connectivity, Alexa & Google Control, Smart Mapping, Auto...
1800pa max
Battery life
2 - 3 hours
Dustbin capacity
600 ml
Optional extra
Remote control
App control
Voice commands

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The Proscenic 820s delivers with everything on that is promised on the box. The robotic vacuum cleaner comes packed with manual remote control as well as a companion app to give you complete control over your vacuum. You will also get a 1-meter of the magnetic strip which can be placed on the floor and the robot vacuum will not pass over it. 

The suction is plenty to make light work of hard floors and the auto power boost feature gives it some extra oomph when it finds rugs and carpet. Household dust and pet hair won’t be a problem for this vacuum.

However, finer debris such as flour, the kryptonite of robotic vacuums, can be an issue as it can get stuck in cracks. A quick sweep maybe required after the vacuum has passed in this situation.

The app was easy to use, although there was quite a bit of swearing getting it set up to begin with, more on that later. With the app you can set scheduled cleaning as well as see reports of all the times the robotic vacuum cleaner has been in action.

I was a little disappointed with the smart mapping, as it doesn’t really look anything like our floor plan and you can’t even tell which room it is in by looking at it. But that’s not of huge importance really. Just a feature that’s a bit useless.

The Proscenic 820s does also offer a mopping feature. You need to separately purchase the water tank which slides in where the dustbin would usually sit. So it cannot vacuum and mop at the same time. Also, since I have owned the Proscenic robot vacuum, I have been unable to find the mopping attachment in stock anywhere.

For the price, you are getting a lot of features in this robot vacuum and I must say I’m very impressed with the standard of cleaning.


  • Amazing value
  • Good suction power
  • Large dustbin
  • Mopping available
  • Scheduling is a nice feature to have
  • Battery life is solid


  • It has sometimes activated it’s return to home mode for no real reason
  • It’s not very smart when returning to home and gets lost quite easily
  • If it gets stuck you’re unlikely to notice

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Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connectivity, Alexa & Google Control, Smart Mapping, Auto...
  • Smart App & Alexa & Google Assistant voice control: Use the ProscenicHome App, Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands to control the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere anytime, schedule cleaning,...

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Full Proscenic 820s review

What’s in the box?

what's in the box of the Proscenic 820s
  • Docking Station
  • Remote Control
  • 2 side brushes (x2)
  • 600 mL Dust Bin
  • HEPA filter (already in the dustbin)
  • 1-meter magnetic boundary stip
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual

Proscemic 820s dimentions

These are based on my measurements of the actual device.

Height: 3.11 inches (7.9cm)

Width / diameter: 31.2 inches (33.5 cm)

Weight: around 9.5 pounds (4.3 kgs)

How it works

The Proscenic 820s fits in with the standard robotic vacuum cleaner design. It is a circular model with two edge brushes than spin and guides any dirt and debris into the center where the spinning brush will sweep it up into the dustbin.

The intelligent cleaning system will try its best to clean your rooms in an s-pattern as opposed to the random lines drawn by older models of robot vacuums. While it’s not laser mapping or floor memory, I think given the price of the Proscenic 820s it is as smart as you can realistically expect. Although the product description suggests that the vacuum will learn your rooms over time, I’m still yet to see this as a reality.

The Proscenic 820s has a few sensors onboard. The anti-drop sensor will ensure that it doesn’t go kamikaze down and set of stairs you may have in your home and the anti-collision sensor means it should avoid bumping into stuff constantly. Both of these do a very good job and work well. The only gripe is the anti-collision sensor will often bump into smaller objects such as chair legs and can struggle with things like child gates. What I like, though, is it knows where the wall is so it will not rub against it, just run along the side so it won’t scuff the skirting board.

The underneath of the Proscenic 820s

Included in the box is a strip of magnetic tape that you can place on the floor to create a barrier that the robotic vacuum won’t pass. It is not very long, at around a meter, but I have found it useful for blocking doorways to make sure that the cleaner only focusses on one room.

The vacuum has multiple suction power. This means that when it is on hard surfaces it can run on low power, still doing an efficient job while preserving the battery life. When it reaches carpet or rugs, it automatically boosts the power for better cleaning. This function can also be overridden via the app of remote so it is on full power the whole time. As I have a smallish home, I tend to run it on full power the whole time as battery life is not an issue I run into.

