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The Paxcess cordless robotic pool cleaner is a robot designed to take care of cleaning your swimming pools without the extra stress of dealing with an extra-long power cord. 

Paxcess automatic pool cleaner comes with an impressive combination of features to provide deep in both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools and it’s suitable for all pool types.

Paxcess automatic pool cleaner is a gadget with great potential for both above-ground pools and in-ground and in this Paxcess cordless automatic pool cleaner review, we discussed even the tiniest feature in great detail to give you an insight into how it works and what makes it great. 

Take a few minutes to find out if this is the pool cleaner you’ve been looking for.

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1-minute Paxcess cordless pool cleaner review

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable...

The cordless design of this cordless robotic pool cleaner from Paxcess saves you the stress of battling with an extra-long power cord, making it the ideal machine for automatic robotic pool cleaners. 

To deliver superior pool cleaning, this robot combines the action of a powerful motor, strong suction force, an active bottom scrubber, and a reusable filter. While an intelligent navigation system ensures optimized scanning for efficient pool coverage.

An in-built 5000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, with the IPX8 waterproof design, powers the robots and ensures a cleaning cycle of 1.5 hours with good cleaning results. 

And with 4 rubber driving wheels, the robot moves at an impressive speed while actively cleaning and circulating water, saving time and effort, and it has a single power button for ON/OFF for intuitive operation. This robotic pool cleaner is sturdily built and comes with a 2-year warranty.

While it doesn’t have the deep cleaning power to make it one of the best paxcess automatic pool cleaner on the market, the convenience offered by not having a cable and the sub-$500 price tag makes it worth considering if you are looking for an amazing value.

  • Excellent cordless design
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Impressive battery life
  • Great for all types of pool surfaces
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Cleans above-ground and in-ground pools
  • Doesn’t clean walls
  • Doesn’t clean steps
  • Charges for about 4 to 5 hours
  • No Wifi or remote control
Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable...
  • 【Convenient Robotic Pool Cleaner】Cordless automatic pool cleaner is the most innovative pool robot cleaner for Max.100㎡ inground pools/above ground pools. Put aside the restraint of the power...

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Let’s take a closer look

How the Paxcess Cordless automatic pool cleaner works

Pool cleaning automation is certainly the most ideal pool maintenance option and a reliable machine for automating this chore is truly priceless. 

Robotic pool cleaners generally come with a long power cable for connecting to a power source while they clean, for an automatic cleaner, this can be very inconvenient and has a couple of drawbacks, including the tendency to tangle while the robot is cleaning.

This problem has been completely eliminated in this cordless pool robot, and this is the most exciting part of this robot. The Paxcess pool robot will seamlessly drive around the swimming pool, cleaning every inch of the pool floor without any cable or power cord getting in its way and slowing it down.

It features an integrated 5000mAh Lithium-ion battery which powers the robot, while it uses a bottom powerful brush to scrub and dislodge dirt from the pool floors. 

The PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner comes equipped with an intelligent navigation system that delivers highly optimized scanning for a faster cleaning speed of 16 m/min. It covers more ground in less time.

While it cleans, a strong suction power forces water into the filter system via 2 large and wide debris suction doors. And a built-in reusable filter tray (with filtration precision up to 180 um) traps dirt, leaves, and small particles while also filtering and circulating the water – leaving your swimming pool sparkling clean. 

This robot works on all pool types including concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, it’s also great for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

It drives around a swimming pool using 4 driving wheels and can seamlessly climb up to 15o of pool slope and cleans a maximum depth of 6.6 Ft. 

After a cleaning session or when the battery is down to 20%, this innovative pool robot cleaner will stop along the shore of the swimming pool shore, so it can be easily pulled out of the pool via the floating handle.

It works for about 60 to 90 minutes on a full charge and cleans a maximum surface of 1076 sq. ft. Weighing a little above 12 lbs, the robot is fairly easy to pull out of the swimming pool without breaking your back.

Cleaning Performance

This is a smart pool robot that does an amazing pool cleaning job. Its cordless design allows for greater cleaning mobility, and it covers every inch of the pool floor, capturing dirt particles on its path.

This cordless robotic pool cleaner comes with a unique filter system that uses a tray with a screen for capturing both floating debris and tiny dirt particles.

It doesn’t climb walls and will not clean steps which are the major drawbacks of this useful gadget, but it delivers superior cleaning of your swimming pool floor and excellent filtration that will leave your pool water sparkling and as neat as new. 

You can change the cleaning pattern or moving route of the robot to better adapt to the shape of your swimming pool by adjusting the nozzles to different angles.


