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Braava Jet 240 Review

iRobot is well-known for its line of robotic vacuums, but those aren’t the only floor cleaners under the stairs. The company also has a line of mopping robots dedicated to keeping your hard floors spotless. 

The smallest and most affordable of these is the one we are looking at in this iRobot Braava Jet 240 review. A multi-mode mopping robot that’s ideal for small spaces.

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1-minute iRobot Braava Jet 240 review

iRobot 240 Braava Robot Mop, B240, WHITE

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 Robot Mop provides an easy way to keep the floors clean. Small and compact, it can mop and sweep even the most difficult-to-reach areas, such as around toilets and under kitchen cabinets. 

The robotic mop comes with a jet water spray and three cleanings; dry, damp, and wet cleaning modes.

The robot will either enter wet mopping or dry sweeping mode depending on the type of cleaning pad attached, with the former featuring a vibrating cleaning head and a Precision Jet Spray. 

You may be worried about it harming your walls and furniture? Don’t be—it’s incredibly smart. Not only will it avoid objects, but it will also go not roll down the stairs.

The Braava 240 is Bluetooth enabled and can even be controlled via a mobile app. 

Great for various surfaces; the Braava can be used to clean hard floors, including tile, hardwood, and stone.

  • Better for Hardwood Floors:
  • More Efficient Clean
  • Streamlined Area Control
  • Cleans an area 3 times
  • Gets hard to reach areas
  • Dry sweeps
  • Quiet Operation.
  • Small Effective Range:
  • Replaceable Pads Add Up:
  • Can’t Focus on Problem Areas:
  • Has no dustbin
  • No charging stations
iRobot 240 Braava Robot Mop, B240, WHITE
  • Superior robot mop with precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head helps tackles dirt and stains

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Full Review

How it works

The iRobot Braava jet Mopping Robot delivers fresh, clean floors every day. With its compact, smart design and iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system (the same system found in the Roomba 980), the Braava 240 mops and sweeps hard to reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets. Just attach a Braava jet Cleaning Pad, and the robot automatically customizes cleaning based on pad type.

As with most cleaning robots, the iRobot Braava Jet 240 comes with everything that you’ll need to get started. More specifically, you’ll be getting:

  • 2 Wet Mopping Pads
  • 2 Damp Sweeping Pads
  • 2 Dry Sweeping Pads
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 Lithium-Ion Battery

As you can see, the robot comes with three types of cleaning pads, each meant for a different purpose. 

To get started, you’ll first want to charge the battery; simply place it into the provided charger (you’ll have to plug it into an outlet). 

Once it is fully charged (it should take around two hours), insert it into the robot’s back. 

From there, select a cleaning pad that matches how you want to clean your floor and slide it into the track on the bottom; it should click into place. 

As mentioned earlier, the Braava will automatically recognize the pad and adjust its cleaning mode based on the chosen pad. In wet mopping and damp sweeping modes, the Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head tackle dirt and stains. 

In dry sweeping mode, Braava jet traps and locks away dust, dirt, and pet hair. Braava jet cleans hard floors, including hardwood, tile, and stone.

iRobot Braava jet 240: Performance

This robot mop does a decent job. Even though it lacks a brush for deeper cleaning, it both mops and sweeps. 

It is important to know that it needs to run regularly to get the best performance. 

Much like robot vacuums, to get the most out of them you have to run them everyday rather than just doing it when needed, as you would when thinking of vacuuming or mopping in the traditional way.

The Braava 240 does an excellent job of getting into tight spaces, which most cleaning robots fail at. It has a two-hour runtime and it charges in about 90 minutes to 2 hours.


As an iRobot product, you can expect it to be a quality build that won’t let you down. The Braava jet 240 mops are reliable and dependable.

Ease of set up and use

Set up is as simple as charging the robot, filling the water tank, either with water or the braava cleaning solution and turning it on.

You can also download the iRobot app, but connecting to it is optional.

The Braava Jet 240 will then choose one of the three mopping modes that the robot automatically detects, depending on the mop you attach.

So how does the robot know what mode to use?

