Beam Systems Telepresence Robot Review

From offices to schools, telepresence robots have showcased their utility in a wide range of environments. If you are interested in buying one but are confused about which one to buy, read the concise review for the Beam Systems below.

If you are looking for a high-quality immersive experience while being somewhere else, the Beam System should be worth considering. Beam provides exceptional high-quality video resolution, seamless mobility, and quality audio to provide low latency transmission.

Essential accessories, such as batteries that last up to 8 hours are included in the package that is available for purchase. This along with its other utilities ensure that the user is able to take advantage of a more immersive telepresence robot. We will be taking a closer look at each of these utilities in the section below and how they work together harmoniously to benefit the user.

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock with 3 Yrs Subscription and Support (Enhanced)

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Beam Systems 2-minute review

If you are a tech enthusiast, you will immediately notice the versatility that telepresence robots offer. Compared to simple big stationary screens, or conferencing units, telepresence robots allow customers the mobility to function in remote locations that stationary screens and even humans normally struggle in. The only requirements necessary to get this telepresence robot operational is a wifi connection and an operating device.

This model can also speed up to 2 mph and work for almost 8 straight without a recharge. With two dual-band wireless radios already installed in this device, seamless roaming between desired access points is possible. For these reasons, the Beam Systems and Plus Dock are prime examples of why a telepresence robot prime is worth your consideration.

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock with 3 Yrs Subscription and Support (Enhanced)

What we love ?

● Wireless radios provide roaming between access points
● Free Beam app which can work for both iOS and Android
● Product comes with three years of subscription and support
● Provided functional Admin Tool that aids in efficiently managing the

What we don’t ?

● Can be costly
● Requires considerable bandwidth
● external audio devices can’t be connected
● audio volume settings can be a little confusing

Detailed Review of the Beam Telepresence Robot

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock with 3 Yrs Subscription and Support (Enhanced)

The Beam Systems robot takes advantage of its increased stability and control with two active cameras. These cameras correspond to its wide-angle view and enable better maneuvering for the user.

If you are looking for a device that offers a tremendous remote connection that most plain video conference software lacks, then the Beam Systems telepresence robot should be considered. This model of telepresence robot has numerous beneficial utilities that have helped it already received numerous positive reviews and should, therefore, be considered a safe purchase.

With a one year warranty, any manufacturing defects that hinder performance can be easily addressed. Most PCs and mobile devices (whether its iOS or Android) can be used as the operating device needed to pilot this robot; which only adds to its versatility.

How does it work?

To understand how the Beam Systems works, let’s first take a look at how a telepresence robot functions in general. A general telepresence robot is composed of three units; a robotic arm, wheels, and an operator that connects you to the virtual world. All three parts function harmoniously through a stable Wi-Fi connection. Once you connect the operating device to the robot, it can move around the room to broadcast live video and audio at your discretion.

While most telepresence robots come with only one camera, the Beam System comes with two. These cameras allow for a more wide-angle view to see where the robot is moving and change directions effortlessly.

An enhanced digital zoom feature is also available to take advantage of the two dual-band wireless radios that provide reliable bandwidth access. This results in reduced degradation of video quality in case there is a drop in LTE signals.

In conclusion, all of these features come together to allow The Beam Systems for a life-like virtual presence. With the purchase of this telepresence robot, you can finally be in two places at once!


12 V battery included inside the set that provides up to 8 hours of charge
Seamlessly glides across the ground (Be careful with this because it can actually startle people while moving near them If they’re not aware)
Audio quality can sometimes be buggy


The set up is straightforward and understandable. If you have any questions about setting up your telepresence robot, a manual is provided.
Regarding how easy it is to charge one of these devices, an easy to use charging dock can be kept in a room for convenient charging. To charge the device, simply move the robot over the charging dock.


The Beam Systems comes with a three-year subscription and additional support features. These support features include Beam connectivity through the secure Beam network. Updates for the Beam and pilot software are also provided through this network. Unlimited user licenses and remote access to Beam Customer Support are also available to ensure customer satisfaction.

Extra Purchases

You will be delighted to know that everything you need to set up your own telepresence robot is included in this set package.

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock with 3 Yrs Subscription and Support (Enhanced)

Final thoughts on the Beam Systems Telepresence Robot

If you have a reasonable budget, then this product should be worth your consideration. The features that come provided in this model have shown to be useful for those in the professional and familial setting. Furthermore, all necessary accessories are included in the base package; with access to a Beam Systems Support Team in case any issues do arise. Overall, the Beam Systems Plus Dock’s functionality showcases the benefit of owning a telepresence robot.

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