Introducing The ECOVACS GOAT G1 | Preview | Features | Release Date

Ecovacs Robotics, best known for its robotic vacuum cleaners, is expanding its product line to include the ECOVACS Goat G1 robot lawn mower. This will be the first robotic lawnmower from Ecovacs and is designed for personal and commercial use.

The Goat G1 builds on existing technology to offer a lawn-mowing experience that works much like a robot vacuum and is expected to arrive in China and Europe in March 2023. 

Welcome to the new generation

But what’s so cool about the Goat? Well, the team at Ecovacs has made the rather bold claim that it solves many of the problems associated with the current generation robot lawn mowers, such as;

  • Low efficiency and inferior cutting
  • Mow in random strokes because they don’t grasp location, context, and mowing requirement
  • Complicated installation, time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • Manual and restrictive wired boundaries
  • Blockages and collisions during mowing
  • Amateur and unintelligent obstacle avoidance

The Goat G1 uses a variety of localization networks to monitor its position, including ultra-wideband, GPS, and inertial navigation. This means it can handle up to 6500 square feet of mowing daily without needing boundary wire. It’s also IPX6-rated to deal with inclement weather, so you never have to worry about blocked and lost signals by houses and trees.

The ECOVACS GOAT G1 app and obstacle detection

The Goat G1 is equipped with a 360° panoramic camera and a fish-eye camera with 150° visual angle, allowing an effective visible range of up to 100 meters. This provides the Goat G1 with precise navigation and accurate obstacle avoidance, ensuring that the lawn is cut uniformly and efficiently. In addition, the real-time scanning at 25 frames per second allows for accurate ambient awareness, allowing the Goat G1 to avoid any obstacles in its path.

Sounds impressive, right? No boundary wires, easy app control, and precise navigation! I’m looking forward to this one.

So let’s highlight a few more key features.

Key Features

Binocular Vision Localization System

360° panoramic camera and a fish-eye camera with 150° visual angle for an effective visible range of up to 100 meters. Real-time scanning at 25 frames per second for accurate ambient awareness.

Integrating UWB, Inertial Navigation, and GPS Localization Technology

Localized with ultra-wideband wireless carrier wave communication, inertial navigation, and GPS, so you never have to worry about blocked and lost signals by houses and trees.

In-app Boundary Setting

No More Manual Boundary Cable Laying Quick and efficient setting of cutting boundaries via ECOVACS APP control. You can Frame a standard garden in just 20 minutes.

An arial view of a garden showing the ECOVACS GOAT G1 smart navigation route planning

Precise Navigation

Clear boundaries, precise positioning, and accurate navigation. Together with the perfectly uniform stripe logical cutting system, G1 can adapt to diverse landforms. With more uniform, efficient, and leak-free cutting, G1 mows a 600m² garden in just one day.

AIVI 3D Algorithm to Perform Accurate Obstacle Avoidance

GOAT G1’s stress-free mowing accurately avoids obstacles like trees, furniture, pedestrians, hedgehogs, and pets. A specially designed algorithm for outdoor usage, powered by a self-driving AI chip, ECOVACS in-house vision, and ToF sensor, makes your mowing safer and smoother than ever before.

Reliable Gardening Security

Binocular cameras capture real-time courtyard images to provide all-around protection. Your data stays safe and secure with TüV Rheinland-certified data protection.

When is it going to be released?

The ECOVACS The Goat G1 robotic lawnmower will first be sold in China and then in Europe, with a release date set for March 2023. There is no word yet on a US launch.

ECOVACS GOAT G1 Final thoughts

The Goat G1 looks to be a very promising product that could potentially revolutionize the lawn mowing industry. It is packed with features that address many common problems associated with current robot lawnmowers and seems very user-friendly. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this product in action!

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