TechComm V5-WHT V5 Remote Controlled Framed & Frameless Window Cleaning Robot White


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TechComm V5 Remote-Controlled Window Cleaning Robot for Various Window Types with 13-ft-long Extension Cable
FeaturesEasy to use: spray cleaning solution on the window place the V5 on the surface and sit back while the robot does all the work
Remote-controlled for your convenience
High-speed fan motor for strong suction better stability and deep cleaning
Stays safely attached to the surface while cleaning
Suitable for different types of windows including frameless frosted Thermopane colored and tinted windows
Quiet cleaning: the V5 will not make noise or disturb you
Automatic cleaning path and memory: maps out the area it needs to clean and makes sure not to miss a spot
The double cushion bumper on the upper and lower part of the V5 is made of soft material and is designed to protect your window frames during cleaning
If you have frameless windows the V5 will automatically detect the edges which keeps it from falling and breaking
With 13-ft-long extension cable the V5 can operate safely on high-rise windows
Comfortable handle
IncludesWindow cleaning robot remote control 2 microfiber cleaning cloths power supply with cable extension cable safety rope safety pod and user manual
SpecificationsColor: White
Input Voltage: 110-220V 50-60HZ
Battery capacity: Li-ion 600mAh
Charging type: Manual
Works On: Glass
Working noise: 50dB
Rated Power: 75W
Rotational Speed: 19000 rpm
High-pressure vacuum suction: 2.8kPa
Dimension: 9.92 x 9.92 x 3.23 in.

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