Maytronics Dolphin E10 Review | Great Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 series robotic cleaner review

If you are looking for the best above ground pool robotic cleaner for your swimming pool, then you are certainly heading in the right direction. The Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner is perfect for pools up to 30 feet and combines great cleaning performance with economical running costs.

In this Dolphin E10 review we analyze what you need to know before deciding if it is the model for you. Spoiler alert – if you have an above ground pool and looking for a great value pool cleaning robot, it probably is.

Pool Size
Cleaning Cycle
Pool Cleaning
Maytronics Dolphin E10
Pool Size
Up to 30 feet
Cleaning Cycle
1.5 hours
Pool Cleaning
Floor only

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The two-minute review

What we loved

  • Easy to use and no setup required
  • Very powerful scrubbing brush
  • Tangle-free cable with swivel technology
  • Completes cleaning within 1.5 hours
  • Great value
  • 2-year warranty

What we didn’t

  • Cannot climb walls
  • Not recommended for in-ground pools
  • No full filter indicator
  • No app or remote connectivity

Drop and Go

Just plug in, drop it in and let it go. Very simple to operate.


Up to 8 x more efficient than traditional suction cleaners.


Weighs less than many pool cleaning robots for ease of lifting into your pool.

Strong scrubbing

Rapid spinning scrubbing brushes make quick work of dirt.

The Dolphin E10 is one of the best automatic pool cleaners for above ground pools from Maytronics designed to efficiently clean pools up to 30 feet. The pool cleaner weighs about 13.8 pounds, it’s amazingly easy to use, very reliable, and 8 times more efficient than suction and pressure cleaners. 

With its fast spinning scrubbing brush, the E10 will attack all forms of dirt from your pool and it traps it in a filter basket which has top access for easy emptying. Unfortunately, it is only supplied with the standard filter basket, you will want to purchase the fine mesh filter separately for best performance.

Maytronics Dolphin E10 is best suited for cleaning above ground pools. While it can clean small in-ground pools, the lack of wall climbing ability means if you have an in-ground pool, you’re better off looking for a different model with this feature.

Compared to other above ground pool robots in the market, Dolphin E10 can be considered as one of the best and yet it’s very affordable, which is a plus.

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The full Dolphin E10 review

Owning a swimming pool and enjoying the feel of the waters on your body is an amazing way to de-stress and relax. And even more fun is enjoying the pool with friends and family until it gets messy with leaves and debris.

And getting all of that dirt out will naturally require hours of cleaning which is often when the fun stops. That’s why you need a robotic pool cleaner. 

Thanks to the technological advancements in the pool industry, owning a pool no longer involves sweaty afternoons of scrubbing and manual cleaning, and you can now spend less time cleaning and more relaxing by the pool.

How It Works

The Dolphin E10 is a powerful above ground pool cleaner, designed to effortlessly remove both large and obvious debris as well as the not-so-obvious ones like algae, sand, and mud.

Unlike many other pool robots, the Dolphin E10 does not require any form of setting up, which makes it ideal for a first-time robot user. It has only a single button which you’ll push to get it running, and another push will shut it off.

Once the robot is submerged, the CleverClean scanning technology will map the pool to determine its layout and locate the dirty spots. This ensures the Dolphin E10 smartly navigates your pool and follows a cleaning path that focuses on the dirtiest areas.

Once your robot is on the move, the super-fast scrubbing brush cleans all forms of dirt from your pool floor including sand, mud, and algae, depositing it into the filter basket.

Once the cleaning cycle is over, you can remove the robot from the pool using the handle (don’t underestimate how important a handle can be) and empty the filter basket. One of the beautiful design features is the top loading filter, just pushing the release tab, you can have it opened and emptied in no time.

Important note: Although the Dolphin E10 is designed to scrub and dislodge all kind of dirt – very fine dirt included – it comes with a filter basket that is built to capture only regular debris but not fine sand, this situation can be remedied if you purchase the Dolphin ultra-fine filter basket.

