Aquabot Breeze IQ Review: A Solid Robotic Pool Cleaner

Removing dirt from the pool is a constant battle, which make pool cleaning robots quite priceless.

Pools are notorious for their ability to attract all forms of debris. A gust of wind can suddenly turn a perfectly neat backyard pool to a water body with lots of tiny and large foreign particles floating around. 

The Aquabot Breeze IQ is a classic robotic pool cleaner. It’s reliable, energy-efficient, and gets the work done with minimum fuss. In this post, we have a complete Aquabot Breeze IQ review, it’ll tell you all you need to know about this automatic pool robot. 

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1-minute Aquabot Breeze IQ review

The Aquabot Breeze IQ is an in ground pool cleaning pool robot designed large swimming pools, up to 50 ft. An integrated smart navigation algorithm enables this robot to efficiently move around in your pool, cleaning the floors, walls, and waterline in no more than 2 hours. 

The Breeze IQ is equipped with high-speed scrubbing brushes, powerful suction, and dual top-access micro-filter baskets, with these features this robot is able to provide deep pool cleaning at all times. It’s fast, reliable, and energy-efficient. 

However, for the price point there are a few glaring features that newer models of robotic pool cleaners have, the biggest of all is the inclusion of a weekly schedule, we would expect that for this price point. Also no remote or WiFi to help with spot cleaning.


  • Efficiently cleans pools
  • 60-foot swivel cable
  • Dual top-access filter baskets
  • AquaSmart system for advanced navigation
  • 2-year warranty


  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No remote control
  • No weekly timer
  • Doesn’t efficiently clean pool steps
  • Brushes easily wear out
Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool, White
  • Energy saving, rapid cleaning robotic pool cleaner for residential in ground pools

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Aquabot Breeze IQ robotic pool cleaner review

Side view of the Aquabot Breeze IQ Review

Having a pool is very easy, anyone can have one, but maintaining a neat pool on a daily, not so much. And even if you have a professional pool cleaner come in every week for cleaning and maintaining your pool, it still doesn’t beat a standby pool cleaner that sits in your house eagerly waiting for the next cleaning session. 

Only a robotic pool cleaner can do this. And with one of these robots on standby, you can always get more fun from your pool anytime you want and with no stress on your part. It cleans faster and quicker than the professional pool maintenance guys and also costs much less in the long run. 

A versatile pool cleaner that automatically cleans and maintains both in-ground and above-ground pools of varying sizes is the Aquabot Breeze IQ pool cleaning robot. This automatic pool cleaner is specifically designed for residential pools so families can spend more time enjoying their pools and spend less time worrying about cleaning and maintaining them.

This robot comes packed full with all the features that make pool cleaning a cinch. From the powerful internal pump to suction force, advanced scrubbing brushes, dual top access micro filter baskets and anti-tangle swivel power cable.

These features all work together to keep your pool clean at all times, especially when you’re hot and ready for the cool and soothing feel of the pool waters on your skin. 

You won’t have to wait too long for it to complete a cleaning cycle as it takes less than 2 hours to thoroughly clean a pool. This pool robot, just like all Aquabot pool robots, was subjected to rigorous testing to ensure safety and top-notch performance. 

The underneath of the Aquabot Breeze IQ

How the Aquabot Breeze IQ works

Pool cleaning has never been easier with a robot pool cleaner, and the Aquabot Breeze IQ completes the job in less time than most other pool robots. This premium pool cleaning machine comes equipped with a powerful internal pump, all-terrain scrubbing brushes and a filtration system, together these systems work to automatically and efficiently clean swimming pools.

The Breeze IQ has a powerful motor that delivers adequate power to the all-terrain PVC scrubbing brushes as they work to get dirt and grime off the floors and the wall climbing ability also ensures clean walls. The brushes are strategically positioned at the front and back of the robot to effectively connect with and loosen dirt simultaneously on every direction. 

As the robot cleans, the internal AquaSmart Gyro System which is a smart navigation algorithm enables the robot to map out the pool and follow the shortest possible cleaning. No wandering about aimlessly and confused, the AquaSmart system ensures that the robot rapidly cleans in the shortest amount of time possible, leaving your pool sparkling neat in no more than 2 hours, and saving energy. 

The AquaSmart technology combined with the all terrain active scrubbing brushes ensures the robot scrubs every part of your pool, the floors, the walls, the waterline and even curved areas, inclines and corners in the pool. And with these brushes the robot is able to clean all types of pool terrains and surfaces. 

The Aquabot Breeze IQ also features a powerful suction which sucks up the loosened debris into the filter baskets. The filtration system comprises 2 fine filter baskets designed to capture and trap both large and fine dirt particles. 

