5 of the best automatic cat litter boxes on Amazon with buyers guide

CatGenie self-cleaning litter box
  • A fully functional appliance with self flushing mechanism that will take the waste straight into the sewage systm
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PetSafe Simply Clean
  • A simple rotating device that is always cleaning at a low price
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If you are a cat owner, then you must know that one of the worst parts is scooping and cleaning your little fluff nuggets’ litterbox. The repetitive, gross work of scooping poop is something that no one enjoys. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was such a thing as a cat litter box that cleans itself?

Especially if you have to be out of the house for long periods of the day.

Well, you have come to the right place, by choosing one of the best automatic cat litter boxes in this post, your pooper scooper chores just got a little easier.

Thanks to robotic self-cleaning litterboxes it doesn’t matter you are too busy, or just a little lethargic, keeping your kitty’s bathroom clean has never been easier. And we all like a clean toilet right? Whether we have two or four legs.

Which automatic cat litter box is best?

Here in this article, we share our kitty litter robot reviews to help you find the best automatic pooper scooper for cats so you can make an informed decision. Let’s start with our top pick.

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1. CatGenie self-cleaning litter box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

The CatGenie is one of the best automatic cat litter boxes, reducing the mess and keeping odor away. It is a complete package to replace your old litterbox, with an automatic flushing system, and reusable granules that clean themselves and reduce your cost of purchasing cat litter over the week.

The CatGenie is the best automatic litter box for multiple cats; the automatic flushing keeps it clean and makes more than one cat use the same litterbox without any problem.

CatGenie features

The self-flushing cat litter box uses special plastic granules that can be washed after the use. Cat genie is an environmentally-friendly automatic kitty litter tray, and it works like a self-flushing toilet.

If you are tired of cleaning your cats’ litterbox and want to go full autopilot, then CatGenie is the best option. It automatically disposes of the cat litter in the sewage system and keeps the area clean and odor fresh. 

It works like your washing machine, and it takes 2 water hoses; one for the clean water for automatic flushing and the one is for the sewage to keep the litterbox clean. The best thing is it disposes only of the litter, not the granules, these are reusable, so it does not affect your pocket every other week. 

How does the CatGenie dispose of cat waste?

CatGenie is smart enough to detect the cat business and act accordingly. It uses 2 different cleaning processes; one for handling cat feces, and the other function is handling the urine. 

Handling cat feces

There is a metal scooper to remove cat feces, once the cat has done his business, the base of the litterbox starts rotating. The scooper filters the plastic grains, and if there are any stools in the box, the scooper catches them. Once the scooper finishes his business, the feces are transferred to the waste box and then flushed into the sewage. 

Handling cat urine

CatGenie uses a different process to handle cat urine; once your cat has finished its business in the litter box, the grains are submerged in water. The water cleans the litter grains, disinfects them and removes the odor, after that the water is disposed of in the sewage. 

Overall, the CatGenie self-cleaning litter box is a perfect fit to replace the old traditional litterbox. If you wanted to pimp your cats’ throne to the maximum, you can even upgrade with this nifty dome to really make your fluffy friend feel like royalty.

Installing your CatGenie self-flushing litter box

Now, it must be said that the CatGenie will require installation that does involve a certain level of plumbing skill. The recommendation is to either install it in your bathroom or close to your washing machine to make this as easy as possible. If you would like more information on installing your CatGenie, click the link here to view the installation PDF. If you are uncomfortable with it, I would certainly recommend hiring a professional for eas of mind.


  • Offers 100% automatic litter box cleaning
  • Reusable plastic granules
  • No more manual scooping
  • Eliminate the odor 
  • Automatic flushing
  • Perfect if you have multiple cats


  • Can take about 20 minutes to fully clean itself
  • It’s a little loud so make wake you up if close to your bedroom and activated at night.
  • The installation takes some effort and organisation
  • At 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep, it’s not small

2. LitterMaid LM680c automatic self-cleaning classic litter box

LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box (LM680C)

The LitterMaid M680C is another litterbox robot that will clean itself automatically after your cat has done his business. It includes a rake to rake up all the litter in the waste compartment; the rake also has a carbon filter that is used to reduce the odor and keep the environment clean.

It can be used for multiple cats, however, as the LitterMaid doesn’t wash the granules, you may find that two cats won’t be prepared to share the litterbox. As you know, cats can be stubborn beasts.

LitterMaid LM680c features: 

The LitterMaid LM680c collects waste and secures it in a sealed compartment to keep the box clean and odor locked away. It has a detachable rake that can be removed occasionally to clean the litter and place a new one.