Ease Of Use

The Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a straightforward gadget to use even for a first time bot user. It has just one button for on/off, and it requires no setup. To get started simply unpack, connect the power supply to an outlet, the power supply to the Dolphin, switch it on and drop in your pool.

Emptying the filter basket does not require flipping the robot. By merely pushing the release tab, the filter basket opens so you can empty its, and it uses cartridges which is a lot better than bags. And you can spray the filter basket with a garden hose to remove the trapped debris.

The E10 also has a handle for convenient lifting and a long cable, you can pull it off the pool using this cable – that is before you get to the handle. As you pull it out of the water, it quickly dumps all debris-free water making it as light as possible so that you can easily lift it.


With a 24V motor driving its strong rubber tracks and an actively fast spinning scrubbing brush to dislodge any form of dirt, coupled with a top loading filter basket which scoops up and locks in the dirt, you really can’t say the performance is disappointing. Actually, it’s far from that. Compared to other pool robots in its class, Dolphin E10 does its job very well and fast too.

For optimal performance, the E10 first randomly moves around your pool to master the general layout and borders of the pool. It stores this information in its internal memory, once this is done the Dolphin E10 proceeds ( using its CleverClean Scanning) to determine the best cleaning pattern for your pool and it does this pretty fast. A cleaning cycle lasts for about 1.5 hours.

With soft rubber tracks and unique grip patterns, the Dolphin E10 can effortlessly navigate over any kind of pool surface, and its mobility systems are superior to some other pool bots in its class as it can rotate 360° on the spot.

This pool bot has a 40 ft. Long cable but it doesn’t get tangled up in it because it’s a swivel cable.


With the Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner, you won’t have to worry. It’s built from safe electrical components and highly durable materials, which means if looked after properly, it’s bound to last for a long time. Plus it’s effortless to handle because it has a very lightweight.

This confidence is backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty included as standard.

Ongoing maintenance and costs

It is highly recommended to empty and clean the filter basket after each use and give the machine visual inspections for anything obvious issues after each use.

Since the Dolphin E10 is built with highly durable materials and a 2-year warranty, it’s guaranteed to work well under normal conditions. And it really doesn’t require any further special form of maintenance. The E10 was manufactured following precise engineering specifications determined by Maytronics, and it works without you having to spend anything on maintenance and upkeep.

Extra purchases required

Aside from the Dolphin ultra-fine filter basket which you can purchase for trapping fine dirt (and this is optional), the Dolphin E10 is a full package and requires no additional gadget to work.


Can you use the Dolphin E10 in hot tubs or ponds?
No, the Dolphin is not designed to clean hot tubs or ponds.

Can you leave the power supply out in the weather?
The power supply is water resistant but not waterproof. Make sure you cover the power supply should the weather turn and do not leave the power supply in standing water.

Can you leave the Dolphin E10 in the Water?
It is safe to leave your Dolphin cleaner in the water when not in use. However, (when adding chemicals to the pool) please remove the Dolphin until the proper chlorine and PH balance are obtained.

Can I use a Dolphin pool cleaner with my fiberglass or vinyl pool surface?
Yes, the Dolphin is suitable to use in fiberglass or vinyl pool surfaces.

Will it get out of a steep deep end?

No, as an in-ground pool cleaner, the motor is not designed for this type of operation. While subtle slopes may be OK, it is designed for flat bottom pools.

Does it turn off automatically
Yes. It will run a cycle and then stop.

Can I use the Dolphin E10 in salt water pools?
Yes, The E10 will have no problem cleaning saltwater pools.



  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel cord prevents tangling
  • Fast cleaning performance
  • Offers great value


  • Doesn’t do walls or steps
  • Have to buy a separate filter for best performance
  • Has no remote or app connection
  • Not great for in-ground pools despite the promises
  • No full filter indication


If you have an above ground swimming pool, I would happily recommend that you buy a Dolphin E10 to keep it clean.

For the fantastic features, build quality, cleaning performance and price, it is certainly one of the best above ground pool cleaning robots currently available.

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