Robot toys for Babies: 15 gifts parents will love to receive

Robot toys for a baby are a great way to excite and engage your baby

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any new parent, especially those that have an interest in robots, then our list of robot toys for babies will be just what you are looking for.

We have chosen a great mixture of toys and gifts from growth charts to rattles, robot dinosaurs to robot teddy bears, all of which are available on Amazon for a great price.

So with that said, let’s kick things off with a quick look at our top picks, our favorite robot toys for babies.

Top picks

Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker
  • Activity center for babies which helps them learn to walk in the future
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David Kirk Space Robot Pull Toy
  • A traditional wooden pull along toy given a robotic makeover
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Alpha-Bots Robots Action Figure
  • Develop fine motor movements while learning the ABCs
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Rough Price Guide

As the price on Amazon is often changing, I have used the ? symbol as a guide:

  • ? – Up to $25
  • ?? – Around $25 to $50
  • ??? – between $50 and $100
  • ???? – From $100 – $200
  • ????? – Over $200

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Robotics for Babies (Baby University) Board book – ?

Robotics for Babies (Baby University)

Robotics for Babies is a fun board book with 24 colorful and elegant pages with an introduction to technical stuff regarding robots because it is never too early to become a scientist.

You can keep your child busy with this fascinating colorful book which is filled with mathematical and scientific information, approved by an expert, and delivered in a very simple way. Your child (maybe even you too!) can learn a lot of complicated things from this book in a very engaging way.

Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the Robot – ?

Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the Robot

I love Rusty the Robot, it is a fun looking robot toy designed to stimulate babies and help then alleviate teething pain. It has teething beads attached for kids that need to chew continuously during the painful process of growing teeth. Babies will love the soft squeezable body and bright colors, as well as the small Self-discovery mirror. It also has a clip attached to the head meaning that it can easily be clipped to diaper bags and strollers so Rusty doesn’t get forgotten.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo – ??

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

The Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo, from Fisher-Price, is a robot toy for babies that has an LED grid multi-color tummy. It has fun learning songs for little ones as well as dance moves too. It’s a one robot party machine. Controlled by three buttons on the feet, BeatBo has three different modes they are: Learning & games, Custom sing along and dance and move.

The dancing actions excite babies with energizing moves and songs, making any baby have a lot of fun with its little friend. The learning games have ABCs, counting, colors and much more.

It requires four batteries to function, and you can switch it off whenever not needed to save up on battery. It is a fun package with almost everything in the mini version.

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Personalized Retro Robots Growth Chart Wall Decal – ?

Personalized Retro Robots Growth Chart Wall Decal for Nursery, Kids Room

This is a robot gift for babies that parent will love to use to track the growth of their kid. It has a height of 52 inches with 20 height markers in imperial measurements. There is also a transfer material for the child’s name.

There are two sheets for name and chart. It has your child’s name on top and decals to mark the height of your baby. It is a great tool to keep track of your baby’s height and sticks on your wall forever. It is reusable, non-glossy and does not curl off.

Izzy the Robot Dinosaur – ??

Izzy The Dinosaur: Dancing Interactive Extra Cute Music Toy. Light-Up Walking Robot Dinosaur / Animal Learning Dino Toy for Babies &Toddlers. Development Toys for Playtime Fun Series. 18 Months and Up

With Izzy, your kid will have a Dino buddy to hang out and play all the time. It is an interactive robot dinosaur that walks, dances and wags his tail.

It is targeted for kids of age 18 months and above. It can walk through obstructions turning direction and keeps walking. It is made in such a way that your baby can have both fun and develop his knowledge. What more do you wish for? This cute little one musically makes your toddler learn. It is beautifully adorned with lights, sound effects, and joyful melodies.

This dino is entirely safe for your toddler to explore and give it curiosity wings to learn even more. Must Buy!

Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker – ??

Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker, Grey

Spuddies Robot Portable Push Walker is an excellent choice for babies. It is designed to support lots of educational activities. Babies will love fine-tuning their motor skills with the colorful simulation games on the front and as they get older it becomes a walking aid that your baby can grasp and walk safely.

A nice little bonus feature is that the walker is designed to have very straightforward storage and transportation. As a parent, I understand how quickly the house gets taken over by toys, so having ones that can be collapsed and hidden when friends come over is a nice touch.

BleuZoo Alphabet Robots Action Figure Alpha-Bots – ??

BleuZoo Alphabet Robots Action Figure Alpha-Bots Educational ABC Letters Preschool Learning Stem Montessori Classroom Teaching Toy for Kids Toddlers - 26 Pieces

Babies can enjoy learning the ABC’s through robots. This set has all the 26 letters of the alphabet and they transform into little robots. How cool is that!

As well as the obvious grammatical lessons, these robot toys for babies also refine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. It works perfectly well with childhood STEM and other programs. A great Birthday gift!

The transformer letters are made of high-quality materials so there is nothing to worry about when the little ones decide to start chewing on them. They also come with a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t love them, you can just send them back. Probably best not to let them get chewed first though.!

Innobaby Original EZ Grip Robot Teether – ?