It comes with a Litter Maid M680C main unit, Carpeted Ramp, 8 Plastic waste receptacles and carbon filters, backup battery compartment and 1 AC adapter. 

How does LitterMaid M680C dispose of waste?

The LitterMaid M680C is totally automatic litterbox, the dual motion sensor of LitterMaid M680C activates itself 10 minutes after the cat leaves the box. There is a comb that removes the cat litter from the rake and disposes it into the waste box. The waste box has a carbon filter that helps in absorbing the odor and keep the air fresh. 

You will need to manually clean the waste box and rake occasionally to keep the litter box clean, but the comb and rake are detachable which makes cleaning easier. 


  • It collects the feces of the cat and rakes them up into a container. 
  • No more manual scooping required
  • Carbon filters keep the odor clean
  • Cleaning the litter box is easy. 


  • Not suitable for big cats
  • Not fully automatic
  • Some times all the feces are not cleaner

3. PetSafe Scoopfree Ultra self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Automatic with Disposable Tray - Purple Covered

The PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra is an automatic cat litter box cat that comes third in our list. If you are tired of cleaning the litterbox or your cat is so messy and keeps pooping around than you need to read along.

This is one of the finest litter boxes you will find around it not only keeps the litter box clean for the next poop of your kitty, but also control the bad odor.


The PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra has a disposable litter tray with blue crystals embedded on top, the layer of blue crystals absorbs urine and cleanses the odor. 

It has a waste compartment that collects all the feces once the cat has finished his business. You can set the sensors for 5 to 20 minutes after the cat leaves the box. In case you have more than one cats or your cat visit the box again in the time of cleaning the sensor will be restarted and the cat can use the box as long as she wants. 

The blue tray is disposable, and it can be removed to clean or replace if it is too dirty; you just need to slide the tray out and replace it with a clean one.

How ScoopFree ultra disposes of waste

Whenever your cat visits the litterbox to urinate on the blue crystals, they absorb the urine and deodorize it to keep the odor clean. On the other hand, whenever cat poops on the blue crystals, the scoop collects it and dispose into a waste compartment.


  • It is very easy to setup
  • Scoop works fine without any jamming
  • No bad odor
  • Blue crystals don’t create a mess around the litterbox
  • You can adjust the time delays for cleaning cycles 
  • Good for lazy parents 
  • It makes disposing of waste easy 


  • It is more expensive than the conventional litterbox
  • If you own more than one cat, it becomes more expensive.
  • The waste trap is not sealed. So, it can cause some trouble
  • Not good for big cats 

4. Omega Paw Elite Roll ‘n Clean litter box

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box, Midnight Black, Large

The fourth litterbox on our list is Omega Paw’s Roll’ N Clean litter box. It works on the principle of roll-and-shift and would be considered semi-automatic. To be honest, this one isn’t a robot at all, but I wanted to include it as it is a fantastic alternative if the fully automatic options are a little out of your budget.


Omega Paw is not an automatic cleaning litterbox, but despite the fact, it is a much better option than the manual litterbox. The litter cleaning doesn’t involve any manual scooping, and the litterbox can clean itself with little effort. 

Omega Paw has many handy features like a privacy hood so your feline can complete his business in complete privacy. It also includes a hidden pullout waste container that can collect the waste once you roll over the litterbox. 

It is designed for cats of all breeds and sizes, and it comes in two sizes medium and large, which makes sure every cat fits in it. Additionally, if you own more than one cats, it is also perfect for you, just roll over the box to clean the litter. 

How it works

The working of Omega Paw’s Roll’ N Clean is very simple; you just need to roll the box over to the side of the waste container. Once you roll over all the mess will fall into the container, and when it comes in its original position, the only clean litter will be left in the container. Now you just need to throw the waste into the trash. 


  • It eliminates the process of scooping
  • No more dirty litter
  • Good for lazy/busy cat moms and dads
  • Cheap
  • Good for shy felines 


  • Only works with clumping litter
  • Only remove scooping, no help with throwing the waste
  • It cannot remove odors
  • Sometimes the shifting holes get clogged.

5. PetSafe Simply Clean self-cleaning cat litter box

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Litter Box for Cats, Works with Clumping Cat Litter

Our final choice of self-cleaning litterbox for feline parents is PetSafe Simply clean litterbox. It is a fully automated system that is a perfect choice if you are too busy or lazy to clean the box daily.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box slowly, but continuously rotates to clean the litter. It takes an hour to completely clean the litter and removing the odor. 

It is easy to install and doesn’t need any special kind of supplies to collect the waste. You can collect all the waste in any bag and throw it in the trash. 

