Ecovacs Winbot X vs WINBOT W950​

Take a look at a side by side review of the Winbot X vs Winbot 950

Ecovacs have been pioneers in the robotic window cleaner market and were one of the first companies to make these window cleaning gadgets go mainstream. Stick around as we look at the Ecovacs Winbot X vs WINBOT W950​ and see if either of these models are still worth buying.

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In all honesty, I would not currently recommend either of these robotic window cleaners. Although they were ahead of the competition a few years back, neither of these models really stand against ever-increasing improvements. Unless they get a major rework soon, it seems to be looking to stay that way.

However, it’s not the end of the Winbot, in fact, it is a new beginning. Recently they have brought out a new model, the 880 and you can read our review of the Winbot 880 here. So if you are looking for a robotic window cleaner, that would be an excellent choice, otherwise, check out our full list to find the best robotic window cleaner and help you make your decision. There are some great models from Hobot too.

So that said, if you would still like to know more about the Winbot X and the Winbot 950, keep on reading.

ECOVACS WINBOT X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS WINBOT X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot, Glass Cleaner Tool and Robotic Washer

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • No safety cable without sacrificing any functional safety
  • Simple, hassle-free set-up
  • Four-stage cleaning process
  • Automated safety feature


The Ecovacs Winbot X was one of the first robotic window cleaners on the market. It functions brilliantly on large windows or areas of glass. Instead of a safety cord, the Winbot X comes with a suction pad that keeps the device stuck to the surface. However, this model of automatic window washer does come with a significantly high price tag.

The high price may have been worth the investment when this technology was new, but with the introduction of so many new models, there are more efficient options.

ECOVACS WINBOT X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot, Glass Cleaner Tool and Robotic Washer

The Winbot X includes two main cleaning modes, auto-mode, and deep-cleaning mode. Auto-mode is the faster of the two, but the deep-cleaning method will result in a better final product. However, both ways are reported to take significantly longer than the modes on new models of window cleaning gadgets.

Customer reviews demonstrate that the safety features of the Winbot X work as advertised and left no fear of the device falling off the surface it was cleaning. Additionally, the device is reportedly very simple to set-up and use. It won’t take long after you remove the Winbot from the box to get the cleaning started.


  • Simple set-up, design, and easy to use
  • Excellent for windows and spaces that are difficult to reach


  • Consumer reviews state that the device takes a long time to clean the window or surface
  • Battery will last fifty minutes at the maximum, much less if it is a difficult surface
  • Need to buy additional cleaning pads and solution often

Ecovacs WINBOT W950​

ECOVACS WINBOT W950 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Key Features

  • Four-stage, a comprehensive washing system
  • Safety cord allows for the robot cleaner to each up to sixteen feet
  • Owners can feel confident due to the one-year warranty on each Winbot W950

Quick Ecovacs WINBOT W950​ review

The Winbot range is one of the pioneers in the robotic window cleaning world, however as other companies have caught up, their products are becoming a little outdated.

The Ecovacs’ Winbot W950 is one of their best window cleaning gadgets and the good quality comes with a high price tag. A nice touch is a fact that this robotic window cleaner comes with an extra back up battery, which allows the device to stay on the window even after the main battery has lost power.

As an extra measure of security, Winbot included a safety cord, which acts as a fail-safe for battery malfunction. The Winbot robot window cleaner is programmed with a four-stage washing function. The comprehensive four-stage system assures that no spot of your window will be left untouched.

ECOVACS WINBOT W950 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

One of the only negatives that we could identify related to the Winbot is ‘Smart Drive’ pathway system. Smart Drive is an innovative, advanced concept for window cleaning robots, but it may need to be refined in future models. Customer reviews state that owners have occasionally observed the robot becoming stuck around a section of the window, which then needs to be turned around manually.

Despite minor flaws in this overall excellent product, Ecovacs is fully confident in their Winbot W950. They demonstrate their confidence in the Winbot by including a full one-year warranty for all owners.

The safety cord reaches up to sixteen feet, which makes cleaning almost any home window easier than ever. Wouldn’t you love not to have to worry about climbing up a ladder to clean those hard to reach windows ever again?


  • Safety cord and a backup battery to protect against the possibility of any dangerous situations
  • Much less noisy than many of the leading smart window cleaning devices


  • The Winbot W950 comes at a very high price, which may be prohibitive for many customers
  • Innovative ‘Smart Drive’ technology can be very efficient but occasionally causes the device to become stuck in one section of the window

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