888 Cool Fans B52-0001096 52 in. Robot Ceiling Fan Blades – Set of 5


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These are beautiful blades for your home. This is a set of 5 brand new high quality designer ceiling fan blades. The surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth. These are universal for 52 fans. Double the measurement from the center of the fan to the tip of one blade. Several different mediums are used all are non-toxic. You can be confident that this product will last for years to come. You’ll love showing off your new unique blades. These are not licensed products but are made with licensed materials.
FeaturesThe surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth
These are universal for 52 inch fans
Set of 5
SpecificationsDesign: Robot
Size: 52 in.
Weight: 4 lbs

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