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Owning a pool should come with the luxury of going for a swim whenever you feel like it. But unfortunately, the reality is much different because pools get dirty and need to be cleaned with sponges and brushes week after week, which is no easy task.

However, this is where robotic pool cleaners can help and in this post, we are looking at the Dolphin Triton PS plus, a remodelled and upgraded version of the old Dolphin Triton. This new robot design features many innovative technologies and it’s much faster, more efficient and much lighter than the older model. 

This is a complete Dolphin Triton PS plus review, so take the next few minutes to discover all the exciting new features, and it just might be your new favorite robotic pool cleaner. 

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2-minute review

If you have a large in-ground pool and want a premium robotic pool cleaner for keeping it dirt-free and shiny, meet the Dolphin Triton PS plus. This pool robot is the definition of innovative and efficient. It’s packed full with new technologies from Maytronics to improve cleaning speed and save energy.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus comes with an active brush system which features a super-fast brush for dislodging even the most stubborn dirt and grime, and a new PowerStream technology which tremendously improves mobility of the robot on vertical surfaces. 

The Triton also features an anti-tangle software (instead of the infamous swivel cable) to keep the 60 ft power cord from tangling as it works. An extra large top filter basket captures and locks-in all dirt and debris from the pool waters leaving it sparkling as new. It’s an excellent robot and comes with a 2-year warranty from Maytronics.


  • Excels at pool cleaning
  • Special PS technology for climbing walls
  • Anti-tangle software
  • Advanced navigation
  • Large top-access filter basket
  • Easy to use; no set-up required
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not a budget robotic pool cleaner
  • App control is slow

The full Dolphin Triton PS Plus review

Imagine you want to go for a relaxing swim on a hot summer afternoon, but first have to spend sweaty hours manually cleaning the pool, I bet you won’t enjoy that swim as much as you would have. And that’s if you even have any strength left in you for a swim. 

This is exactly where the robotic pool cleaners come in, these gadgets have become very essential and every pool owner needs one. 

In the world of pool robotics, Maytronics Dolphin isn’t backing down as the leading brand as they continue to bring forth new technologies and better versions of old gadgets. This is what happened with the Dolphin Triton PS Plus, which is a significant upgrade of the older Triton PS model. 

The new and improved version of the Triton scrubs an entire pool floor and walls up to the waterline much faster than its predecessor. 

Triton PS Plus has 2 cleaning cycles, one for a quick clean for those days you’ll need the pool tidied up within minutes. Maybe your kid decides to throw an impromptu pool party with less than two hours to prepare, just throw in this robot and your pool will be shiny and ready in less than an hour. 

With the pool messed up after the party, the new Triton will use the “Standard clean mode” to thoroughly clean up the mess and your pool will be as good as new, this longer cycle will take about 2 hours. 

At 16.5 pounds, the Dolphin Triton Plus with PowerStream weighs 50% less than the older version and as you pull it out of the pool, it dumps water back into the pool, except the trapped debris of course, this way you can lift it without hurting your spine or breaking your lower back. 

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review wit drain covers

How the Dolphin Triton PS Plus pool cleaner works

Maytronics designed the Dolphin Triton PS plus to efficiently and smartly clean large in-ground pools using novel technologies and a powerful motor. It uses a super-fast active brushing system and the new PowerStream technology to rid your pool of all debris and grime, leaving the waters sparkling neat and dirt-free.

The active brushing system features dual scrubbing brushes, one of these brushes spins at a super-fast speed, two times as fast as the robot, to dislodge all forms of grime and stubborn dirt from the floors and walls of the pool. 

While the robot is hard at work, the new PowerStream technology ensures superior cleaning and excellent wall climbing. The PowerStream goes into action once the robot starts cleaning the walls of your pool, using multiple powerful water jets, it provides the robot with a very strong grip on the walls. 

DOLPHIN Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with WiFi Connectivity Pool Cleaning, Ideal for Swimming...

As the robot moves on walls, water is sucked in and ejected in multiple directions, this action propels the robot forward while keeping it firmly attached to the walls of your pool. With this technology, the Triton PS plus is able to stay glued to all types of pool surfaces including the notoriously slippery vinyl. 

Also thanks to the PowerStream technology, this machine is able to make excellent turns of up to 90-degrees to ensure the thorough cleaning of every part of the pool. 

In addition to that, Triton Plus also features the Maytronics CleverClean technology which is an advanced navigation and scanning software which essentially prevents the robot from going over a particular area multiple times. By “knowing” which areas have been cleaned and where areas haven’t, the Triton is able to work faster, this saves energy and improves efficiency. 

Dolphin Triton PS plus has two cleaning modes; a quick clean mode where it cleans the entire pool within an hour and a standard clean mode which is a much longer more thorough cleaning cycle and lasts for 2 hours. 

This robot has yet another new feature; an anti-tangling algorithm. If you’re familiar with pool robots, especially Dolphin pool robots, then you must know the infamous swivel cable. In the Triton PS plus, that swivel cable was replaced by an anti-tangle software which prevents the 60 ft power cable from tangling as the robot twists and turns when hard at work. 

It’s the first of its kind and it works well too. At the top of the robot, you’ll find a hinged latch which opens to reveal an extra-large capacity filter basket which is easily removed, and the contents discarded after a cleaning cycle. 

DOLPHIN Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with WiFi Connectivity Pool Cleaning, Ideal for Swimming...


This Dolphin robotic pool cleaner does an excellent job of getting rid of grime, large-floating debris and fine dirt particles. It can completely transform a very messy pool to sparkling neat in a few hours, with at  most 2 cleaning cycles. 

The PowerStream technology enables it to stay glued to walls as it scrubs the entire pool up to the waterline. It’s able to scan the entire pool for faster cleaning and it doesn’t get stuck on pool drains. 