As a robotic pool cleaner, this is an excellent machine, but it does have a few limitations. Limitations yes, but not dealbreakers. First off, the pool cleaner is designed to clean only flat bottom pool floors and will not clean steps and neither will it climb walls to clean.

Also, it uses an active bottom brush to scrub the pool floors, but this brush is unfortunately too thin to scrub off algae growing on the bottom of the pool. It only efficiently cleans out floating leaves, very small particles, sand, small stones, etc., thanks to its fine filter.

And because it doesn’t have a power cord, it has a built-in battery which is actually impressive but takes a long time to charge completely, about 4 to 5 hours charging time and 60 to 90 minutes working time. You can let the robot charge at night and use it during the day.

Ease of set up and use

This cordless automatic robotic pool cleaner is a very simple gadget with easy controls. 

From unboxing to getting it to clean your pool for the very first time will take you about a few hours because you will have to charge it before use. And charging the robot takes about 4.5 hours, besides that getting the robot to clean your swimming pool will take only a few seconds.

The robot itself has an easy switch knob that acts as the power button for turning it on and off. When you turn it on, the blue indicator light will come on briefly before the pool cleaner gets to work. 

It’s recommended that you drop the robot into the pool before turning it on. Unlike some other fancy pool cleaners, this robot does come with a mobile app or remote control, and you can only control it using the switch knob. 


This cordless robotic pool cleaner is both a very durable and reliable machine. It’s built to last and made with only high-quality material, and the manufacturers stand behind their product with a 2-year warranty. 

It does a fantastic pool cleaning job every time and with very little maintenance to keep it in great shape, you won’t have to worry about manual pool cleaning for a long time.

Ongoing Maintenance

This is a low-cost pool cleaner and a low-maintenance gadget, it’s designed to require only the most basic care. The most regular maintenance routine for keeping your robot in great shape and working optimally is ensuring that the fine filter tray is always clean and free of sand and tiny dirt particles.

The filter tray has a screen that traps tiny dirt and tiny particles, therefore it has to be emptied and hosed down with a garden spray after every cleaning session to ensure that nothing clogs the mesh.

Removing this tray is also very easy, simply unclip the top to remove the screen, discard the trash and wash the screen. It’s that easy!

Extra Purchases and ongoing costs

The moving parts of this robotic pool cleaner may get worn out with constant use and when this happens, you will certainly have to replace them to make sure the robot continues to keep your pool neat.

With continuous use, the bottom curbing brush, the driving wheels, and the filter may become worn and need replacements.

You can find these parts on Amazon or contact the company directly to place your orders. The 2-year warranty that comes with the robot only covers the motors and power unit, not the wearable parts. And if you fancy a pool caddy, then you may have to get one for this unit as it doesn’t come with any.


Does the Paxcess pool cleaner climb walls?

No, it doesn’t. This robotic pool cleaner is designed to clean only the pool floor, it doesn’t climb walls and neither does it clean swimming pool steps.

How much dirt can be collected before emptying the unit is necessary?

The dirt collector in this unit is a medium-size tray and will only contain enough dirt from one cleaning cycle. It’s important that you empty it after each cleaning hose it down with a garden spray.

Should I turn on the robotic pool cleaner before putting it into the pool?

No. Paxcess recommends that you drop the pool cleaner into the swimming pool before you turn it on. This is to protect the wheels and motor to ensure the robot lasts for much longer.

Is this vacuum ok for a vinyl above-ground swimming pools?

Yes, the features of this robotic pool cleaner makes it perfect for all pool types. It’s great for vinyl pools because the bottom scrubbing brush is gentle. However, it has enough power to scrub pool surfaces of any kind including concrete and coated pools, tiled pools, steel wall pools, polyester pools, etc. It’s also ideal for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools, and remember that this pool cleaner can only clean the swimming pool floor.

Is it safe to leave this cordless automatic robotic pool cleaner to clean the pool by itself?

Yes, that’s why it’s called an automatic robotic pool cleaner. It’s safe to leave it by itself and doesn’t require babysitting while it works, and you can leave it to work on your in-ground swimming pool while you take care of other important things. After cleaning, or when the battery drops to about 20%, the pool cleaner will go back to the poolside, so you can pull it out with ease.

Final Thoughts

Swimming pool owners already know that finding the best robotic pool cleaner for maintaining a dirt-free pool at all times is simply not easy, especially with the plethora of options available. Yet, it remains the most ideal way to keep your swimming pool tidy and in great shape. 

This Paxcess robotic pool cleaner is certainly a great choice for anyone looking for a perfect budget pool cleaner. It’s a small machine, yet very powerful and convenient with a budget-friendly price tag, and it delivers superior pool cleaning result.

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