Sphero Ollie: The App-Controlled Robot Ball



DISCOVER OLLIEThe App-Controlled Robot Ball

Command this app-enabled robot to execute tricks and dominate every inch of turf, trail and track. There’s a rebel lying deep in Ollie’s soul. Does it lay in yours?

We built Ollie for those who would rather lead than follow

In this electronic age, we are determined to prove that an electric motor can capture the thrill of speed. Ollie’s durable shell means you don’t have to worry about crashing and built-in LEDs let you drive at night.

This machine tops out at 14 mph (6m/s) – faster than you can run

Equip Ollie with grip tires for off-road traction or remove them to drift on smooth surfaces

iOS and Android compatible

Super tough on the outside

Tackle the toughest terrain with total confidence. Ollie’s polycarbonate shell protects the electric motor, while the cutting-edge design repels water. This rough-and-tumble robot is built to take on anything that stands in the way.

Gravity-defying tricks

Swipe, tap or hold the gesture pad to make Ollie perform different tricks. With hundreds of trick combos to discover and master, you’ll constantly be challenged to push your skills.

Drive your own way

You have the power to adjust Ollie’s speed, handling and acceleration. With the option to use Drift Wheels or Grip Tires, you control your driving experience from start to finish.

Ollie Accessories

Ollie has interchangeable parts that include tires and hubcaps. Additional styles and colors are available at our website.

Easy to use, challenging to master

What is Sphero?

A new way to play

Choose from over 30 apps and launch a whole new world of gameplay. The result is limitless possibilities for new types of connected play that meld the virtual and real worlds for a fun gaming experience.

A Brave Explorer

Control Sphero, turn your living room in

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