Makeblock MAK-90040 Ultimate 10-in-1 Programmable Robot Kit for 9th-12th


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If you are a gadget lover our Electronics catalog is your dream destination. Choose from hundreds of gadgets and accessories to suit different uses and add some entertainment facility and convenience to your life.
FeaturesTen building forms will meet all your need for different application scenes
Great for learning robotics electronics graphical programming Arduino programming and Python programming
Anodized 6061 aluminum mechanical parts with threaded-slot design brings an easy way of building the robot
Three powerful encoder motors enable you to feel every step of the robot
Wirelessly control your robot with smart devices through Bluetooth connection
High quality construction and modern designs
Superior quality performance and reliability
Mechanical Parts:Aluminum Extrusion Parts
Plastic Timing Pulleys 90T
Plastic Gears
Tracks and Wheels
Others Hardware and Accessories
Electronic Modules:1 x MegaPi
1 x MegaPi Shield for RJ25
1 x Bluetooth Module
4 x Motor Driver
3 x Encoder Motor
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
1 x Line Follower Sensor
1 x 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor
1 x RJ25 Adapter
1 x Shutter 1 x Makeblock Gripper
Building Forms:Ten Building formsWith paper assembling instruction for three main forms)
Programming:Graphical Programming
Arduino Programming
Python Programming
Node JS Programming
SpecificationsMicrocontroller: ATMEGA2560-16AU
Input Voltage: DC 6V-12V
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
I/O Pins: 43
Serial Ports: 3
I2C Interface: 1
SPI Interfa

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