Are Robot Vacuums any Good: Yes And Here Are 15 Reasons Why?

We all know it, vacuuming sucks, literally and don’t you just wish you could mellow out on a couch and forget about house chores. That might have sounded far-fetched in the past, but not today thanks to robot vacuum cleaners.

But Are Robot Vacuums any Good? Sure they will take care of dirt and dust in your home, but what’s the downside? Surely there is some.

Of course there is, but in my opinion, they are still amazing little machines and here’s why.

Do robot vacuums work?

A robot vacuum is a small compact-shaped powerful and automated vacuum cleaner fitted with a programmable system and sensors. You can set the robot to vacuum your floor and rugs at a particular time of day, and you will not need to be there for that to happen. So yes, robot vacuums do work.

Today’s models of robotic vacuum cleaners are by far technologically advanced. Newer models can have smart mapping and over time will be able to learn your home and clean specific rooms.

Some models, such as the irobot roomba i7+ even self empty in their docking station meaning you don’t even have to remember to empty the thing!

How does cleaning work with robot vacuums?

The first robot vacuum method that really became popular was the bump and go technique where your little robot sucker upper would roam around the house and turn when bumping into something.

While this is good, it leads to a random cleaning pattern that can leave areas missed.

However, newer robot vacuums have onboard sensors. Infra-red photocell sensors help in movement, so the robot vacuum can detect obstacles and self-maneuver between chairs, under the tables and close to walls without knocking on something.

But it is worth knowing stairs are one thing robot vacuums fall down on. Not literally of course, they have onboard anti-drop sensors to protects from that, but there are currently no robot vacuums available that can clean stairs.

I’m pretty sure all the boffins at robovac technologies are working on a solution to this as we speak and the first company that nails this will be onto a winner.

So . . . should I buy a robot vacuum?

Herein is the answer: The old decision-making wisdom still applies – list down the pros and cons then decide which side is weightier. But if we must tell you, yes . . . yes you should certainly buy a robot hoover, and here’s why.

Are robot vacuums any good
Are robot vacuums anPhoto source – JD Hancock:Flickr

15 Reasons You need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Cleaning takes less time and effort

Time is a precious treasure. Picture how your day will start with these types of vacuum cleaners. All you need to do is schedule them to clean once you are out of the house. No manual operation or attention is needed. You don’t rush to work in the morning? No matter, robot vacuums will make it easy to clean a big house so you can move on to your other chores.

2. You can clean your home remotely

Fancy coming home to a well clean house after a hard day at work? You might not have had the time to do the cleaning in the morning, but a robot vacuum will ensure you have a clean-living environment in the evening. All you have to do is set the time you want the gadget to start and finish cleaning and then voila! You have a clean house without having to be there.

3. Superb cleaning performance

The latest models of vacuum cleaners will do a better job than you ever could expect. Some new features you can find in them include an ability to switch between different floor textures and surfaces. This feature enhances the cleaning experience because the vacuums self-adjust the settings appropriately.

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4. Self-charging mechanism

A vacuum robot can sense when it’s running low on charge and move to the docking station to re-juice. For many models, after a cleaning session, they automatically walk to the charging station whether or not the battery is low.

5. They can stick to programmed boundaries

You can set practical limits with the vacuum robot, and they will interpret them as real boundaries IRL. The tech gadgets will adhere to the set boundaries, and this will prevent running into walls.
In the case of staircases, vacuum robots have cliff sensors to prevent them from rolling and breaking down the stairs. Cliff sensors are a safety feature in all the robot vacuums. The sensors detect the distance to the floor by infra-red emitting signals that bounce back from the ground.

Robot Vacuum cleaner with sensors
Photo source – Aaron Yoo:Flickr

6. Can automatically re-adjust cleaning intensity

Vacuum robots go over the top with advanced sensors for detecting dirt stains and lumps of dust. The robot will perform repetitions over that spot until the spot is clean.

7. Help for the sick and disabled

When you fall ill or due to one condition or another, are unable to move around the house cleaning, you will find robot vacuums to be of great help. You will get your digs tidied from the comfort of your bed. You won’t even need housekeeping services. These automatic cleaners will save you the trouble and the money.

8. Zero maintenance

The fact they are small and compact makes them hardy. Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, you will not need to repair and replace parts. All you have to do to keep them running is to replace the dust bags when needed and unclog the filters and brushes.

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9. Vacuum the hard to reach the places

Robot vacuums are highly maneuverable and flexible. Because they are small, robot vacuums can go cleaning under the table, chairs, and beds with ease. You can hardly achieve this degree of convenience with the ordinary vacuums

10. No tangling chords

Robt vacuums run on batteries and come with charging stations. There won’t be any tangling chords during the cleaning. For that reason, you can lie back and catch up on your favorite TV show as dirt and micro-organisms get removed.

Pets love robot vacuums too
Photo source – Eirik Newth:Flickr

11. A solution for those with dust allergies

Vacuum robots can save you from the misery and discomfort of dust allergies. Because they do the automatic cleaning, you will not have to be in the house. You can do the cleaning remotely and come back to a clean and allergen-free house. Then again, since you get an opportunity to do regular cleaning, there will be less buildup of dust at your place.

12. Silent Mode

Does vacuuming time mean headphones-on time? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can still have the peace of mind and hold conversations with family members when vacuuming with a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums have a silent mode feature. Sadly that’s not the case with many standard vacuums.

13. Can Double up like a mop

Mopping is another phobia for most people. If that’s the case with you, then the robot vacuums are a no-brainer. The automated- mop feature is a recent inclusion to make these gadgets a complete household necessity

14. You Can Give It A Cool Name

One of the hardest things about owning a robot vacuum is deciding what to call it. My first one was Optimus Grime. When he bit the dust and needed replacing, in came Clean Elizabeth the Second. But don’t worry if you’re feeling the pressure of coming up with a great name, we have 101 suggestions for you to help you name your vacuum.

15. Portability

Portability is an issue that has been solved by the small and compact stature of robot vacuums. They are less cumbersome and can even fit in a backpack, unlike the standard vacuums.

Are Robot Vacuums any Good – Final Thoughts

Now you have 15 good reasons to get a robot vacuum, and not a single reason not to. The ball is in your court. Robot technology is here to stay and make our lives easier. Why live the old way?

Keep on reading to see what robot vacuum you should buy.

About the author

Matt is the founder of the Little Robot Shop, who has spent much of the last decade hacking home cleaning with various robots and devices to make keeping his home clean as easy as possible. Not an easy task with two young children.

When not working on the Little Robot Shop website or YouTube channel, he works as technical support and product specialist for a fast-growing digital company. He does his best to get his younglings to code, which will be an essential skill in the future.

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  1. we did think about a robotic vacuum when we had to buy a new one recently but ended up with a non-robotic one; and now reading this list, makes me feel we should have gone with something like this ….

  2. I think I’d surely need robot vacuums for my floor cleaning since I’m allergic to dust so you can imagine how terrible that feels! After all , such is so convenient and saves much time doing chores.


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