An additional advantage of Pet Safe clean is that it is not very expensive and not make too much noise while cleaning. 

Overall it is a good auto kitty litter box, but it does seem to polarize opinion somewhat. I would certainly recommend reading through some of the reviews on Amazon to get a wide range of opinions. A few users point out that the motor gives up after a year, but it is cheap and easy to replace. If you are the kind of person that is comfortable with some simple maintenance, then this wouldn’t be an issue for you.

PetSafe Simply Clean features

As we discussed, it is a completely automatic self-cleaning litterbox, and there is no scooping involved at all in the cleaning process. It is suitable for cats up to 12 lbs and due to the continuous cleaning moveent, it can be used for multiple cat families.

To control bad smells, the waste bin is covered to help contain the odor and a replaceable carbon filter acts as a second layer of odor defense.

This model is also one of the quiest robotic cat litter boxes making it easy to forget about it.

How does the litter Petsafe Simply Clean work?

Petsafe simply uses a moving litter tray and a conveyor system. It starts rotating every other hour and in the conveyer in full force start collecting the garbage from the litterbox. 


  • Fully automated litterbox
  • Easy to install
  • No noise
  • Clean odor
  • Supports multiple cats
  • No need for manual scooping
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective


  • It takes too long to clean the box
  • The unit doesn’t include a litter trailing mat
  • Worries about the longevity of the motor

Buyer’s guide – how to choose the best self-cleaning cat litter box

What makes a good robotic litter tray?

Before you shift from manual scooping and buy a new self-cleaning litterbox for your feline, you need to be sure you are not wasting your money. There are many products available in the market but if you do not buy the best one for your feline you will regret it.

Before you go shopping just go through the following things so you can decide what you really need. 

What is the size of your cat?

If you have a large cat breed you will want to find the best self-cleaning litter box for large cats. Not all of them cater to large felines. I would recommend looking at the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra or the CatGenie for larger cats. Not including tigers.

How many cats do you have?

If you have more than one cat, self-washing litter trays such as the CatGenie will certainly increase the chances of multiple cats being happy to use the same toilet. Another option could be the PetSafe Simply Cleandue to the continuous clean process.

Do you want to go fully automated or need a semi-automated litter box?

If you are just looking for a cat litter tray that is easy to clean the ceratinly consider the Omega Paw Elite. While it is not robotic, it definitely makes things easier without a large investment.

How much you want to spend on the box? 

Obviously this is key. If you would like an all singing all dancing top of the range automatic pooper scooper for cats that you have to do nothing with, then it will, of course, cost more. The CatGenie fills that role. However, if you don’t mind emptying a tray from time to time, something like the LitterMaid M680C is a great option for cost vs. ability value.

Use our helpful guide to find the best automatic cat litter boxes

A few more points for consideration before buying?

Aside from asking yourself the questions above, there are a few more points to consider before you finally choose the right automatic cat litter box.

The hood

It is important to decide whether you need a litter box with or without a hood. The hood provides additional privacy to your cat, and on top of that if she is shy she needs it. It will also reduce the mess and odor once your cat has completed his business.


While we have mentioned above the importance of getting a self-cleaning litter box that your cat can fit in, it is also important to get one that can fit in your house. Some of the models can be quite large, so be sure to have planned where you want to keep it and checked it will fit. This is especially important for models such as the CatGenie that also requires a water connection.

Ease of maintenance

Another thing you need to keep in mind is how easy is it to maintain. Though there is nothing very technical or complex about self-cleaning litterbox, some of them have complex technical features. 

The best automatic cat litter boxes don’t require maintenance at all as they are self-washing and flushing. Some, however, may require semi reqular cleans. Be sure to know what to expect before you buy otherwise you may end u disappointed at how much you still have to be involved.

Ongoing costs

Some robotic litter trays have an ongoing cost. Whether it is requiring a specific brand of kitty litter or an increase in utility bills from needing a constant supply of electricity, there are often hidden costs involved, so be sure to know what you will be expecting to pay to keep your litter tray active.

Final thoughts on the best automatic cat litter boxes

Cleaning a litterbox and removing bad smells has never easy, but now it is definitely simpler with automatic litter boxes. These litterboxes not only keep your house clean but also reduce your workload of scooping the waste out of the litterbox.

As a cat owner, I know how hard it is to keep a litterbox clean, and how messy it can be if you lack the motivation to scoop the poop.

An automatic self-cleaning litterbox can reduce your troubles, worries, and tedious work of cleaning the messy litterbox. If you are an owner who hates cleaning the mess of your cat, dislikes the odor but loves your feline then one of the above-mentioned litterboxes should disappoint you.

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