Spin Master 20071650 Meccanoid G15 Ks Stem Toy Personal Robot Building Set


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Experience Meccanos new innovation in robotics with its latest offering the Meccanoid G15KS Personal Robot Building Set. Build and program your own robotic buddy using the 1000+ pieces to create a robot dinosaur or nearly anything else you can imagine. Watch as Meccaoids large LED eyes light up with over 500 color options Programming your Meccanoid G15KS is easy and intuitive no special skills required The highly intelligent Meccabrain will guide you through the process of connecting the 10 Servo Motors so that your robot can move the articulated limbs. It contains 64 megabits of flash memory allowing it to learn movements and record sounds that play back. For interactive fun use the Motion Capture feature on the Meccanoid app for your smart device. Two bonus servo motors can give your 4′ tall robot ultimate mobility. The Meccabrain is stocked with 64 megabits of flash memory which features over 1000 phrases voice recognition and the ability to learn new movements. Install your smart device into your robot to initiate the Motion Capture feature using the Meccanoid app (not included). Motion Capture enables your robot to mimic your every movement. When it’s time to disassemble your mechanized companion the carrying case makes cleanup and travel easy and organized.
Includes:Robot Building Set two bonus motors Carrying case1800 mAh NiMH battery and charger
More than 1000 pieces enable creative original designs
Robot stands 4′ tall
Official Merchandise
Specificationsages: 10 and up
Weight: 21 lbs

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