The app connects to the vacuum via 2.4ghz wi-fi and will give you live updates with where the vacuum is, however, the map is rather difficult to read. With the app you can set the different cleaning modes, set the suction power and do everything else you can do with the included remote control.

While I’m talking about the remote, when I unpacked the robot, I thought it would be surplus to requirements as I would be using the app, but I have found myself using the remote way more than the app. It is perfect for doing a little bit of spot cleaning on more difficult spaces, and guiding your semi-smart vac home when it gets lost.

Finally, I want to mention the dustbin. Obviously, as it’s sucking up the dirt it needs somewhere to go. The dustbin on the Proscenic robot vacuum is a generous 600ml combined with a mesh filter and even a HEPA filter, unusual at this price point. While the manufacturer recommends emptying the dustbin every day, I guess that totally depends on the size of your house. I’m running the vacuum for about 1 and a half to two hours every day and I have found that emptying the dustbin is something I have to do every three to four days.

600ml dustbin pulls out from the back of the robotic vacuum

It easily pulls out from the back of the robot and can be emptied in seconds. The dustbin is also where the filters are located that will also need a quick clean once a week or so. There is a flap that lifts up and the just pop in and out.

It’s worth noting that a Proscenic 820s mopping feature is possible, however, it requires an additional purchase of the mopping cartridge. It slides into the machine where the dustbin would usually sit, so it cannot mop and vacuum at the same time. So far I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to purchase the mopping bolt on as it seems out of stock everywhere.


Overall I’m very happy with the performance of the Proscenic 820s. I had pretty low expectations for a budget robot vacuum cleaner that can be purchased for something around $200 depending, on what offers are available. That said, I must caveat that with the knowledge that my home is pretty much all wood floors, I do fear that medium pile carpet would be a struggle.

As you can see in the video near the top of this post, the robot has no problem sucking up crumbs and dust as it meanders around the house. If I need a spot gone over for a second or third time, the unit is quite light so it is easy enough to pick up and use the remote control for a bit of manual clean action.

The sensors and bumper work well, I have no qualms about the way it navigates the house.

The other time I’m using the remote a lot, or picking it up, is when it is returning to home. As the vacuum doesn’t seem to memorize the layout of my home, it doesn’t know which room it is in so it never finds it’s way back to the charging station. When it is running overnight, I never quite know where I will find it in the morning as it gives up searching.

Ease of set up and use

The setting up of the vacuum is super easy. Just plug in the docking station, let it charge for a bit and start it up. You can start it using the buttons on top of the machine or the remote control. If this is all you need, then you are set.

However, connecting to the Prosceninc 820s to Wi-Fi was more of a challenge. It certainly produced a fair amount of profanity on my part.

The first part, downloading the app was simple enough, you can either get it from the App store or Play Store, there is also a QR Code supplied in the manual for quick and easy download.

Once you have the app, you can follow the steps to connect to your wWi-Fi, then turn on the robotic cleaner and also connect to that in the app. The steps are pretty straight forward … until you hit the snag.

Proscenic app screenshots

The Proscenic 820s can only connect to 2.4ghz Wi-Fi and most modern routers have dual band of 2.4ghz and 5ghz. So first make sure you are connecting to the 2.4ghz signal. 

At this point I started to get pretty mad as it kept telling me it was only avaiable on the 2.4ghz band and I knew I was connecting to the right one. So I took to Google to find my solution.

It turns out the issue I was having was that both my 2.4ghz and 5ghz signal names were too similar which was confusing the system. The both had the same name just one has “plus” on the end. So following the suggestions of someone else who had also gotten a bit sweary, I managed to log into my router, change the name of the 2.4ghz signal, reconnect the app and the vacuum and boom, it worked.

In total I probably spent 2 hours working all this out, but got there in the end and connected to the app.

Even with the app, apart from scheduling, I have settled into bearly using it. I tend to go for the remote. This has quick and easy access to all the cleaning modes and directional control at the push of a button.

Proscenic 820s with remote control

So in summary, the ease and set up is very simple, unless in some unique cases (like mine) you have a dual band router with matching signal names, then it can be a bit more complex. However, updating the name of one of your signals to ensure they are very different should solve the problem, and give you the chance to come up with a creative Wi-Fi name to confuse your neighbors.