Innobaby Original Teethin' Smart EZ Grip Robot Teether and Sensory Toy for Babies and Toddlers. BPA Free Teether,Pink

This robot-themed teether is a great gift for robot lovers with kids. one thing that all kids go through is the growing of little teeth and as the do, it hurts. A teether is a great way to help alleviate the pain.

This one is made with materials that do not break or crumble. It provides relief to the babies gums with its unique texture and shape. This teether also accommodates a gentle gum which babies love.

As well as pain relief, an often overlooked benefit of a teether is that assistance it gives when learning hand-eye coordination.

Angel Dear 3 PCS Ring Rattles Set – ?

Angel Dear 3 PCS Ring Rattles Set, Blue Robot

This is a classic toy for that babies have loved through eternity that has been given a robo-makeover.

The set of three ring clatters are made of 100% poly microfiber which is cashmere soft.

It has a measurement of 4 inches in diameter. It has a unique surface wash. A great thing about it is it matches your blankets and pillows and even nappy sheets!

Basic Fun David Kirk Space Robot Pull Toy – ?

Basic Fun David Kirk Space Robot Pull Toy

This is another cute little robot toy with a traditional feel. The 12-inch tall pull along robot comes with cheerful colors of red, turquoise and blue.

It is designed by the creator of the famous Little Miss Spider series of books, David Kirk. It has a very engaging, unique and quirky style. It has a hat and moves up and down and spins it’s ears too. It is also a part of David Kirk’s FunHouse collection.

Crocodile Creek 7″ Robot Playball – ?

Crocodile Creek 7" Playball - Robots allover

One of the most simple toys in the world, but always a favorite, a ball. This Crocodile creeks playball comes with an awesome pattern of vintage robots.

It is a cute textured ball best for indoor and outdoor play. It is made of rubber which is safe for kids. It is seven inches in diameter and is safe for all ages.

Balls are a great tool for baby development and there are lots of exercises parents can do with newborns. As babies grow up, it will continue to be used when it is fun just to throw and kick it around.

The humble ball is a gift that a baby will be able to use from the first days all the way through childhood.

SUIE Electronic Smart Robot – ?

SUIE 1Pcs Electronic Smart Robot Walking Dancing with Musical And Colorful Flashing Lights Fun Toy for children Kids

SUIE is a smart little robot that can will happily sing and dance to amazing beats. It is 30 cm tall with fun flashing lights and sounds. There are cool flashlights accommodated in the display which makes it wow and looks fantastic at night. It can take a 360-degree spin, and the hands go down 80 degrees.

It engages babies through its moves and sounds and makes them groove to its beats. Apart from the fun, it enhances babies skills. It is exclusive and fun to play with!

Lucy Darling Shop Monthly Baby Stickers – ?

Lucy Darling Shop Monthly Baby Stickers - Baby Boy - Little Robot - Months 1-12

These fun stickers are a great way to keep memories of your babies growth and development.

All you need to do is peel, stick and photograph your little one.

The pack has 12 stickers for all the 12 months. They are pre-cut with high-quality print on it. It is a perfect gift for remarking the individual milestones that your kid achieves every month. Voila! A Supreme photo props!

Kauzbots Kale Plush Robot Plushy – ??

KAUZBOTS - Plush Robot Plushies Cute Stuffed Animals - Each Purchase Helps Plant Trees (KALE)

Kale is a fresh take on the classic teddy bear, a plush robot that is made with soft cotton for your babies to snuggle up to. Kale is 19-inches tall and stuffed with soft polyester fiber.

However, what we really love about Kale, and Kauzbots in general, is that whenever a purchase of Kale is made, 10% of the proceeds go to the Arbor Day Foundation to help the planet. There is a small heart in Kale’s pocket about the charity.

Fisher-Price Fkc37 Think and Learn Teach N Tag Movi Activity Toy – ???

Fisher-Price Fkc37 Think and Learn Teach N Tag Movi Activity Toy

Fisher-Price’s Teach N Tag Movi is one of their most popular robot toys for babies. It has 360-degree mobility, two light-up buttons on it and more than 60 facial expressions and faces.

This fun little toy encourages little obes to get their minds and bodies moving while teaching them how to follow directions and think critically about the world around them!

ArtCreativity Transforming Wooden Toy Robots ?

ArtCreativity Transforming Wooden Toy Robots - 3 Pack - Adorable Action Figures, Toy Cars for Boys and Girls - Develop Cognitive and Motor Skills - Fun Gift and Birthday Party Favors for Kids

This toy set is a very cool set or wooden robot transformers. Little ones will love twisting and moving the blocks which encourage critical thinking and aids the development of fine motor movements. As an owner of some of these, I’d also throw in there that they are great for parents that love to fiddle with things too. I have stolen one for my desk, for those moments where I sit back and take a deep breath. But, this is about the kids . . .

The little transformers also make a great birthday party favors for both boys and girls if you are looking for something different to put in those goody bags.

Final words on robot toys for babies

In a world where robotics and computing is a hugely important field, and will only be getting bigger, why not encourage a love of robots in little ones while young.

While there is no doubt robot toys are a great way to encourage critical thinking and develop fine motor movements, what’s more, is parents will love these. Especially for parents who love sci-fi and robotics.

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