Controlling the robot is majorly via the mobile app, this sounds very convenient but it can be very tiresome because it takes several seconds for the robot to respond to the commands and this lag can be frustrating, you may have to be patient with it. 

The Triton does a great cleaning job, but sometimes it misses some spots which is why you can redirect it from the mobile app. Alternatively, you can let it run a complete cleaning cycle and then make it go again, this way it can get all the spots it missed previously. 

The new anti-tangle algorithm for preventing the power from tangling up doesn’t always work well, and you may have to untangle the power cord every once in a while. 

Lastly, the scrubbing brushes on the Triton do not effectively clean curved areas of the pool, it’s not the ideal pool cleaner for largely curved pools. Apparently it’s designed for in-ground rectangular pools and it does a commendable job.

DOLPHIN Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with WiFi Connectivity Pool Cleaning, Ideal for Swimming...

Ease of set-up and use

The Triton PS plus works right out of the box, no special skills or technical support is required to get it on. 

Once you get your robot, you’ll need to download the “My DolphinApp”, and connect your robot to the app via Bluetooth, even this is easy and intuitive. The app has a user-friendly interface and you won’t need any assistance. 

To get the robot to clean, simply drop it and some parts of the cable into your pool, connect the power cable to a mains outlet and switch on the power. You can sit back and watch it clean or let it do its job while you attend to some other important stuff. 

There are two ways to control this robot, either via the smartphone app or the control unit which connects to the robot via a cable. The control unit is pretty simple with just 3 buttons for setting the weekly timer. 

The first button sets the robot to automatically clean the pool every day, the second button is for cleaning every other day while the third button is for cleaning every three days. From the app, you can change the direction of the robot either by using an on-screen joystick or by tilting your phone and using the internal gyroscope. 

After each cleaning cycle, you will have to open the latch at the top of the robot to reveal the filter basket, discard the contents and your robot is ready for another cycling cycle.  


This robotic pool cleaner is designed by Maytronics for large in-ground pools of up to 50 ft long, and it does an amazing job. No matter how dirty your pool is and how cloudy the water has become due to dirt and debris, running two “Standard Mode” cleaning cycles will completely transform your pool. 

It’s a powerful unit built with very durable materials and will last for several years if you take good care of it. This is a gadget that will meet your expectations, and you can count on it to always keep your pool neat. Maytronics stands by the Triton PS Plus with a 2-year warranty. 

Ongoing maintenance

Keeping your robotic pool cleaner in great shape makes all the difference. With proper maintenance, your robot will always perform excellently well. Thankfully, maintaining this cleaner isn’t as difficult as you may imagine. 

The first step towards proper maintenance is discarding the contents of the filter basket after each cleaning cycle and after every few days, thoroughly wash the bottom of the filter baskets with running water from a garden hose or jet spray. 

The Dolphin Triton PS Plus also comes with easy fix modular technology which tells you everything there is about robotic pool cleaners and how to smartly fix your gadget yourself without having to wait for Maytronics engineers, if it suddenly develops a problem. Despite that, Triton PS Plus comes with a 24-month warranty.

Extra purchases and ongoing costs

This robot does not require any extra purchase to get it started in your pool. All the parts are included plus it comes with extra 2 sets of filters; 4 fine filters and 4 ultra fine filters, so you won’t have to buy replacement filters right away. 

However, you may need to replace some other wearable parts of the robot like the brushes, if and when need be. You may also need to buy a pool caddy as this model doesn’t come with one. Although it’s one of the lightest of all Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, a caddy will still make moving it around much easier. 


  1. Can the Triton PS Plus clean water surfaces like a skimmer?

    No, it does not work on the surface of the pool like a skimmer. The Triton PS Plus is designed to start working from the bottom of the pool and gradually works its way to the top of the pool via the walls. It cleans only solid surfaces and circulates water as it does, so it captures all types of dirt and debris in the pool. 

  2. Does this pool cleaner pick up sand and fine particles?

    Yes, this pool robot handles sand and fine particles very well. It comes with two types of filter; a fine filter and an ultra filter. The latter is designed to pick up sand and fine particles.

  3. Will the Triton PS Plus clean my tanning shelf?

    This depends on the design of your pool. If the tanning shelves of your pool are shallow, the robot may not be able to climb on them and clean because its design doesn’t permit it to climb out of the pool. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners usually need a certain depth of water to clean, therefore they can’t clean shallow steps, tanning shelves and seating edges.

  4. How well does it clean the corners of a rectangle pool?

    It cleans rectangular pools very well, including corners, and walls, but not great with steps. However, if after a cleaning cycle you find out that the robots missed some spots in your pool, this sometimes happens, run another cleaning cycle and this time it will get all the spots it previously missed. 

  5. Does it include the cart caddy?

    This robot doesn’t come with a pool caddy, but you can buy one as an extra feature. It’s actually one of the lightest pool cleaners at 16.5 pounds, and you can easily move it around whenever you want to start cleaning without breaking your back. 

  6. Can you choose to clean only the floor or only the walls with the Triton PS plus?

    No, you cannot choose between cleaning the pool floors or just the walls. The Dolphin Triton PS Plus is designed to simultaneously and randomly clean the floors and walls of swimming pools.

Final thoughts on the Dolphin Triton PS Plus

Nothing beats always having a neat pool every day of every week and going for a swim whenever you feel like it. And without the help of robotic pool cleaners, it’s impossible to fit manual pool cleaning into your daily schedule and pull it off. 

The Dolphin Triton PS plus is a great buy, especially if you have an in-ground pool of up to 50 ft. It may not be your idea of a budget pool cleaner, but the line up of new technologies and premium features certainly justifies the steep price tag.  Even as it doesn’t come cheap, every dime you spend on it is worth it.

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