So going on 2 months I have had no major issues with the vacuum. The scheduling is set and Clean Elizabeth the Second (Yes, this is what I named my robot vacuum) gets to work with no questions.

Ongoing Maintenance

There is nothing crazy you need to know about here, in fact it is very low maintenance. It’s a good idea to give its belly a visual check at regular intervals. I have found jigsaw pieces and pens trapped by the spinning brush in the past, impeding the cleaning performance.

Be sure to also check if there are any long hairs or threads spun around the brush, these could also affect the cleaning. There is a cleaning brush with a cutter supplied in the box with your vacuum cleaner to make removing hairs a simple task.

The HEPA filter in the Proscenic 820s is located in the dustbin

Finally, it is a good idea to check the filters at least once a week. They are placed on top of the dustbin and it is really easy to remove them and give them a quick clean.

For ease, cleaning instructions are located on the dustbin. You can wash the filters under water, but the main compartment must be wiped clean as it does contain electronics, so don’t submerge it.

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

Everything you need to get up and running comes in the box. There is just one set of spinning brushes supplied, so it may be that you need to replace these every six months or so.

The HEPA filter will require replacing at some point. You can buy a set on Amazon that includes the filter, brushes and a mopping cloth. Even if you don’t have the mopping attachment, you can never have enough cloths right?

While we’re talking about the mopping unit, it’s a bit frustrating that they tell you the machine mops but don’t clearly point out it is an additional purchase, but it is not something that is essential.


How long does it take for it to get a full charge?

It takes between 3 to 4 hours

How long does full battery charge last?

The duration depends on the cleaning mode and if it spends a lot of time of full suction power. For standard cleaning I find mine will happily run between 2 – 3 hours. However, if cleaning on super suction mode (recommended for carpets), this will be reduced to between 1 – 2 hours.

After returning to base due to low battery – does it resume cleaning where it left off?

It will start from the beginning – if it manages to find the base

Does the mapping feature store floor plans in memory?

According to the manufacturer, yes, however, I do doubt this based on the way it cleans and what I can find in the app. I can see no evidence of stored room plans.

How many modes does it have?

The proscenic 820s has a few different modes that can be activated vis the app or the remote, they are:

  • Room cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Auto clean (so everywhere)
  • Edge Cleaning
  • Mopping (if you have the mopping unit)

It also has 3 different suction power settings and can be controlled manually using the remote or the Proscenic app. 

Does it work with voice control?

Yes, both Google Assistant and Alexa

Can it be set to clean at a certain time?

Yes, you need to connect to the app to set this up, but once you have you can set multiple times. We have ours set for 2pm and 3am. You can also choose specific days to completely tailor the scheduling to your life.

Do you have to use the app or will it function without it?

If you want to use some of the features such as scheduling and accessing the cleaning history, you will require the app, but for basic and the modes listed above, you can use the remote.

Can the boundary strips be cut to fit different areas?

Yes. However, there is not much included in the box. You may need to purchase extra strips.

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

The Proscenic 820s comes with a hassle-free 30 days trial, so you can return it at any point, and a 12 month warranty for product failure. If you need to get in touch with the company, the Proscenic contact details are:

These can also be found on the back of the manual included in the box.

Final thoughts on the Proscenic 820s

Overall, I would happily recommend the Proscenic 820s as an excellent value cleaner. Robotic vacuums are not for everyone. They do not completely remove the need for a manual spot clean, as proven by the flour in the tiles, but they do help you on a daily basis keep your home clean.

If you are thinking about testing the waters but unsure if you want to invest in an expensive robot, this would be a great choice as an entry model. You can use it, see if you like how it changes the way you vacuum your house and then when you replace it you can maybe get an upgraded model.

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connectivity, Alexa & Google Control, Smart Mapping, Auto...
  • Smart App & Alexa & Google Assistant voice control: Use the ProscenicHome App, Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands to control the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere anytime, schedule cleaning,...

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Proscenic 820s Review: A Great Budget Robotic Vacuum - Little Robot Shop

Read our full Proscenic 820s review. A great choice if you are looking for a budget vacuum but still far from perfect.

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