Well underneath each pad is a paper cutout pattern that the robot scans and automatically detects. These cleaning modes are the dry sweeping, damp sweeping, and wet mopping.

  • Damp sweeping: To access this mode, use the ink pad. It will have a similar cleaning pattern as it would have in dry sweeping mode, but the mop will vibrate, and the sprayer will squirt water to activate the cleaning agent. Use this when cleaning sealed floors.
  • Dry sweeping: This mode comes on when the dry sweeping pad is on. In this mode, the robot goes in a straight pattern without spraying any water. The dry pad will attract any fine dust, dirt, or hair, which will work on all hard floor surfaces.
  • Wet mopping: Slide in the blue mop, and the wet mopping mode comes on. This mode will provide the most agitation and will be able to clean out relatively fresh coffee stains. Not only will the mop vibrate, but it also activates the back and forth mopping motion after the sprayer squirts water to activate the cleaning solution in the blue pad. 

The Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head loosen up stains, while Braava jet pads scrub away dirt and grime. Boasting a compact design, this mopping robot gets into tight spaces, so every inch of your floors comes out sparkling clean.

Maintenance and Battery Life

Maintenance of the Braava Jet 240 is far less than any robot vacuum, and this is mostly because the only thing that truly gets dirty is the pads. As the main pads are disposable, keeping the Braava clean is as simple as discarding the dirty pad and locking another one in.

Pads clip in with a simple pop and are only released by the handle, meaning you won’t even get the mop messy when releasing these.

The washable pads will certainly take more time to deal with, though, and depending on wetness level, can drip a bit more than the disposable ones.

Battery life on the Braava Jet 240 is better than advertised, and often it can be found running out of water far more often than battery juice. 

iRobot pins the battery life at around 150 square feet for wet mode and over 200 square feet. The Braava would easily work its way through three full-sized rooms before needing a top-up in dry mode and got about two full-sized rooms in wet mode. Charging is painless, too, as you don’t even need to move the Braava if you don’t want to. You can actually buy an extra battery and charger pack, meaning you could easily double the cleaning area with a fairly small investment.

FAQs on Braava Jet 240 Review

  1. Can you put a cleaning solution in Braava Jet 240?

    It is recommended to only use water and the Braava jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution inside the Braava jet 240. There are compatible cleaning solutions, but you must use them at your own risk as it may invalidate the warranty.

  2. Does the Braava jet 240 vacuum?

    The Braava Jet 240 is just a mopping robot, not a vacuum.

  3. Can you reuse Braava pads?

    The Washable Wet Mopping Pads tackle dirt and stains and are washable and reusable.

  4. Does Braava jet 240 avoid carpet?

    The sensor makes it avoid rugs, so you don't need to move any rugs when Braava works.

  5. Is Braava jet 240 safe for hardwood floors?

    This 2.7-pound device is safe for use on hardwood, tile, and stone floors, and its three cleaning modes cover every type of mess you may find on them.

  6. How much water does the Braava 240 hold?

    Tilt the robot upward and slowly fill the tank to the top with warm water. The tank can hold approximately 150mL of water.

  7. How do you wash Braava jet washable pads?

    The cleaning pad can be washed up to 50 times before replacing it. If using a washing machine, wash on the warm cycle and air dry.

  8. How do you reset an irobot Braava jet?

    To reboot the Braava jet, press and hold CLEAN for 5 seconds until you hear an audible tone. Take out the battery and insert it again. Press CLEAN again to turn the robot back on.

  9. Is the iRobot Braava Jet 240 compatible with the Northstar navigation cube?

    No, NorthStar Navigation Cube only compatible with the Braava 380t.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 Review: final thoughts

This robot mop is a great option for homeowners looking for an affordable smart mopping option. 

While it doesn;t have the power or the total coverage of the flagship Braava m6, it is less than half the price.

I would recommend the Braava Jet 240 to those that live in smaller houses or flats or only have a few rooms that would require mopping, such as a kitchen or a bathroom.

Overall it does a solid job, but if you are looking for a mopping solution for your entire home, you may need to get something a bit bigger such as the Braava 380t or the m6.

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