These top loader micro-filter baskets have no problems trapping pool contaminants as tiny as 2 microns nominal, leaving your pool waters spotlessly clean. After each cleaning cycle, the filter baskets can easily be pulled out with the press of a button and its contents discarded. A “Dirty Filter Indicator” also alerts you when the filters need to be cleaned. 

This robot also sports the patented Aquabot swivel cable technology which makes for a smooth, efficient and tangle-free cleaning. The IQ thoroughly cleans a pool within 1.5 to 2 hours, and after each cleaning cycle you’ll have an amazingly neat pool. 

The top loading filter basket of the Aquabot Breeze IQ


The Aquabot Breeze IQ is a very good cleaning gadget for large in-ground swimming pools of up to 50 ft. a cleaning cycle lasts for either 1.5 or 2 hours and within that time, you’ll watch this gadget scrub every inch of your pool up to the waterline and it works with very little noise. 

The scrubbing brushes are a soft gray rubber that won’t leave streaks on your pool, and the dual filter baskets are able to trap even the tiniest of particles. Despite being an excellent gadget, it does come with a few drawbacks. First, you may find the Breeze IQ struggling to climb the walls of your pool, and sometime it may go half-way up the wall and fall back down. 

This isn’t a common occurrence and when it does happen, the instructions on the robot say you can adjust the float handle of the robot to correct it. The IQ is also able to climb up the steps and clean, this too doesn’t happen all the time and sometimes you may have to manually scrub the steps yourself. 

Unlike some other premium pool robots, the IQ doesn’t have a weekly timer and neither does it have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to enable remote control, it’s more like a mid-range automatic pool cleaner and it does an impressive cleaning job.

Ease of set-up and use

The IQ is an essentially simple gadget and it takes nothing to get it started on your first cleaning cycle. It requires virtually no set up to get started; simply unpack your Breeze IQ, plug in the power supply to the mains outlet closest to your pool, drop the robot in the pool with some parts of the swivel cable and switch on the power. 

This robot has a control unit which is equally very simple with only 3 buttons; a power button, a button for the 1.5 hours cleaning option and a final button for the 2 hours cleaning option. So, you only have to push the power button and select your preferred cleaning mode, either 1.5 or 2 hours. 

Once you make your selection, the robot goes to work and a built-in count down timer makes sure it completely cleans the pool within the time you selected. This robot doesn’t have daily and weekly scheduling options, which is a minor drawback, so you’ll have to always plug it in whenever you want it to clean your pool. 


Aquabot Breeze IQ is a pool robot that is built with durability in mind, this gadget is made to last for a decent number of years. Your IQ will continue to clean and maintain your pool provided you treat it right, remember that how long it will last is directly dependent on usage and maintenance. 

If you’re looking for a robot you can trust to keep your backyard in-ground swimming pool clean on a daily, this can be that gadget. It does a good pool cleaning job without any stress on your part, you can trust it on that. 

Ongoing maintenance

You don’t neglect a machine and expect to always do an excellent job. When you treat your gadget right it gives you exactly what you want, the Breeze IQ is not different in this aspect. So, you’ll have to ensure you do your bid to keep it running smoothly. 

First, after each cleaning cycle you will have to pull this robot out of the pool (it weighs 19 lbs), as the robot leave the pool it dumps all the water and automatically returns to its original weight so you won’t have to hurt your lower back. The filter baskets will have to be emptied and the fine white cloth properly washed with running water from the jet nozzle on a hose. 

If the water doesn’t get every last bit of hair strands and fine particles out, you can use a soft brush or your fingers to get them off. Luckily, these filters are easily removed and replaced by simply pressing a button. 

Extra purchases and ongoing costs

The Aquabot Breeze IQ comes as a complete gadget and you won’t have to make any extra purchase before you can get it to work. It’s a sturdily built machine and will last a good number of years if handled properly, and it comes with a 2-year warranty from its manufacturer.

However, you may have to occasionally get some replacement parts for those wearable parts of the machine like the robotic brush pool floor cleaner and filter baskets. If you like to use your pool robot with a caddy, then you may to buy one for this robot because it doesn’t come with a one.


Final thoughts on the Aquabot Breeze IQ review

If you’re looking purely at performance, there is no doubt that this is an excellent pool cleaner. Despite being a smartly engineered robot, the Breeze IQ is also a simple gadget and it’s user-friendly with very intuitive controls for a simple cleaning experience.

However, we can’t overlook the fact it is a bit old in the current market. For the price of this robot, you may also want to consider the Dolphin Advantage or the Aquabot X4. Both are newer models with upgraded features.

If you want to really push the boat out, then we’d also recommend taking a look at the Sigma or Premier, both from Dolphin.

Aquabot ABREIQ Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool, White
  • Energy saving, rapid cleaning robotic pool cleaner for residential in ground pools

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