Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 3000Plus Series with Water Tank Mopping


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 3000Plus Series with Water Tank Mopping

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Vacuum and wet mopping had never been so easy with Chimptron’s 3000Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. This versatile vacuum cleaner comes with 3 cleaning modes: Auto cleaning, spot cleaning, and edge cleaning. Its features include wet and drop mopping, slim design, UV sterilization, double side brushes, LED touch screen, cross-obstacle, infrared remote control, status voice prompt, strong suction, anti-falling, anti-collision, low noise, schedule cleaning, recharging mode, and big mop.Features:Water tank brings an auto damp moping for hard floor only (wood tile marbel laminate)2000MAH Battery – Can easily clean up large-sized room within 2500 square foot.Vacuuming and mopping functionsPut dust bin into the robot and remove the mop holder, start vacuuming sweeping mode in the initial cleaning round.Instead the dust bin with water tank and install the mop holder, mopping mode makes a deeper cleaning on your hard wood floor.Anti-twiningCross-obstacleInfrared Remote ControlAnti-Collision – With TAC Intelligent Induction feature, the robotic vacuum will turn around when it is about to run into the furniture, effectively avoiding the damages that may be caused by the collision.Low Noise – 45DB noise ensures quiet environment when the vacuum is at work.Status Voice PromptCleaning ModesAuto CleaningSpot CleaningEdge CleaningWet Mopping – Dripping water automatically and evenly keeps the mop wet and clean effectively.Slim Design – With the vacuum at 90mm in height (3.5 inches), the robotic vacuum can clean underneath furniture such as sofas, tables, and beds easily.Double Side Brushes – The double side brushes makes cleaning the corners perfectly. Central hole suction avoids the suction inlet being blocked by rubbish.Anti-Falling – With the intelligent infrared induction of anti-falling, the vacuum will automatically recognize the edge of the floor (>8CM in height) prevents falling.LED Touch ScreenAnti-twiningCross-obstacleRecharging Mode – The robotic vacuum will return to its charging dock at low battery level.Multiple Filtering – Separates dust and rubbish, avoiding the block of the dust being collected. Prime filter and HEPA filter can filter dust within 0.03 micro, eradicating second-pollution.Intelligent Frequency Conversion Motor – Frequency conversion motor always plays to the score. It can detect the volume of the direct and djust the suction power, thus greatly improve the vacuuming effect.UV Sterilization – The UV lamp kills the bacteria on the floor and carpet, keeping the house clean and healthy.Dry and Wet Mopping – With 300ML water tank and four water outlets allow, it can wipe off any stubborn stains, keeping the floor clean.Scheduling Cleaning – The robotic vacuum will clean based on the scheduled time that you’ve set.Big Mop – The mop covering half of the robotic vacuum cleaner will spread the water automatically and evenly.Note: Running the robotic vacuum without mop holder will decrease the possibility of stuck. Specifications:Diameter: 13.38″Height: 3.54″Item Weight: 9.03 lbs.Voltage: 14.4VBattery: Ni-MH 2000MAHDustbin: 300 MLCharging Type: Auto-Charging/Charging by HandCleaning Mode: Auto, Spot, Along the Wall, ScheduleCharging Time: 90 MinutesButton Type: LED Touch Button What’s Included:1 x CHB3000PLUS Vacuum Cleaner1 x Charging Base1 x Cleaning Brush1 x Adapter2 x Side Brushes1 x HEPA Filter Mopping Pad Mop1 x Space Isolator1 x Remote Control

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